Saturday, January 19, 2019

Christmas Quiz: All the mini captions (and some silly stats too)

Hey everyone! How are you doing this week? January has turned out to be quite a busy month, right?

Just like before, I wanted to post all the mini captions and some stats I've found funny regarding the Christmas Quiz. I really hope you enjoyed your present! But,  if you wonder what else you might get, here are all the results!

Which one you've gotten and which one was your favorite?

The quiz was taken 69.000 times and completed 59.000 times... Mhmm... that's a lot less than the 100.000+ that took the "New-U" Quizzes, I wonder if this wasn't good enough or if it has something to be with the hollidays and summer vacations in the southern hemisphere?

Anyway, you want to know the top 3 results? check them out:

quite balanced. Lips, tits, body, ass.
Also, some answers I find funny.
Like, how most people call Christmas... Christmas. And how many are not celebrating anything!

Also, it was nice to see most of us looking forward to enjoy the company and the food over other things.

But I was really surprised at how many people unwrap their present carefully! For me, tearing the wrapping in hundreds of pieces is as fun as it is relaxing.

Sadly, this time I can't provide a walkthrough regarding how to get each one. It wasn't done by me the last two times, and I do not have the time to do it. But since the results are there... Who cares about the walkthrough, right?

There are 2 new Quiz projects. in the making.
One, is the final New-U... The other one is Bimbo related. I must choose which one to make...

Maybe you can hep me decide? Let me know! and thanks for reading and for all the support!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Poll Results - See what transformations will be featured in the mini-series!

Ok guys! It's finally done!
You have spoken! A total of 470 votes were computed, and, as a bit of a surprise to no one, the winner spot comes down to 2 fierce, eternal TG Fiction rivals. Who will claim the title?

Meet the finalist... with almost 1/3rd of the total votes, a classic derby of TG fetish meets again... A surprise to no one really, but still, a fight for votes once again... It's...


And, the title of winner goes to...

That's right! Bimbos won as the most requested TG fetish!
Congrats to all your inner bimbos who won, like, kewl... stuff, huh?

Now, about the rest of the winners? I've decided to throw in  a Wildcard! That's right, the 8th place will have its caption too! I think it was fair, not only because of the amount of votes, but also because "lactation and pregnancy" and "Bimbo and Breast Expansion" kinda go together.

Now, you wanna know the rest of the winners? Check out the winner's numbers:

I have to say, some funny weird shit was voted, and I can't begin to imagine what I could find if I had left the poll open for an entire week. Also, some small facts I found funny.
Some simple examples:
- Hucow, Musclegirls and BBW almost made it to the 8th place
- Many votes for Elf... None for Dark Elf!?
- Latina, swap, high heels, Big Pussy, Big Ass, strap-on,... Got almost no votes!
- Some of the most original ones? "Puffy pussy face", "Super Villain", "Furnification", "Female to Shemale", "lizard"

So, maybe this week, maybe by the weekend, the first captions will be posted. OR... if by any miracle I can make all the captions during the week, I'll post one caption each day starting next weekend!

Thank a lot to everyone! I hope we can get a fun and sexy outcome! See you soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Fetish Elections - Poll is over! Thanks a lot!

First if all.. WOW! I wasn't expecting such a monumental response. Tons of comments in just a few hours, hundreds in just a couple of days? Incredible.

I had to close the poll earlier than expectes, sorry, simply because I can't survey process so many votes (and also, check who cheated) and at this rate, I would have required several hours to gather results. I want them for tomorrow!

I hope I can do it in a  couple of hours before I'm left like this:

So, very soon I'll have the results.
Don't worry, I have my top men working on them... And if you have further questions, this video should clear all your doubts.

Again, WOW! thanks for so many votes!
Let's see what fetish claims the 7 spots... and the bonus Wildcard!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New Captions Mini-Series... And You'll decide what's gonna happen!


Hey everyone!
Haaaappy 2019! Did you had a great new year celebration? Did you started the year OK?

Let's start this year work here, and before I spoil what's happening in the next few weeks, let's just worry about the most immediate thing right now:
There's a new mini-series of captions coming after a long, long time!

You wan to know what's about? Then let me explain it... With a Caption

So, yeah, the girlfriend is in a kinky mood and she has a full deck of magical cards at her disposal to try on you... And of course she might be participating too!
And the first card she drawed, the one that started it all, was this one:

You just need to vote for 2 fetish themes. As simple as that.

The voting system is simple: just leave a comment with 2 fetish! After 1 or 2 weeks (depending on the amount of request) I'll work on the 7 most voted ones.

For example:

Simple enough, right?
I suggest you vote your favorite first, and something more original second. Be creative... there are quite a lot to chose from... at the top of my mind I can think of Breast expansion, cock addiction, pornstar, nympho redheads, lesbian, strap on sex, slaves, interracial, schoolgirl, preggos, lactation, forgotten language... You name it, it doesn't have to be on this list! Every week I'll post 1 or 2 of the winner fetishes with the magical "cards" to go with them

So come on, share your fetish! Cast your vote!
Let's get this mini series started!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year! Last 2018 caption included

Well, in some parts of the world it's already 2019, in other it's still several hours away, still, I wanted to say HAPPY 2019 to everyone!!!
What a great year it was, how much fun I've had, and what a great way to end it for me!

Of course... I saved a special caption wich I adored making (because I also love the model and I should use her more) and I think it's one of my 2018's best caption.

So, since I'm not at home, this is a very quick post. See you in 2019, and, once again..