Friday, October 17, 2014

Fun at the office I

Aaaaahh weekend!! It's so good to be back! I missed you!
It's been a while since I post something, but the break is over.
Well... It wasn't much of "break" actually, for the last few weeks I've been traveling a lot and consumed by work schedules, I really wanted to post something so I figured to get the most out of it, and came up with an idea for a post: Office captions!

A bitchy boss, a bimbo secretary, a hot coworker, a party turning wild... You name it! Workplaces leave as lot of room to see hot babes and develop hot situations - or incredibly awkward and uncomfortable ones.

So shall we begin? let's go!
I speak so much about work lately I fear I might become a Workaholic

I might end up saying things I didn't meant to say!

To people that might take it way too personal
Before you ask, the model's name is Candy Charms
 And end up doing something I'll regret!

And for you my friends, the best advice I can give you...

I also wanted to Thank you for the support towards my last Comic! I'm glad it was mostly liked by you!
If You want to know about Comics, I think it'll be VipComics #4 and I'ts 75% done. It might contain 4 comics instead of 3, I can't promise.
If you're gonna ask about Jinkxed 2... It's barely at the script stage. It's kind of a mess, I'm finding problems to get it to work and I'm stuck on the general idea. Plus, I want to finish something for Christmas first

As always, thank you for passing by my Blog, your opinion is highly appreciated! If you want to ask, suggest or even criticize, just be kind and leave a comment!

Friday, September 5, 2014

By Popular demand: Master PC 2.1: Karma Updated - the epilogue!

There's not too much to say about this... But I did surprise you, right? You thought the story was closed, that you'll be waiting another coupe of months or so for a new comic release...

It's been 1 and 1/2   months since the release of Master PC#2, and I'm very glad it was so well received by the audience!

Still, I realize that the remote offered too much ground to cover and that something were left out. So I decided to do a quick epilogue considering most of the opinions left in the Master PC post!

Master PC 2.1 tries to address some of the things you asked the most. It's my little way of saying "Hey, thanks a lot for taking a minute to give feedback!".
Of course it cannot address everything you asked for, after all, there's more comics coming in the next months that I need to be working on ASAP to bring them up to date.

This one is 100% for you my friends, see that leaving comments always turns into something good? Even when it's not a possitive review, as long as it's polite it always helps to improve! You might noticed how I added some of your tips into every release: I'd like you to think you're a part of all this.

To get it, just click on any of the downlad links!



Note: You'll need WinRar to open the files.
Tip: If you do not want to use WinRar, almost any comic viewer can open the file, just drag it to the program window or change the ".rar" to ".cbr"

Hope you like it, and remember to leave a comment... They work!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wel... It's, like... like... I just can't resist it

Hi, welcome back!
I took a nice break from posting since Master PC #2. I'm glad it was mostly well received, and many people who are not into the theme, still got to enjoy it. Thanks!

In fact I'm so happy that... No, I won't say just yet.

As I said, a took abreak from posting (I even find hard to write this few words), but not from making, and it was about time I gave you something, and while I was choosing wich captions and theme to upload this time, I selected this ones I came across with.
Well, it's not only that Jayden Jaymes kinky defiant look blows my mind, but also lately I've been posting captions about a single character and that's not right, I mean, humans are social beings. We have friends and get involved into loving relationships.

It would be a shame, if someone happens to you, to go through it all alone, right?

Like a spell that's been casted on you... Giving you new thoughts... Thoughts that make you do things you would never wanted to before... Thoughts that you fight... Only to feel them beome stronger...

That's it for this post, I hope you enjoy them!

As always you're welcome to suggest, review, ask or share your ides by leaving  comment!

Friday, August 15, 2014

All the Comics

In this post, you can find all my comics sorted alphabetically.

Click on the images for the original post 
Also, there's a link at the bottom to my 4Shared and Mediafire Folders

AP: Age progression
AE: Ass expansion
AR: Age regression
BE: Breast expansion
BR: Breast reduction

CG: cowgirl
F2M: Female to Male TG
FL: Forgot language / changed to speak foreign language / Speaks bad english
FU: Futa (girls with dicks or growing them)
IQ: intelligence loss, mild or heavy
LA: Lactation
Magic: changes happen by magic / curses / miswish
MG: muscle growth
MT: Mental changes
PO: posession
PR: Pregnancy
RC: Racial change
Science: changes happen by science / drugs / machines
SW: Swollen parts of the body (nipples, lips, pussy, clitoris...)
TF: Transformations... Of any kind
TG: Trangsender transformation
TO: Sexual torture / rough play / dominatrix
WG: weight gain
WL: weight loss

WS: weird shit that I can't cathegorize
WW: werewoman

A Second Chance, A Second Chance "Super Clean" edition


May 28, 2012
A guy who made bad choices in his life get's a second chance in life without even asking for it... Just not the way he expected
TG, AR, AP, BE, Magic, PR, IQ, MT, WG

