Tuesday, August 22, 2023

New Comic: Fast Forward, part 1!

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Saturday, July 29, 2023

FEMDEMIC is LIVE! Let's support good game developers

Hey Everyone! How are you doing? I have great new and a new, different think for you tonight!

Maybe you know REL.PINK, creator of Sex Positive Games and Media. If you don't, its' a great time to know a little about him.

(Link in picture)

Rel has launched several games with strong TG themes, and they are maybe the best around.

Recently, Rel launched his new game: FEMDEMIC! And it's very, veeeery promising!!!!

Check the trailer:

You can learn more at https://www.femdemic.com/

And even better is that Many amazing artists like SturkWurk, Tom Reynolds, and one of my personal favorites and friend in the business Amaz2k12 had come together and created comics for the game launch, and you can check them out HERE. We are all supporting this cool game developers.

Sadly, even though I knew about the launch date, I had no time to join the party with a comic on my own, in fact... It launched last week! I completely missed it. But I can only do my best and add a series of captions, and what can I bring to the table? 

Yes, like many others, I am messing with AI created Art for this ones. Its still a bit rough around the edges, but I'll let you decide if this kind of captions are to your liking or should I focus on real photos for my captions.

Let's end the text wall - here are the captions!

Also, I can't recommend enough that you play my favorite game Rel's game, BMO TV, that is about a TV show that feminizes contestants - Doesn't it sound familiar? Yes, and there's a little Easter egg that I felt proud of... The game features Conrad King, from Jinkxed, as the show host! Here are some pictures of the game: 

It is QUITE OBVIOUSLY of my taste and liking, and its a very, very fun game!

So Good luck for Femdemic, and I hope you enjoyed the captions and the style I am testing! There might be a couple more Femdemic Caption next week!

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Big return with Big comic: All bets are ON!


Happy Sunday my friends! How are we doing? Ready for a new comic? I sure am ready to get thing in order and releasing new content every week or so again

But what's this one about?¡ Well, that's a a no-brainier, still, I should've made a comic like this one a looooong time ago since it's just a classic theme and always fun to work with, and I have made captions about it. 

Just think about it... What can go wrong with 2 guys angry at each other playing billiards and betting... Whatever it comes to mind? And in a TG Fiction universe? Its 102 pages long, with the usual bonus pic / renders included!
Make your bets and check it out  (bad pun, sorry)!

Of course we should thank the commissioner, who's name shall not be named, who agreed to make the comic open and free to the public. Thanks!

Get the new comic from the following links:




I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, or didn't, please leave a comment with some feedback! 

There's still some of commissions needing to be finished, but for now, see you next week!

PS: If Google asks for "age verification" or anything like that, and you want to skip it, try getting the links and any new stuff from the PATREON or the DEVIANART accounts. If you get a "safe link" redirect or anything DONT CLICK and just close that page. All my comics are free to download and all have direct links with no 3rd party websites.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Almost here... Coming up this weekend!


Hello, Hello, Hello!! What up? Yeah, I'm not dead (again)! It's been a VEEEERY long time, hasn't it? Ah, I missed this so much!

I can only tell you I have been extremely busy, without expecting it, and went through tough times at work and with some of the commissions I took. But who cares? That's hopefully in the past.

What we care about is the future... And that means this weekend I'm releasing a NEW comic! I wonder what's about, in case the image isn't clear enough? Maybe  about some zombie lego werewolves traveling in time across the multiverse (*)? Sure, that must be it.

We'll see this weekend!! In the meantime know this ... I really missed you and love you all, I hope we can get back to having fun together. See you!!

(*) I bet that might be someone's kink

Saturday, April 29, 2023

New comic! Autocloset series #3: the Helping Hand!


Welcome back my friends! And how about we finally release 2023's first Comic?

All good things must come to an end, they say; and in the case of this small series of commissioned comics (that we all thank the anonymous commissioner for letting me share them), it's time to come to an end on it's 3rd installment... Let's hope it goes out on a high note! But that's for you to judge.

Don't forget to check out the first 2 parts of this commissioned series Autocloset #1: the Shopping Mall and Autocloset #2: The New Secretary

Seems like the series got bigger with each release.

