Friday, October 8, 2021

Preggo weekend


Hello again my friends! How are we doing tonight?

I'm in the mood for some big baby filled bellies tonight... And you?

It's been a while since I made a purely preggo based post. Maybe now I'm feeling more, uh, potent since I quit smoking (I promise I will not talk about it again, I know, I know...)? Anyway, we all love some preggos from time to time don't we? 

I also made an X-Change Breeder TURBO caption - I love so much to make those, but good quality videos about belly inflation/womb inflation/instant pregnancy transformations are so hard to find! I barely have a few left to work with that you'll see when the time is right.

But enough of my ramblings - Here are tonight's picks, chose your favorite!


I hope you like them! More captions are coming, so what would you like to see next?

Have  great weekend!

Thursday, September 30, 2021

All the Quiz Results

Hello my friends, welcome back! How are we doing today?


I hope you had fun playing with the latest quiz - you sure had more than enough time to do so. It was a fun quiz, wasn't it?  I think most of us agree that the longer outcomes were a welcome change, even though they are very inconvenient when you try to export a caption. Some are way too tall for the screen and zooming is required.


I'm working on another quiz like that, maybe involving you mixing stuff up and suffering the consequence of mixing, let's say, blue powder with bat wings and throwing salt to the mix. Or maybe, pressing the red button and moving down the lever of a strange machine? I don't know yet. I'm sure liking this "pick your own adventure" setup rather than "what would you do if..." questions. I hope you also like it better?


Oh, speaking about the Quiz... If you failed to take it just click HERE to try your luck!


Sadly, I can't get detailed information and leads about this quiz, as all the analytics are inaccesible  without paying, but I can access the results. so, it's better than nothing I guess. 


Here you have: all the Quiz's outcomes!

And that's all the outcomes! Did you get the one that you liked the most? And speaking of... Wich one you consider the best? I loved the secreatry one myself.

See you next weekend! Right now, I'm trying to have something ready for Halloween... Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 24, 2021

I did it!!! Thank you so much!! Let's get back to BUSINESS!!!!!



(Oh yeah, there are captions in here too. Right at the bottom.)

HOORAAAY!! Fuck it was hard, it was very vey hard. Damn addictions! Now I realize how much of a sick person, a slave I was. how it controlled every second of my life as I was living it around my addiction, and it was linked to almost everything I did!

I was a serious addict. Thankfully I took advantage of what might have been my last real chance to quit smoking. DONT LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU. p>

away from temptations and surrounded by fresh air and lots fo physical activity. After many weeks, a couple of days ago was the first day ever that I woke up not thinking about the death sticks. 

I had to neglect a lot of thing this past weeks, I disconnected even to VipCaptions or worked on anything - and Halloween is getting close!

I have, like, so many feedback, emails and comments to get up to date! As always I could not ask anything more from you. I'm so happy to share so many good memories and experiences with you for so long. Again, thanks, for everything from the patience, the support, the inspiration, the motivation to keep going.

I'll be responding every single comment and releasing the Quiz outcomes duringt the next week (I'm spending the weekend on the countryside celebrating with my friends and eating a big ass Asado)

But that's enough of me! I've made a little selection of captions, I'm more than sure that you'll love at least one of them!




 After reading your feedback, I've decided to not make more of this this video-like captions. I'll release the 5 or 6 I already made and go back to the regular format.


As you might expect, CoC is severely delayed. I'm going to do a one-shot comic for Halloween, and then return to work in it. I'm not sure if I'll do a sequel to a previous shor Halloween copmic or do an entirely new one. What do you think? I'm sorry for this volatile agenda, I really really am, but for the past year I feel like I've been dodging bullets!


Thanks for stopping by again. I hope you enjoyed the captions and the news! There's a lot of feedback you can provide this time if you will. So glad to be back! See you nex weekend

Saturday, September 11, 2021

That's it: I QUIT!!! ... Smoking

You might not care, but a couple of days after releasing the latest Quiz, I decided to finally put an end to years of smoking.

I've always been kind of a semi-heavy smoker, but I used to balance it by practicing several sports and engaging several activities. Yet, with the overly extensive quarantine we suffered last year in this backward country and other issues related to life itself, I noticed how bad it was for my health and how much quickly it was affecting me.

So I took the desition to quit smoking. It's my third attempt, and so far, the most serious one.

I tried smoking less each day, it's useless. I tried gum, patches and pills, they're useless. Now I simply cut it entirely in a split second.

Almost a month has passed since I put down my last death stick.... And, oh my dear God... It is sooo damnn hard!!!!! I can't even concentrate on anything, or take it out of my mind! I find myself walking in circles, going to bed extremely early and don't let me get started about my temper these days.

I'm telling you all this because it's a affecting my work output. Just think about it: a single render takes from 5 to 30 minutes... What I used to do during that time? Light a cigarette, of course. Now I can't stand standing still waiting for a render without the fucking thing!!! And that is, if I don't go straight to bed wishing for a new day to start in wich I hope I crave a little less for a smoke.


Now here's a piece of advice: don't treat smokers like shit. Don't shame them, go scream at them or treat them like plague carriers. Smoking is not a rational thing, it's purely passionate and vice related, and by doing so you only make them alienate and strenghten their vice or need for another smoke to calm themselves. Making or helping someone to decide to quit smoking is a long process, and they will need a friendly supportive environment. You must convince that person little by little and always in a supportive, positive way. Remember: addictions are not rational. You can't think them out. Not even when the side effects are noticeable and affecting their lifes. I hope this advice helps you is you ever need it.