Angelis & Demonus

July 19, 2014
A wrong package is delivered that unleashes an ancient Demon, Heaven sends an Angel to kill it, but is he up to the task?
TG, F2M, PO, PR, WS, WL, Magic

Bites: chapter 1 & 2

November 9, 2009
A guy hooks up with a girl way out of his league... Only that she has other plans and uses for him.
TG, Magic

December 9, 2012
A doctor gets bitten by a girl before she passes out, and she gave him something worse than a skin infection.
TG, Magic, WW, RC

Holy ***

September 22, 2012
A doctor gets bitten by a girl before she passes out, and she gave him something worse than a skin infection.
TG, Science, TO, SW, FU, CG, LA, MT, AE, WL

In the Name of Science

January 27, 2011
A Scumbag is saved from a deadly accident by an evil Doctor, only to become his new pet experiment
TG, Science, TO, MT, FU, SW, LA, BE, AE, PR


July 19, 2013
The greatest TV game show Ever! Two guys compete against each other through 10 rounds of different challenges in order to win the prize... But failure in every round means taking a trip to the Randomizer!
Pretty much everything

Linx Project

July 7, 2009
(yes, it has a spelling mistake on the cover)
An astronaut finds the answer of the question we all have: are we really alone? Is there intelligent life somewhere in space?... But the question is answered not the way he wanted it!
TG, Science

Master-PC #1: Vista incompatible; Master-PC #2:Remotely fun

September 11, 2009
A guy opens a spam mail that contained the Beta version of a very unique program... But we all know that Betas are not finished versions, and bugs and glitches are to be expected
TG, Science, MG, FU

July 19, 2014
A guy plans to mess with the wrong girl, but everthing is thrown back at him as she is in total control of the situation and his body.
TG, Science, BE, AE, WL, MT, LA, SW, IQ

September 6, 2014
The Epilogue of Master PC#2. What happened to Frank, and will Karma strike Marie after what she's done to him?
Science, BE, AE, MT, IQ
Omega Planet, Omega planet 5th anniversary HD edition + Omega Planet 2

February 13, 2009
My very first comic!
A Space Marine finally gets his wish to fly in outer space, but an anomaly takes him to a place that is not ruled by our natural laws, where he gets to know his nemesis.
TG, Science, PR

February 13, 2014
Remake of the original, with a new twist to the story, full HD 1920x1080 images, and cancelled chapter 2 as a bonus
TG, Science, BE, PR, FU, WS

Quest for Glory

March 5, 2010
An ancient Evil is about to destroy the world! 4 heroes, champions from different kingdoms and continents form up the ultimate elite team, the Worlds last hope, but, what happens if they fail and what dangers are they going to face?
TG, Magic, MG, BE, CG, TF, LA, PO, PR, MT, TO

The Poll

October 17, 2012
Not exaclty a comic, just a poll I made to know what you like the most when reading comics
Several ways of TG

Trial of the Warrior

July 10, 2011
In this ancient village of warriors, when a man turns 14 is sent alone to see their God, if he reaches the temple alive, the God will Bless him and he'll return as a fierce warrior... But you better not fail the test
TG, Magic, MG, PR, FU

VipComics issues #1, #2 and #3

#1 November 26, 2011
#2 April 5, 2013
#3 January 25, 2014
Short stories, dealing with different fetishes! You'll never know what you'll get, but there's something you'll like for sure!
Every one of them includes its own "The doc's Prescription" issue.
Pretty much everything

All the comics in Mediafire

All the comics in 4Shared

Enjoy, and thank you for reading!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Comic release: Master PC 2 !

I've just returned a couple of days ago from the Football World Cup (amazing, no words to describe it), and I had a marathon with only one objective: to finish one of my comics. It's been way too long since the last release.

A sequel to Master PC was a constant request I got, and also a huge part of you love the "remote" captions so... Here you go!

First I wanted to thank the support and patience on your side
You've been amazing! I also learned that you prefered a looooong comic and not a splitted one... Well here you go:  
209 pages!

Better late than never, right?
For a long time I refused to make a sequel to Master PC sequel: I had like 4 different story possibilities, and an almost endless amount of transformations avaible!
I was not sure about the story, about the transformations, about the leght, about the relationship between characters... But as I sid, it was highly requested.

My original Idea was to make a short story, but there's so much to tease about! What I expected to be a 40-pages long comig grew... and grew... and grew!
As I was doing it, I wonder... And what about if all happens in public? Or the remote got stloen? Or two friends fight over what changes to do? As I said, a lot of things, so choosing the setting and transformations were hard and the process was slow.
I'm not entirely satisfied, but I cannot make it any more complex

It took a long time and a lot of hard choices, I cancelled it and the continued it... But somehow, Master PC 2 managed to get a full comic with a lot of things going on inside it!

