Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Costume 3: Part 2 Is here!

Good night everyone!!! How are you doing tonight??
I'm doing almost great, almost 100% recovered! Holy shit, that was a nasty flu.  Delusions included.
Before going any further, I'd like to thank you all for the support and lovely messages! You're the reason I'm up and finished working on the comic, posting this tonight and not tomorrow night. THANKS!!

Now, let's get to the relevant part of the post...
Remember when I told you it's going to be a long chapter? Exaclty how long, can you guess?

Let me tell you: it's  103 friggin' pages long!!!!!! Lots of transformations. My advice? Don't read it all at once.

I don't think I'll ever work on something this big again! Gets out of control so easily. Just kept getting longer, and that's half of the chapter I had in mind!

So yes: there will be a "The Costume 4". The story is not finished.

So what are you waiting? First, get it from one of the link



And second,
Leave me a comment! 
Tell me if you liked it and what you liked or disliked more! Keep sharing ideas! Let's have some fun.

Thanks again for the support and patience, ENJOY IT!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Quick Update

I've been feeling under the weather the entire day. Now it's gotten worse.
I'm heaing off to bed, I'll try to have the comic ready in the next 24 hours. Sorry, and Thanks for understanding!

Geniuses at work

Quick update!!
In some other dimention, The Costume 3 - Part 2 is finished. In this dimention, I'm trying to finish it before Sunday's dawn. And in other dimention it's about flower people becoming slugs.

Hey, how you like my Rick and Morty design? Morty as hard as hell to imagine as a real person.

Maybe they'll make a quick appearance in the comic!

You don't know who are Rick and Morty? Check hem out!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Costume 3, part 2: coming next weekend, and 2 important polls I need you to answer!

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!
Yes, the title is correct: I will release part 2 of The Costume in a week... And damn I was ambitious, it got big! Like... Really big.
How big?
Part 2 will be around 80 pages!! Maybe even more!! And the worst thing is... I'm barely halfway done with the comic! Looks like The Costume will survive for another year before its conclusion?

Sadly I've reached a point were I find myself in a tight schedule, I had to travel because of work, the office is a mess, and with the holydays near and my vacations too right after them I must plan ahead my next works.

So what will it be? More The Costume? Back to CoC? A Quiz? Something entirely different?
I want to know what you think about it. Check out the poll in my Patreon page clicking HERE!

In the meantime, enjoy this little teaser of what's coming in Part 2 of The Costume 3!

Like what you see? Leave a comment! And don't forget to vote on the 2 Patreon Polls!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

P-P-Preggos!!! The bigger the better!

You've asked for it, you finally got it! Preggo captions!

But before them, let me thank you for the feedback on The Costume 3!  I'll be working all week on the part 2, I hope it will be the final part and not have to wait for part 3, because if that's the situation I think I'll resume CoC and let the ending for Halloween 2020. I don't know... what do you think?

But, back to the captions... It's was time to post some new captions about this, probably one of the 3 most requested fetishes. Certainly one of mines at least!
This past weeks have abeen a bit crazy and with little spare time, so i's a good thing I usually post 1/3rd of the captions I made, right?

Anyway, enjoy this baby filled bellies!

Now this is very important:
WHATS THIS GIRLS NAME? Someone has any link to her galleries or videos?!
Just take a look at her, and see why I ask:

Version 2:

I hope you liked them! Just share yout thoughts, and ask away for whatever you want to see! I have a couple of weeks until the Costume 3, Part 2 will be uploaded and there's room for some caption requests!

Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Costume 3 - Part 1 is Here!!!

Finally!! I tried but couldn't make it by the 31st, but the first part is finally here! You know... life, work travels getting in the way...

But as usual... what happens when I cannot make something on time?

You get twice the reward for waiting!

Yes, the Costume 3 is going to be around 150 pages long!!

I really was too ambitious when I ended The Costume 2 and planned The Costume 3.
I'm going to have to shorten it a bit, it's really insanely time demanding, but for now, I decided to cut the first third of the comic and give you Part 1 of 2.

