Thursday, October 9, 2008

Watch out for that Full Moon!

Some time ago I made a poll on the Y! group about what kind of captions
you'll like to see more.

Werewoman and sci-fi themes captions were highly asked.

So, without more saying, I pushed my modest photoshop skills to the
limit and created this caption using my all-time favourite girl: Brittany Bod.

More to come...



  1. Dude, your works are allways amazing and this on is on the top!

  2. Nicely done - wow..

  3. Wonderful picture and format. The words curve around her nicely (emphasizing her curves). I really like the idea of the succubus, too. A lot could be done with it, but I rarely if ever see captioners use it. Nice work.

  4. Thanks a lot Trisha!
    I agree, the succubus them (wich I love) is rarely used. I guess the reason is because is hard to come up with something original, and photos wich require no photoshop work can be hard to find.