Anyway, here's the important part: the downloand links!


Mediafire mirror

I hope you like it! There's a long one going to be released, a VipComics issue, a sequel to another comic and a lot more coming in the near future

And please, leave a comment with your thoughts, tell me if you like it or hate it, help me improve or share your thoughts and ideas!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Question regarding new comic release

Today I'm gonna need your help.
You know I've been very busy with real life this year, but still kept working on comics. Now, I'm getting close to the finish of a new one, but there is an important issue that I want to follow your opinion / advice.

The thing is, the next release was supposed to be a short comic (originally a part of VipComics #4), but it grew out of control going over 100 pages, and I'm about to render the final part this week.

Now putting it together, selecting the best renders, typing the dialogs and making them fit the comic box squares is a slow and painful job, the more pages the longer it takes, and also reading a 100+ pages comic at once can be a pain in the ass.

So, my question to you is simple:

Do you want to wait a bit more for a full 100+ pages long release, or shall I split them in 3-5 chapters and starte releasing them in a few days?

Bear in mind that the comic was not made to be splitted in chapters, so at some parts it might turn wierd or feel incomplete if I split it up!

Take your time and leave a comment with your answer

This is the biggest spoiler you'll get, and I know it sucks. The story does not admit too much of a spoiler.

If you're wondering why the lack of updates, it's very simple:

I'm at the Football World Cup in BRAZIL! 
I'll return home this week and who knows... Maybe I'll get back for the final stages if my team advances the group stage.

Who knows? Maybe all this overload of worldwide hot babe fans will inspire me...

I guess I'm a lucky guy, just like 4 years ago I went to South Africa (time does fly!) and you can also check the captions I left in that post

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy mother's day (Part 2, final)

Welcome back! It''s been a couple of weeks, but no more delays for now. I'm truly sorry, but this year finding free time has become a very difficult task.  I feel like I'm in fault or something.

Still, one's passions always find the way to be released, and as May is goes away and June steps in,It's time to close the month with the awaiting Part 2 of the preggo captions / mother's day special!

Be warned! I've been working on this usually late at night with half brain burned out, so a couple of typing mistakes can be found.

From the many I made (around 20-25) I've chosen to post this ones, and hey, I think there's enough mix of fetish and TG themes in here for you to feel satisfied.

So let's get started, enjoy!

I'll tell you a little secret: this was originally a story I never completed, so I took the main idea and made a Caption. One day I'll finish a story, I know it...

-Honey, you look cute when you're angry -Shut the fuck up!

Oh, and it's been a while since the last Asian + Forgot Language caption was seen in the Blog, so...
good pictures of cute, pregnant Asian girls that do not look like fat cows are extremely rare. You think of all their fetish, they'll have tons of this one but seems they do not (or I did not searched correctly)

 Also, since we're being open-minded, it's been a very long while since I posted captions of chubby girls (like this one, this one and this one) and I know many of you like a bit more of flesh in your girls.
So let's give a big hand to Nadine Jensen and her amazing gargantuan breasts!

And finally...

Now I know some of you are gonna ask nicely for comics.
It is true that I've been working on several of them, and I'm close to finish the rendering stage for a new one. I'm sorry I do not have it yet, I feel like HBO promoting "Game of Thrones": Winter is coming, was is coming, dragons are coming, yet nothing ever comes... Only that I only say "comics are coming"

That's all, until next post, remember to tell me what you think of them! Ask away, suggest, you know the drill. Thanks!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mother's day! (Part 1)

That's right! I do not need to tell you what kind of captions to expect in this post, right?

The idea of making a post celebrating the Mother's Day it did not came from me: It came from a comment by anpu shemsu-inp in the previous post (See? That's why comments are amazing!).

The funny thing is, that I had no idea it was this sunday... Because where I live, it's celebrated in a different month. I never gave a thought about it, but tomorrow it's the celebration day of motherhood in some countries like Germany, Colombia, U.S.A., Japan, Greece, Letonia, and Lei... Litch... Liacht... Liechtenstein? Try to spell that drunk later tonight.

Of course, I loved the idea, but barely had 6 days to come up with the captions, and this subject / fetish is troublesome to work with: there are not many good photos, not many places to gather them, and the stories tend to be repetitive, no matter how much I love them.

Anyway, I made more than 10 captions, and this are the ones I'd liked the most to share with you

Enjoy! And for once, see how it feels when people stops calling you hot bimbo and starts calling you hot mamma

Yes, I should have proofread the last line. It was late, I was tired, sorry. Anyone knows who's this babe, please?


And just to celebrate motherhood, a bonus one!

walking "cowboy style"... or just "pregnant cow" style?

I hope you liked them. You did? Tell me! Leave a comment, suggest, ask! Good things came out of it!

That's all for today. Greetings to your mom from me.
Stay tunned for Part 2!