Saturday, February 25, 2017

Corruption of the Champion, part 13!!!!!

Yesss!! I made it!!! It's finally done!!!!

So it took a while, I know it. I assume that from now on it will take around a month for each new part, I have used all the pre-renders I had, but hey, let's focus on the chapter being released today... the jinxed number, number 13!

But #13 can't be that bad. After all, after the long wait, it features a 61 pages long chapter, and even has an after credits scene (Ha! Marvel hero movies, you have nothing on me, suckers!)

I will try to make the chapters shorter. Sometimes they drag for too long in production and I loose focus.

So... where did we left our hero the last time?

Uhm.. not bad... but I think it's time our Champion sees some familiar faces... Who could it be??

Don't waste any more time! Get it here:


Some short news!
Starting chapter 14, I'll start adding the images posted on the CoC Art Contest.
Damn, they are good!
And remember, the contest is still open for your submission if you want to give a hand or get involved!

Thanks for all the feedback and all the art you submitted, guys! Really. Hope you enjoy this part!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

CoC Contest!

Uff! Just came back, after a couple of weeks with almost no internet connection that works, only to realize that the entry I left programmed was somehow never posted!

Last time I told you I want you to get involved. This is your chance!
Don't get me wrong - I love the crazy amount of ideas you share chapter after chapter (and you might notices I used some), and all the times you offer to help me with grammar, but this time it's something different.

I'm starting a contest, and I would love you to participate even more in this comic!!

So let's explain with with images. (and yes, you can click them to elarge them)

That's it!
Please participate and lets keep working together towards a better final product! I'm really looking forward to this!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Corruption of the Champion Part 12... Finally finished!

Oh yes, it is done, and even before the weekend! here it is the first 2017 CoC chapter

You know when was the las chapter releases? December 10th! Dear God, ages ago! It took so long to complete this part! So many issues and delays out of my control... But here we are, and what you get in exchange is a 67 pages long chapter in exchange for your patience!

I can't tell you enough how glad I am to finish it. It was becoming such a pain, like climbing a mountain, just seemed impossible to complete with everything going against the rendering time I needed.

But here it is, and you've been more than wonderful with the support and patience.

So, just s quick reminder of our Champion's current situation:

And here's what you want to see: the download links! (Just for you to know, today 4Shared seems to be working a lot faster than the other mirrors)


I hope you like this chapter after all the wait. I really do.

I have to travel this Friday for a week or so, so I really wanted to upload this Chapter. But stay tunned! I left a pre-made post in wich you'll be (if you want, of course) directly involved regarding Chapter 13 development.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this part, we've been doing fine on schedules so far, so lets cross our fingers, and as usual, THANKS FOR THE AMAZING; NEVERENDING SUPPORT SO FAR!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 is here! So... What are this year big plans?

And so, 2017 has arrived! Like, a week ago, but who cares? New year - new expectations! And 2017 started so damn good for me, putting me in such a good mood! I hope it started great for you too, and if it didn't... Let's try to improve it together.

I know we've all been wanting to see that Christmas banner gone on the main page, and it's time to give you something new... Actually, it's time to do some evil teasing!

Sadly, just like the lasts years, as summer starts, energy supply problems start. I really want to finish part 12 of Coc, but it's very hard when you have no power. But it's close. Maybe a week or two.

2016 was a really busy year, with CoC taking almost the entire year between script, development and rendering... And it's still just halfway done!
This has caused some issues, like "The Costume Part 2" being posponed until this Halloween, and VipComics #6 being delayed until CoC is finished.

But what's in store for 2017? What are the great plans? 

Here... Click on the image to see what's in my mind!
(right click -> open in new tab for full size)
f you want any of the pictures in this images, I have them rendered, just ask.

You like what you see?
Does this mean I'm gonna make ALL of them? No, of course not, but I'll be working on several projects involving this characters - maybe you could tell me wich one called your attention the most, so I can speed up its development?

But that's not all! There's also the Cancelled Comics, that I plan to release one or two, maybe this year I'll finally write a story, and of course, there's always going to be Captions (And this year's mini-series), and I do plan to make more than last year.

On a final note, I might open a Patreon account (its kinda hard to cash it in this country) ... but this does not mean I'll be giving premium content, early releases, having a scheduled agenda, or anything like that. It'll still be 100% free for all, same dates and quality, no differences made.

Yes, big plans. Not enough time. Let's see how much I can make this year. One thing is certain, and it's that I'm happier than ever to start yet another year with you my friends!

Feedback / ideas / anything is appreciated! 
Have a great week!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas! As always, my gift for you: all the 2016 captions in one pack!

Ho Ho Ho!!! 
Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas for each and every one of you, whoever you are, wherever you are!
Or... Happy Holidays if you feel somehow offended by the holiday name

What a lovely, amazing holliday isnt't it? Eating, drinking, friends, family, drunk family, that creepy uncle, or that weird new aunt's boyfriend, or even that hot relative you're not supposed to drool at *wink*?

But let's not lie to ourselves, we know the true spirit arrives when you rush down to open your so eagerly anticipated presents!!

Tell me, did you get those amazing... pair of socks?
Or that... Tie, you wanted so badly?
Or that brand new... Shitty backpack, for the always merry 'back to school' day?

Well, don't be mad! Because at least from me, you'll be getting exactly what I promised like the last 4 previous christmas: All the Captions I made during the year, and I never posted!

So even if this year was absolutely comic-focused, I still manages to make some Captions, a total of

 66  64 (sorry, 2 are juts images I just checked)

So, want to see what's in the Captions pack? Check some of them now!
Here's a small mini-comic/image sequence I made to begin with (I do make so few of those!):

And here are some more

Like what youve seen so far?
Get them HERE:


I don't know if I'll be posting anything until first or second week of 2017. The CoC comic fucked up my rustic schedule, and I still want to make the new year mini-series as usual (Asylum, Shhh, Mad Witch Wifes...) but time is on short supply. plus, VipComics #6 is already delayed!
so many plans... so little time...

Wich one you liked the most? Any suggestions? Something to say?
Remember to leave a comment!
 It's that ime of the year when you're supposed to be kind!

Happy Holydays!

Thanks for this amazing year. You've been great. Without you, I would already have quit. Have an amazing rest of 2016!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Captions Rush, part 3: Miswishes and curses!

Last post before Christmas Update! We've seem the preggos, we've seen the tech-related captions, so it's only natural that today we're going for... Magic related captions!

Magic includes a lot: curses, cursed objects, booby traps, spells, spells that backfire, swaps, and maybe by far the most popular, miswishes, amongst other things!

So there they are, enjoy! Let's start by an all-time favorite: the dumb genie that fucks your wishes up (come on... we all now deep down, he didn't fuck them up that bad after all!)

Try to run with those... I'll pay to see that
Little spoiler: Next year's special mini-series might be about Milf's TG

I'll try to make more ass-related captions next year.

And of course, the Bonus Caption: the dumb BIMBO!

So, this is it! Tomorrow I'll upload all the captions in a folder for you to download and enjoy.

Merry Christmas!
  Enjoy your presents and family/friends! Eat, drink, and do your best to have a peaceful night. Do something good today, even one single thing.