I can't believe it took almost 5 months to release the new comic. I am really lucky to have such amazing supporters! I hope to be able to get up to speed in the coming months... But the news go under the download links:




I still have some commissions waiting to be finished, but in the coming weeks we'll have news regarding CoC! Who knows? Maybe even a small release... I did not abandon the series nor plan to. I just had a real tough coupe of years and I took a couple of lengthy commissions I shouldn't have taken. But I always return, and I won't lie, your amazing support and love is a big plus.

So, did you enjoyed it? Let me know! Any ideas, suggestions or constructive criticism is also welcome!

PS: following a couple of messages I received, I would love to clarify: my comics are FREE and do not require any registration, credit card details, or lead you to sites with popups with ads. if you are experiencing some of that, get the comics directly from the source (via my Blog or my Patreon page) and seriously update your system security.

Friday, April 21, 2023

Hotel Revenge, round 2


Hey All! How are you doing? I am quite burned, so I will be brief tonight.

I had to go away because of work, but finally I'm back and I have good new: Next weekend... A new comic will be released!

Let's see if we can get the year rolling once and for all

But for now, and for this week, I leave you with a new set of caption from the newest mini-series: Hotel Revenge!

I hope you enjoy this set of captions! Which was your favorite? See you next week, and thanks again for stopping by!

Friday, March 17, 2023

New Mini-series: Hotel Revenge! Care to check-in with us?


Welcome back! How are you doing? Getting ready for the weekend I hope! And Happy St. Patrick's day!!!! Cheers mates!

Just like most years, we'll begin with some mini-series!

But... What is this Hotel "Revenge" mini series about?

Simple: imagine you're invited to a plac where as sson as you go inside the room, you get transformed unwillingkly, into a new different person, new personality, new memories, new cravings... And not always all those things at once - its up to whomever took you there to chose how much and how deep you'll change!

Maybe you angered a girlfriend calling her flat chested, and you'll spend the weekend as a massive busty babe dripping milk, begging to be changed back.

Maybe you forgot to leave a tip, so you'll spend the weekend believing you're a whore busting your ass to pay for the tip you missed.

Or maybe, I should let her explain you better:

* electricity went off again as I was writing this post, I'm finishing it from my phone, forgive me if from now on if it looks weird *

So far, this animated captions are the most complicated things I can do until power has been fully restored, so I hope you like the idea!

Here are a couple more for this round:

I hope you liked them! please let me know what you think of them, and as always, super happy to be back and super thankful for your amazing support!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Important news! There's been a lot going on, but I'm back!

My beloved, amazing, friends how are you? It's been soo sooooo long!!!!

I am of course sorry for the lack of news. But let me explain the reasons that took me away the last couple of months,

First of... I was very burned out. Job, life, shit country, all serious problems.

I really needed a month or so doing nothing but travelling and relaxing. So I took an extra couple of weeks from mid January to mid February (when it's summer here) to completely disconnect. It was worth it.

Second... For the past 5 weeks, there's been a lot of SERIOUS energy shortages here. It has happened before (this is what you get with populism: cheap subsidized energy bills - but no energy). IT IS A DESPERATE SITUATION. the energy cuts happen almost daily, and in some cases, up to 4 days without energy supply

Naturally, I can't work wothout power and I also can't risk having a shutdown or energy supply spikes during rendering and ruining my GPU. It is also very hard to buy a new GPUI here, again, because of populism and excesive imports limitations due to "local industry protection" (it means buy shitty local stuff twice as expensive).

Not even captions are safe, since the energy has already gone while I was working on captions, making me lose progress and again, putting my beloved PC at risk.

But as always, I have something ready. It's not much, just a small mini series, but it's a lot considering the situation and that most of thw times, everything is lost as energy goes away. It'll be a series of animated captions, and it's be called:

See you this weekend! And obviously,

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT AND THE WAITING. I know it's been a lot of time to be away, but I needed it.

Friday, December 30, 2022

Happy New Year! Here's a mini comic for you!


My friends, how are you doing tonight? I don't know about you, but for me... What a crazy end of the year! I think after the miserable 2020, it's been the best one so far, so I have high hopes for the coming year

Travels, emotions, lots of work and offers, I'm about to leave for the countryside for my usual new year party, last minute preparations... And still I did not forget about you!