What started as a quick fun comic, quickly turned into a more complex one and its about to became a massive TF/TG fest! I think I never made so many transformations in a single comic.. Around 20 transformations I believe!!

In case you need a reminder of the story, you can always download The Costume and The Costume 2 

So, happy (late) Halloween, and as usual, get the comic from the download links below:




So, you liked it? You like where it's heading? there's still time for suggestions or ideas, hurry up and let's see if I can make them happen!

And thanks for your support and understanding! See you soon!!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Almost Here!!! A couple of hours left!

First of all: Yes, "The Costume 3" will be released in 5 hours or Tomorrow.
It's 11:55 PM in New York as I write this post.

Now, let's get started
Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!

So in case you're wondering why I have no treat for you, wher'es the bloody comic or much more harsh things than those, let me explain the 3 issues that caused the comic to be delayed:

Issue 1) The past 8 days I've been travelling because of work, so, no work on "The Costume 3" was made.
I arrived 5 hours ago, and I'm trying to push myself into finishing it. I can't promise it'll be today.

Issue 2) I've made a huge mistake
If You don't get the reference, go watch Arrested Development. NOW.
Yeah... I kinda put myself in a difficult position. I was too ambitious: The Costume 3 is about to become a MASSIVE, HUGE, 100 or more pages long comic.

You do remember the last page of "The Costume 2", don't you?

So... Yeah, it was fun to take the magic pumpkin to a party, but turns out that doing a large number of TF's was not the most efficient idea in terms of time usage.

And that leads to the next issue...

Issue 3) The comic will be split into 2 parts.
Simply put, it's too long,and I want to give you something as I promised. And yeah, I know that the day after Halloween, everything related to it seems old until the next year, but hey, I need to work and sleep from time to time.
Part 2 will be released next, not for Halloween 2020.

Thank for understanding, and sorry for being out of touch!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

A tale of 3 Bimbos

Happy Weekend everyone!! How's going? What you've been up to?
whatever, I think it's always the right time to post some Bimbo themed captions, isn't it? (Yes I know, I'll make some preggo captions soon too!)
Well, today's post is not much as a "tale", in fact theyre 3 captions, but they briefly tell a story don't they? I keep saying, one day I'll write a story... One day...

so what's your preference? Mad Wifes/revenge? Miswishes? Punishment? Take your pick:

Misqish caption:
Mad wife/Revenge caption:
Punishment caption:

In the meantime, "The Costume" 3 is happenning and I think I can make it just in time. Guess what? Yes, I've put a shit load of stuff in it and I madei t complicated for myself. What a surprise... I seem to never learn! But more about "The Costume 3" in the next post, maybe with some renders from the comic?

I don't know... You tell me and tell me if you liked the captions!

Have a grerat weekend!!!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Costume 3 is coming: Check out the updated models!

Yes it official!
The Costume 3 will be arriving around this Halloween! (Well... If everything goes as planned, it will...). And if you don't know what's "The Costume", you can always check parts 1 and 2 HERE and HERE

And as I was ordering the models, scenarios, finishing the script and everything related to it I noticed... Wow, those models and lights are quite outdated! No, I'm not entire comfortable using them as they are, plus, It's getting hard to work with outdated models since I upgraded the Software I use.

So, first order of the day was to work on updating the models! More detailed and more realistic (most of them).
Want to see how the models will be looking for the next (and maybe last) issue of "The Costume"?
Check them out! (You can always click to see the images in real size.)

Sonya was a must. Better skin detail, more toned and more proportionate muscles, and new materials to make the metal part of the clothes look like metal. Plus, a confident sexy face and a more vibrant sexy red hair! I wanted to make her no-shit-taken barbarian rough side stand out a bit more

Larry is kind of a hit & miss in my eyes. I'm not sure if I should keep the original model, wich is the most perfect cowgirl I created. It's kinda hard to work with that model, the new one is way simpler, but it lacks something... Maybe YOU can leave your opinion?

My hentai girl, "Omega Quantum Fatal Nurse Cowboy" looks creepy as hell... So the original model will remain as it is!

Jessica Rabbit's skins is a bit too pale, I should add some glow and some tan?

