Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Blossoming: Day 3

Something is wrong, very very wrong.... Again, right on schedule, I'm releasing a new chapter / a new day of  "The Blossoming"!

So are you ready to see what this day has waiting for Tyler? What weird dream and traumatizing experience has the gipsy manifestation in his subcouncious ready for him as soon as he falls asleep?

After last night, we cannot say that there's much left of his original body... thank god he still has it's mind intact... Still...

I know, releasing it weekly really helps building up suspense and getting readers hooked... It might feel like I'm teasing you...


MediaFire (mirror)

If you do not speak english, check this post. It'll help you extract all the text from the comics so you can translate it easily and fast.
Thanks for the tip anonymous commenter!

See you in a week, and thanks a lot for all the support so far! I'm really happy you're enjoying it!

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Good news! Comments are back to being free of moderation!

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Actually I feel sad for that poor imbecile, he did it post by post, checked captcha after captcha...

Uploading The Blossoming: Day 3 any moment now!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Tip: extracting text from comics

You don't speak english? You find youself copying maually the text from the comic into a translator?
That was a real pain in the ass!!
Surely there's something we must do to help you...

But of course there is! It's online, and it's FREE!! (I love free stuff!)

Do the following:
1) Download and /or open the comic and extract it in a folder of your choosing

2) Go to or do a google search for any other online free OCR converter
3) Upload the JPG files (comic pages)

A big big Thank You to the "Anonymous" user who left a comment in the last post providing this solution for those of you who don't speak english

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I hoped Blogger will do a better job fighting spammers, and I love the idea of feedback and sharing ideas without me having to "moderate" them.

I hope he gives up and we can get back to the way it always were, with fluid communication between us.

A new day of "The Blossoming" will be uploaded tonight very late or tomorrow very early

PS: yes, I love Dredd, since I was a child it was my favorite comic ... hero? And there's a cancelled comic featuring judges

Little update: comments are disabled for a couple of hours

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Good job, Blogger, seems like I can't block a specific user from posting!

"The Blossoming" will be updated late tonight or early tomorrow. See ya!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Blossoming: Day 2

Right on schedule as promised!
We've seen how Tyler was dumb enough to anger a gipsy, and we've seen him suffering the consequences of his reckless actions...

Uhm... Have we?
Chased by his own dreams, struggling to appear normal every day, Tyler falls more and more into his curse, wondering if a piece of him is slowly taking control...
But how much more can he pretend everything's fine... And how much more will the curse let him pretend, while sharing every hour of the day in a house with his sister and his new boyfriend?

I have a feeling that by the end of this day, things will look pretty damn bad for him...

4Shared (ignore the small images, something it's not working today)

 Mediafire (mirror)

If you missed days 0 and 1, here they are

Thanks for the great feedback! I'm glad you're liking it so far.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yes, it's a new comic: The Blossoming!

Yes my friends, it's been asked a lot (82 comments in the last entry, and it was only about cancelled comics! Thanks a LOT!) and I've worked hard until late to bring it to you. I wanted to finish it 2 weeks ago but it was simply impossible.

This is no ordinary comic. It took no less than 1400 renders, give or take, to be completed!

The story behind the making is complicated. I started it by the end of... 2013!
Then I cancelled it.
Then I started it again.
Then, I cancelled it... Again.
And then, I finished it!

Took long enough, and you might notice difference in renders from chapter to chapter. I tried to keep adding some of the suggestions or positive critics I've been reading in the comments or websites like e-hentai in the making.

But what's about this time?
I can tell you it's a lot like "A Second Chance", but thing happen in a more slow and gradual progression. And also, there's the good-old Gipsy Curse messing things around.

So we got... Magic, curses, slow gradual changes, mind changes, and more fun stuff going on... Looks goodd, doesn't it?

Don't worry, there are not (not many) weird stuff like cursed to shit dicks throw the belly.

