Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 is going away (finally!)

EDIT: shit, this is a long post...

Time flies, doesn't it? I feel like just yesterday I was making the last captions pack upload and releasing "VipComics"... Good thing that all that time was well spent.

Sasha from a personal favourite, perfect boobs!

Hey, thanks for the links of preggo sites! I gathered useful stuff from there. Soon you can expect some.
And, of course, thanks for the comments. Always needed and welcome!

Show that big round belly and milk-filled boobs, girl!

So I look back and think: "2011, you're dying... finally". What a crappy year, at least for me!
The bright side is that I can enjoy 20 days on vacation in a remote place, beach, girls, bikinis... sadly, not "bikini Beach", but it'll do just fine!

Yes, its a re-make of an old caption I love.

Enjoy this captions, since there won't be any update until three or four weeks... Now that I think about it, is like usual...

So damn hot about to burst...


What are friends for?

That's a well known boss-bitch-milf thing

This is me saying Have a great new year! Hope you enjoyed christmas!
(comments are welcome)


  1. Thanks for some really enjoyable and well put together stories

  2. The cop caption is great!

  3. Errr, Miss, what seems to be the problem, unnecessary roughness? (SMIRK)
    My male essence has been taken hostage!
    Hostage, hostage for what?
    They want their 50 kilos back! They injected me with a serum that will turn your best officer into a sex worker! If I suck cock before they give me the antidote, my body will be stuck like this. If I take it in the ass, I'll become a slut. If my cherry gets popped, I'll become a ditzy bimbo!
    Nooo! I can't take my eyes off your bulge! (unzip) Stop, stop, MMMPHHHHH...

  4. Who is the woman in the "Sandals" caption? She is just gorgeous!

  5. thanks for the feedback!

    - Rose, you have the ideas, do some captions! the more the merrier!
    personally I prefer a more "cautios" (i can't remember the right word in english) approach and leave some for the reader to imagine himself whats happening

    - Anonymous: I believe is an earlier picture of Jayden James before the implants and nose jobs. I got it from I believe.

  6. These are great. The police caption is my favorite.

    Re: "cautious" I think I would use the word "subtle" in that context.

  7. Who is the one in the bikinis?
    Please and thanks

  8. HI! thanks for the comments! I'm back at home and strating to work again.

    - Femslut: totally. Subtle is a more appropiate word than cautious. As I'm not a native english speaker, help expanding my vocabulary is always welcome!

    - crd2091: blue bikini: Jordan Carver, a Denise Milani wannabe. Black bikini: random slut i guess

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