Monday, May 25, 2015

Time to choose, scrap, abandon, retake, and finish

After so many comments asking for a comic, I thought I should give you something. You've been great with me.

First of all, YES, I'm planning to release something in the first week of June if possible, and it's a BIG one. I still haven't decided if I should release it in one chapter a week basis or one huge, gigantic file with hundreds of pages.

No, it's not Jinkxed 2, that comic may never be done as it doesn't even have a script, and I don't think I can improve the original that much.Plus, it would probably take me a full year to make.

Now, it's time for good; and not-so-good news.

First, he not-so-good news...
I know May has been a slow month around here: I took the time needed to bring order to the chaos of my comics projects. I have this little attention disorder, and I tend to start 4 things at the same time. Now where was I? Oh right, sadly that means cancelling some works in progress. Some of them were started in 2011!
It was a sad month, as I had nice ideas and expectations, but those comics did not satyisfy me for several reasons

Now, yes, The Good News!
I'm going to release them anyway as cancelled comics! I spent many hours working on them and they're not good just using space on my hard drive, so from time to time you'll see something like this:

I don't know if I'm making myself clear... Can you see the "Cancelled" sign from a kilometer away?

And you'll get something like half a comic.

Who knows, maybe I even make a post with some random images and set up apoll so you can choose wich unfinished comic should be released first.


Oh, but wait, there are even better news!
But don't worry. There are plenty comics to come... Take a look at all the comics I've started:

Yes, every folder is a comic in progress.

Oh, you still want more? Like... Spoilers about the next release? There you go!

I'll also give you a hint about the  next comic: It's not going to happen in outer space. 
Useful hint, isn't it?

If you think releasing cancelled comics it's a bad idea, please let me know.
See you soon!

Friday, May 1, 2015

They had it coming

Lots of times, we see captions about miswishes, mecanical malfunctions, magical mistakes, unwanted side effects of experimental drugs, or simply bold careless guys having to deal with the consequences of their actions.

But if you think about it... Yeah, if you're stupid enough to do some of the abobe, you're not a victim, you simply had it coming for being an idiot!
Well... I must admit, I'd love to have the oportunity to be an idiot in some of those cases.

So why this guys had it coming?
Well, it's simple. For starters, you should know what 'experimental' means

Or, always give the best you can to the ones you trust your life with

 And don't let me started about having great ideas while yuo're drunk, and try to implement them

We were all missing some Pregnant Captions

But hey, sometimes, when you did the damage to yourself and try to fix it, you end up messing things up way beyond you can manage !

I hope you liked them! And thanks for the amazing feedback you gave me on the previous post! What do you think I should include in the next post?
If this month everything goes well, I might be publishing a comic. A large one.

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Baaaaaaaaack to business! No time to spare!

It took me a month, work and travels can be a bitch, but no way I was going to stop!

The past month, in my little spare time, I've been cleaning/updating/discarding a lot of unfinished comics, selecting which ones to discard and which ones to save. Some are like 3 1/2 years old... some are recent, but I had like 12 comics and it was impossible to finish one!

So, since the "cleaning" phase has ended, I can keep an agenda again and the first thing is to bring this captions for you to enjoy! I hope this week I can check out what have been doing some of my favorite artists like Tseudo Nimm for new work, I'm terribly outdated!

So, after the Petgirls Series, what should I post? I think you'll love this batch... Long, medium, short, blondes, brunettes... Take your pick!

I know. I'm missing a preggo.
But, still, tell me what you think of them, what you want to see next!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Last Petgirls-only post

Welcome back, welcome Back! I took a couple of weeks to rest since the last post -I think they were totally deserved- and I want to thank you for the amazing feedback on VC#4! I really learned a lot from it.

Today I'm posting the last petgirls-only post. Does that tmeans no more petgirl? No, dear god no! Do not even think about that! Blasphemy!
It means I'll be back to post more regular, mixed captions (I miss some preggos) and from time to time Petgirls will be there. I really love this subject. They're so adorable.

So, looking at the batch of Petgirls captions I have done, I realized I was having a hard time choosing. I selected this five, considering there's a couple that involves something different from the regular 'silly dog' petgirl. I mean, people have cats, rabbits, parrots, even alligators as pets; so I should expand the Petgirls universe a bit.

So here, take a look... Let's start with a cuddly, fluffy, lovely bunny...

And every little girl's dream... Look mom, a Pony!

Now, for those who like mental changes...


And this one, I almost considered making it a comic:

That's all for this week my friends, enjoy one from monday to friday, and tell me which one was your favorite, or what you want to see next!


Saturday, February 28, 2015

First 2015 Comic: VipComics #4!

You wanted it. You asked for it. You waited for it, well now... It's Here!

Just like last year, we're opening the 2015 Comics with a VipComics Release! The fourth in the series. I can't believe I've made 4 already... And to think it was just an experiment...