Enough writing. Just download it from here:


Mediafire mirror

Well that's it, there you go! I hope you enjoy it!

Remember: to view the files you'll need WinRar, 7-Zip or any comicbook viewer

You've been craving for a new one, I've been craving to bring you one.
Tell me what you think after reading it, and... 
Thanks for the amazing support!

PS: Special thanks to Albumhunter, who keeps giving support post after post, and even interviewed me for his website. (I do not forgot about you, Tseudo, your comics are always inspiring!)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Time to choose, scrap, abandon, retake, and finish

After so many comments asking for a comic, I thought I should give you something. You've been great with me.

First of all, YES, I'm planning to release something in the first week of June if possible, and it's a BIG one. I still haven't decided if I should release it in one chapter a week basis or one huge, gigantic file with hundreds of pages.

No, it's not Jinkxed 2, that comic may never be done as it doesn't even have a script, and I don't think I can improve the original that much.Plus, it would probably take me a full year to make.

Now, it's time for good; and not-so-good news.

First, he not-so-good news...
I know May has been a slow month around here: I took the time needed to bring order to the chaos of my comics projects. I have this little attention disorder, and I tend to start 4 things at the same time. Now where was I? Oh right, sadly that means cancelling some works in progress. Some of them were started in 2011!
It was a sad month, as I had nice ideas and expectations, but those comics did not satyisfy me for several reasons

Now, yes, The Good News!
I'm going to release them anyway as cancelled comics! I spent many hours working on them and they're not good just using space on my hard drive, so from time to time you'll see something like this:

I don't know if I'm making myself clear... Can you see the "Cancelled" sign from a kilometer away?

And you'll get something like half a comic.

Who knows, maybe I even make a post with some random images and set up apoll so you can choose wich unfinished comic should be released first.


Oh, but wait, there are even better news!
But don't worry. There are plenty comics to come... Take a look at all the comics I've started:

Yes, every folder is a comic in progress.

Oh, you still want more? Like... Spoilers about the next release? There you go!

I'll also give you a hint about the  next comic: It's not going to happen in outer space. 
Useful hint, isn't it?

If you think releasing cancelled comics it's a bad idea, please let me know.
See you soon!

Friday, May 1, 2015

They had it coming

Lots of times, we see captions about miswishes, mecanical malfunctions, magical mistakes, unwanted side effects of experimental drugs, or simply bold careless guys having to deal with the consequences of their actions.

But if you think about it... Yeah, if you're stupid enough to do some of the abobe, you're not a victim, you simply had it coming for being an idiot!
Well... I must admit, I'd love to have the oportunity to be an idiot in some of those cases.

So why this guys had it coming?
Well, it's simple. For starters, you should know what 'experimental' means

Or, always give the best you can to the ones you trust your life with

 And don't let me started about having great ideas while yuo're drunk, and try to implement them

We were all missing some Pregnant Captions

But hey, sometimes, when you did the damage to yourself and try to fix it, you end up messing things up way beyond you can manage !

I hope you liked them! And thanks for the amazing feedback you gave me on the previous post! What do you think I should include in the next post?
If this month everything goes well, I might be publishing a comic. A large one.

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Baaaaaaaaack to business! No time to spare!

It took me a month, work and travels can be a bitch, but no way I was going to stop!

The past month, in my little spare time, I've been cleaning/updating/discarding a lot of unfinished comics, selecting which ones to discard and which ones to save. Some are like 3 1/2 years old... some are recent, but I had like 12 comics and it was impossible to finish one!

So, since the "cleaning" phase has ended, I can keep an agenda again and the first thing is to bring this captions for you to enjoy! I hope this week I can check out what have been doing some of my favorite artists like Tseudo Nimm for new work, I'm terribly outdated!

So, after the Petgirls Series, what should I post? I think you'll love this batch... Long, medium, short, blondes, brunettes... Take your pick!

I know. I'm missing a preggo.
But, still, tell me what you think of them, what you want to see next!