I hope this week goes by smoothly. Tonight I'm trying to get back to captions and renders and maybe focusing on TG fiction will help me clear my mind. I know there are far worst addictions, but smoking turns out is no joke to quit and sadly it's my weakspot so far.

See you soon, and thanks for stopping by! (I don't become crazy).

Sunday, August 15, 2021

New Quiz: YOU have been CURSED! But... Into becoming what?



My friends, how are you tonight!

Yes, it's been a couple of weeks, you know, the usual happened, but tonight, no excuses, no explanations, nothing of the sort. tonight, it's just about having fun!


You might remember my previous quizzes. Sadly, I can't use the website I've used for those because it became a paid service (and way too expensive), so I'm testing this new website that one of you provided me a couple of months ago. Now, this quiz haz several differences with the other - It has longer endings, small stories instead of mini-captions. Also, it's random results factor is a lot higher than the previous ones because the goal is just to have fun and try different combinations of answers.


The theme of the quiz is simple: you stepped into the wrong place and anegered the wrong witch. How that happened? Well, you must tailor the stoy! So why not go ahead and see how you've been cursed, and what you did to deserve it? 

In my case, I've been cursed ith the following spell: "Bovinus Farmus": You've been turned into a Hucow! Oops, looks like I must make a run to the milking stall, be right back!

If the quiz looks too small or fails to load properly, or if you want to see the images in a bigger size, you can try to take it in a new window by clicking HERE

So... what's your curse? Let me know! and also tell me if you enjoyed longer outcomes or you prefer shorter ones?


Remember the unspoken rule! you can take the quiz up to three times, but the third is your final curse and that's how you'll stay for real (evil laugh included in this paragraph)! After that, its just for fun

As I've said, this website is still under testing from my side. I've noticed the outcomes can become very repetitive, I think I've fixed it, but I can't be sure until lots of people test it. So if that happens to you, please let me know so I can scramble the answers a bit more.

Have fun! See you next weekend!

Friday, August 13, 2021

superquick update: QUIZ INCOMING!


My friends! I was away a couple of weeks, I've just arrived (and heading straight to bed) but I have good news: Tomorrow or the day after, I'll be publishing the NEW QUIZ with the new website that allows me to make them. Let's hope it works as well as the one I used for the old quizzes!

Thursday, July 22, 2021

CoC Ending Festival, Phase 2: Vote your favorite kind of ending!

My friends, how are you tonight?

We have a lot of ground to cover! We're officialy starting the best part of the polls - we're voting what's going to be the Official Ending! And I think it's necessary and fair to try to be as clear as I can regarding this phase and it's structure.

This will be, depending on the outcome, a 2-part poll

After the main ending is selected, there's going to be a second poll with several options.

For example, let's say Bad Ending wins. Right after that poll, we'll have the second part of the poll letting you chose from a list which of the bad endings from the game you want.

So, what are the options this time? Simple, 5 options to choose from:

It could be a good ending, a closure of the story that satisfies the character and the readers alike. A well-deserved rest, maybe even a new life of retirement and joy. To know that everything worked fine.
But, this is CoC, it's a universe where things go south (and we love how they do!) and the game is full of options for Bad Endings - so it should end with one of those options. They sure have variety!
Maybe it could have an Open Ending? CoC has a lot of big quest and I barely dedicated the comic to the main one... Maybe it should left the door open, face the Witches, the Minotaurs, go back to find a corrupted Marae...
Or maybe a part of you don't want it to end. Maybe it should just end in a gigantic Cliffhanger! Martin's life of adventure will continue even if we dont know much more about it this way. Who knows? That cliffhanger might become a short comic some day.
Or maybe you want something more. Something more surprising? You want things to go more outside of the box, something Unexpected. It's not happy, not sad, just something that maybe you didn't see coming but deep inside you knew it could or would happen.


Of course If you think I forgot something, want to ask, suggest or share thought, please do. this ending part requires a lot of coordination. If you want me to be more clear, just let me know too.

  So please, go ahead and cast your vote by clicking the image below!

 Thanks for stopping by! See you next weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2021

CoC Ending Festival, Phase 1: And the winner is...


 My friends, how are you tonight!

I hope everything's fine on your end. Right now, right here, I have no complains :)

the past few weeks you've voted for the favorite Hero form, the one that should be considered defnitive and used for covers an extra artwork... And there is a (very) clear winner!

So let's take a look at the contenders:

I hope you voted! And the winner is...

Congrats to all who voted E! And fuck, she really crushed the competition! 53 votes to claim the absolute first place.

The bimbo version (H) won the 2nd place, far behind with 37 votes

The Actual form (I) won the third place with 30 votes.

Thanks so much for participating!

As a token of gratitude, please enjoy a couple of extra renders from our winner.

So, how we continue from this point? First off, the general layout of the Ending Festival can be found HERE

This coming week you'll find the poll about the ending. Be aware! It's going to be a 2-part poll. Why?

Because, for example, If the most voted is "one of the game's bad endings" as the official ending, there are a lot of options and I'll provide some of them. even happy endings have many options!

So stay tunned for the poll anouncement this coming week!

And just for stopping by... You get a caption!

Thanks again for voting, and for stopping by. Have agreat week, see you in a couple of days!