Spaking of experiments, this release features 2 big different things from previous ones: unlike previous issues, the TG involved is not so weird or fetish/experimental. And, I've paid attention to feedback and tried to add some elements that were asked for.

 I hope you'll love it, I have real fun making it. Grab it here:

 4Shared mirror

You can open the files with WinRar, 7-Zip or any comic viewer

Oh... You also want a longer comic? I have one half cooked...

I know You've been waiting. You know I've been busy. But hey, you can't complain about February! Lots of captions and a Comic!

There's a lot of shit going on. Specially rearding Google's content policy, menacing to close all erotic/porn blogs. We dodged a bullet! so far they are not making changes... So far.

It's very likely that I'll be forced to migrate to Wordpress like many other blogs already started to do... I will explain more in a future post.

Another thing: a LOT of requests for Jinkxed 2.
Bear in mind I have other things started, halfway or close to be done, and J2 requires HEAVY scripting and HEAVY hours of rendering. So far, not even a script is done, maybe a couple of general ideas.

I think I might do a post with a poll regarding J2. So far no work is done.

So, back to VipComics #4... Did you liked it???

Saturday, February 21, 2015

What's coming up soon?

So no captions today. Why? Because I'm completely submerged in finishing something that should be ready to upload in a cuople of days... I think you know what is it, but this small teaser should help even more.

For the record, it's not called "The Good, The Bad and the Nasty"... But that's a great name for a TG comic!

Friday, February 13, 2015

More Petgirls!

Ahhh Friday, Friday, FRIDAY! The second best day of the week, but by fat the best day amongside work days!

So once your schedule is free, run home, strip down, wear only the collar with your name on it and your cute pet chains collar and wait naked for Master panting happily by the door like a good Pet.

Ah, I know you're desperate to start your weekend just like I am. Well I'm starting it a bit earlier today, so here, you wanted the Petgirls? You got more Petgirls!

Oh, and one more thing about the Petgirls Captions: The best ones are yet to come!

That truly is a motivational work environment.

If anyone knows this girl, please share her name!

I rarely do double-sided captions. Should I do more?
There are so many uses for our obedient Petgirls!

Thanks a lot for the comments in the last post.
I will consider doing a pregnant mini-series for the future.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The PETGIRLS have arrived! New Mini-Series!

A big, BIG welcome back to all of you, I hope 2015 started as good for you as it did for me!

Oh, oh, this one I like a lot. I've been wanting to work on this subject for a long while. I think my vacations really refilled my batteries!

I had done some captions like this before, but I wanted to dig deeper into the Petgirls subject, so before going into vacation I started to make this mini-series of captions, which I kept doing this past few days after my unwanted return to real life.

Petgirls leaves ground for a lot of things: Domination, BDSM, humiliation, nasty surprises, Mental Changes, Mad wifes... You name it, surely it can be done with Petgirls!
After all, it's not only their manhood that's been taken away from them, it's also their humanity and pride.

It's kinda becoming a tradition, now that I think about it, every new year I post a new Mini-Series of captions. Call it "Shh...", "Asylum", "Bimbos & Thrones", or the latest "Witch Wifes Stories" and now we're adding "Petgirls!". I wonder what happened to me lately that I became so obsessed with it?

So let's open the year with this new mini-series wich I hope you'll love as much as I enjoyed working on it.

I hope there's enough Captions in this post to compensante my absence during January

More coming soon.

As I said before, it's great to be back. This week I plan to work on some of the comics halfway done, if I do not suffer any more random energy shortages. I really want to finish them and post them, but things gets extremely difficult and slow this way.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Oh... Vacations are over...

As you might now, 2014 was a pain in the ass, overwhelmed by work, and having little time for this little passion of mine that I love to share with you.
The good part that after so much work I got a full month of vacations and I spent mostmost of them in the Caribbean... just... recharging batteries... all day long... Aaaaaaahh!!! It's been an amazing.

So, that's it, a quick post just to tell you I'm back in business (still with energy shortages, sadly) and you'll see something here very soon.

Missed you!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Captions of 2014

Yes, 2014 is going away, and I couldn't be more happy about it. A really bad year for me.
But that does not mean it must go away just like that, fading into oblivion!

I'm still suffering energy shortages almost on daily basis, and thankfully I'm going away a couple of weeks on a well-deserved vacation, but I didn't want to leave your empty handed!

So, a couple of days ago while looking for alternatives I used my very old netbook to quickly make this ones - They're a little different from the ones I usually make, but the poor thing can't handle Photoshop, so this will do the trick! Plus, it's refreshing a little variety from time to time.

Here, enjoy!

Want to catch a dumb bimbo whore's attention? just use the magic words!

Not fair, he got a better Christmas present than me!

I see you've enjoyed my Christmas present, and I just wanted to thank you for sharing another year with me and giving me your support! You really are the reason I made this things!

Happy new year my friends! Enjoy tonight!!!!