That's it! The Costume 3 is finally scheduled as the next comic!!
And a BIG thanks for the feedback on CoC Anniversary Edition!

So, do you like the new models or the old ones? Shall I keep Old Larry or New Larry model?
Let me know! Thanks for the comments and feedback!!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

CoC #26: XXL Anniversary Edition!

Ooof! So many problems slowing the development of this chapter! But guess what? As always, you get something in return for your patience!

 Will it pay off? I certainly hope so!

Because this is no regular chapter... Oh no, this is the Anniversary Edition! It can also be considered a standalone chapter, something like a super bonus chapter.

But why is that? What makes this chapter different? First of, it's fucking 78 pages long, and if that wasn't enough, I took into consideration a lot of the feedback you provided me in order to make this chapter... So a lot of things you suggested via comments or Patreon polls and messages are being featured in this chapter!

But before we get into it, how we left our fearless Champion the last time?
Oh yeah. No more sissy Martin. New armor and cursed sword, and his/her fighting skills back... This is gonna get bloody I promise!

And how you liked the special Anniversary logo? Shall I keep it, or return to the old one?

I dunno. I kinda like the way it turned out. Here's a solo pic if you liked it too.

I forgot the fucking piercing AGAIN!
Wow, you made it! You reached the download links!




I hope you really like it, I'm really looking forward for your feedback!
And I hope you share your thoughts and ideas too!

Thanks for stopping by and for all the support!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Happy, happy, like, oh-ma-gawd so happy Bimbo captions

Countdown for CoC#26 has started! And guess what? Patreons get a couple of preview images, so if you're one, go check it out on the Patreon Blog!

But we're not here tonight to talk about the upcoming CoC...
We're here to enjoy some Captions in the meantime! And how about we use a subject I've used very little lately? Yes, miswishes, Master-PC and of course the mandatory bimbo caption!


You liked them? Captions about what should I do next time? Have any ideas or questions?
Tell me, leave a comment!

See you next weekend, have an awesome week!

Friday, September 6, 2019

CoC #26: Special 3rd Anniversary Edition teaser (+ captions!)

Oh, after the unwanted delay with the broken pipework, It's almost ready!
I'm so mad at the bad luck I've been having... I wanted this chapter to be ready a couple of weeks ago! You know why? This is going to be a very special, different chapter...

But before we go further, there's something that goes first of all...

I'm affraid to imagine what would look like the 4th anniversary one
 And who would've said it? 3rd anniversary! I honestly never expected it to become so huge, and there's only 3 chapters left after this one! (Ok, maybe 4)

So, About the next chapter...
Next chapter will be a bit of a standalone chapter. It could be even considered almost as a new comic in the CoC universe!

And it's gonna be BIG. I'm talking around 70/80 pages long, and a lot of things are going to happen in just one chapter!

One thing is for sure: our Champion's biggest, most dangerous challenge is about to start.

He is here. 

He is...
Ohhh, the mistery!!!!
Ha, who am I fooling? Most of you know exactly who's paying a visit to our little comic after the post-credits scene in the last chapter.

I'm really looking forward to finish it and share it, and hearing your feedback. Ah, the wait, so cruel...
In any case, maybe I should just do like our "misterious" newcomer and enjoy a nice relaxing bath with something to drink... Now, where did I saw a scene like that before?

For the few of you who still have no idea who the "big suprise character" is... Surely now you know

Just remember, after CoC#26... THE COSTUME 3!
And last but not in any way least, the Captions!
You thought I would just leave a cuple or renders and leave you waiting empty handed for 1 or 2 weeks?
But of course you're not going to spend an entire weekend without something from me! There's always caption around the corner. So how about we enjoy some?

And as a little bonus, the "long hair girl" caption one of you has been asking me to do for the past few months - Just couldn't use the image you sent me, it was a bit too small and its ruined when I rescaled it. So I hope this one serves its purpose!

Well my friends, that is all. You have any questions, suggestions, feedback?

Oh, you have ideas for The Costume 3? Share them, the script is halfway done and open to suggestions!

I hope you enjoyed the captions, and I hope you're looking forward to the next chapter and for The Costume 3! See you in a week!