I made this small comic in record time, so it's not something that will redefine everything you though you know about life itself... But It'll serve New Year just fine, and who knows? Maybe it'll get a continuation next year, and the one after that... Do you want it to become a new year thing? Let me know!

Before the link, I can only THANK YOU more than ever before. This year has been in some areas and some parts very slow, specially with CoC ending, and you've all been amazing and supportive. I expect next year to be better, because I have great plans, and way more interaction in the decision of the upcoming works.

Wherever you are, I wish you a great start of 2023!!

Now, yes, finally.... Get the comic from the following links:




One more thing... this comic is dedicated to Amaz2k12, who's been through a rough patch but he'll recover and be better than ever, I'm sure.

Friday, December 23, 2022

Merry Christmas! A little something for you


My friends!!! So glad to have another Holiday together!

I returned from Qatar just a couple days ago, so I have nothing ready. In fact I can barely write a couple of lines without falling asleep (so this year no long speeches from my part I guess)

But you know me and you know you deserve something nevertheless... This is the best I can do in such short time! Hope you enjoyed my little present!

You can see it with better quality and full sized in my DeviantArt Gallery clicking HERE

Whatever you call it or celebrate or don't celebrate, I just wish you a great night and all the luck in the world. See you next week for a New Year Goodbye with another sequence!

Thanks for supporting me all this time. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to all of you!

Monday, December 19, 2022

World Cup Champions!!!... And some Captions too!

WOHOOOO!!!! I've been celebrating for ALMOST 24 Hours, and it's almost time to go to the airport and start the long... looooooong voyage home!

I can't believe I was blessed and saw not only a Final Match (and What An Insane Match) but also the coronation of the GOAT, Messi, his joy was certainly contagious.

And a special mention to Les Bleus... Ohhhhh damn you Mbappe, damn you to hell! You gave me 4 heart attacks and made us all terrified, you are obviously the next Best Player of the world for the coming years. He's unstoppable!

We were lucky to come up to after what must've been the best final match in history.

Also... Great sportmanship. And great fans, too. They were all very polite and even seemed happy for Messi, it was not a sour defeat. Some even joined the Argentinian's celebrations and we traded shirts... Or at least I think so, the past 24 hours are all blurry LOL, and I'm glad I didn't wake up with Tyson's face tattoo.

But who cares? Fucking Messi did it at 35 years old!!!!! And he humbled us all when the kissed the cup, like finally kissing the one you've been in love for years, the same that evaded him 8 years ago and looked like an impossible mission to conquer.

There's nothing like Football. World wide most popular sport for a reason!

My friends, I have limited capabilities and time right now, but I managed to make this couple of captions for you to enjoy:

I hope you enjoyed the captions and the Final Match! See you when I return home in a couple of days!

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Wohoooo!!! MAde it to the World Cup Final! So... World Cup themed Captions!


Hello my friends!! It's been hard to connect (I'm not alone and I can't share my secret identity, you know?) but I managed to find the time to work on some (I think) really fun captions during the nights with my laptop. It's the first day I'm alone for am hour or so, so I'll try to answer all the emails, messages and comments now. thanks so much for the feedback!

Yes. my team made it to the final match! How about that? More on that later

So it's Argentina - France. Only fair to sport a caption for each nationality!

For the Argeitina fans...

For the France fans...

And one for BOTH set of fans together (just for fair play)

Of course, there's also a caption regarding the importance of the ritual of preparations for the match

And.. Oh God, let's hope the match doesn't end in a penalty shootout!

Because, many ones like me, had put a lot on the line just to be able to watch the game in person

But at least, I didn't had to borrow money - or else I might even place a poor bet

That's it! I hope you enjoyed the captions! Always open to feedback, suggestions or ideas.

Now, regarding Football... It's Mbappe vs Messi, baby! What a show! Both teams showed great football, one is the future of the game, the other is close the retire as a legend, and the fans have given a great show on both teams! Both teams have 2 World Cups each... And it's even a sponsor war between Adidas and Nike!

Who do you think will win? Or... Who do you want  to win? I'm bias for my team (not gonna say it right now), but also curious to know from which country are you from and what sides you're placing your bets and/or hopes on!

Have a great week, an amazing final, and thanks for stopping by!