Friday, September 15, 2017

Oh, well... There's nothing you can do about it

Hello my friends! Tonight I'm quite tired, and I'm about to restart my PC to do a couple of renders before hitting the bed.

First of all some news: CoC part 16 is almost done. Maybe 1 or 2 weeks, depending on how busy is work next week.

Now that we're done with that, here you go, enjoy some of the newest caption I made!
Today we'll deal with a not so uncommon situation on my captions: when you just can't control what's happening and going to happen to you!

Anyone knows who this girl is?


And thanks a lto for all the feedback you provided in the CoC 1st anniversary post!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Happy 1st Anniversary, Corruption of the Champion!

Holy Shit! Is it true? I completely forgot about it until someone left  a comment reminding me that...


Yep, a year and a couple of days ago I started, with the intention of finishing it in 4-6 months (LOL! What an idiot!), what has become something huge, maybe even huger than Jinkxed.

Oh, silly me. This comic has been as demanding as a horde of hungry babies with dirty diapers!
How could I ever expected this?

However, the reason that it has become so long and I keep spending my free time on it and still find it lots of fun is simple: you guys!
Yes, it sounds like I'm being a huge ass licker, but it's true. Not only that: I even added some of your suggestions to the comic.

So I dedicate this day's free time to put together a little wallpaper to celebrate this adventure we're having together:

But what now? How many more chapters? Will it be any Bimbo Liqueur?? Will the cock or the hooves go away??? Will it ever end????????

Yes, it will. We're starting the last chapters. In fact, the newest chapter is 70% done. Sadly, after that, the rendering of another chapter will be paused in october in order to work on "The Costume 2" for Halloween

Thank you for everything, people. I sincerely hope this adventure keeps growing and to retain your support! See you in the next chapter. Cheers!

(In the meantime, more captions coming)

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Captions return! From young to adult to milf

Hey! What's up? Having a nice saturday, or returning from a nice one?
Same here!
But I was not going to go to bed without leaving something here for you to enjoy. I know captions are becoming rare, and you made a lot of request - naturally I cannot please them all, but probably I'll start adding more of  what you requested (like preggos, always on demand) on the next captions post.

But enough talking! Today I leave you 3 captions, because a lot of you like Milfs and a lot of you do not: so what about 1 caption representing each age progression?

Take your pick!


Of course, thanks a lor for the support on CoC! I know I leave you a lot of time waiting.
I'm going on schedule with the next chapter, so maybe a couple of weeks and it'll be ready. Of course, I did it again: it's not gonna be 20 pages long. I estimate it'll be around 60!

See you soon!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Corruption of the Champion - Part 15!!

Oh, the wait, the waaait! It's over! This time took way, way longer than expected, right? Well considering I was:
- 1 month on vacation, 
- a total of 5 weeks out of town working and
- I also decided to change the script and re-render almost half of this chapter,
I think it took a decent amouint of time.

But you think I'm just going to leave you a 20 pages long comic? Nooo... you're mistaken... I always try to give you something in return for the amazing patience and support (and funny comments, too), so this time you won't get a 25 pages comic...

You're getting an 87 pages long comic!

And the craziest part is that it is only half of the original script for this chapter. I guess I got carried away.

But... was it worth the wait? Is it a case of quantity vs quality? I can only say, if you've seen Spiderman:Comecoming, that... Patiente sometimes pays off.

And  a quick reminder... where did we left the comic? How was our hero the last time we check on him?

Oh, that's right.
Seems our Champion has its will broken. It is a crucial time for him... Will he abandon his quest? Will he get back stronger than ever?
Sadly, this question will be answered on the next chapter, but in this one... Wow, he's in for a ride.

But enough! I'm boring, the comic is way more fun, and you'll get it here:


Now the text wall is over, so as usual, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for the support! (specially this time)
Just give me some feedback if you're kind enough!

Quick post: if you've seen Spiderman: Homecoming you'll understand this image.

Just finishing the last pages, and about to upload.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

It's a new New Comic: Beam Me Up!

Yes it is Comics Time again!
And this time we're taking quite a different direction from what I was feeding you lately - This time we're not going to a medieval fantasy realm... This time we're going to Outer Space, baby! Where no man or woman has gone before!

I think my vacations were a bit too long, right? But as I stated on the last post, I needed a break from CoC because I wasn't putting my best into it. So to recharge my mental batteries, and not leaving you waiting for more weeks with just captions, I made - or reconditioned- this little one in a short time.

"Beam me up" was one of the cancelled comics series. It's not my usual 100 pages long comic, it's actually more like my first ones.
Since the models were already done and some renders were done too, I just needed to make the story a lot shorter.

But what was so special about this one? No, it was not the fact that it was in an advanced stage when it was cancelled. It was the fact that the renders looked way better than the others!

I still have some more cancelled comics than can pop up any time... Even though they might look as ugly as the original "Omega Planet"

That's enough writing. What you want, it's here:


Well, that's all! Now I'm going back to work on CoC, and stay tunned for more captions in the next post!

You liked? Hated it? Let me know! And thanks for the neverending support you're giving me guys!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Down on all fours (And yes, I'm back!)

Welcome back my friends!
Yes, I've taken a couple extra weeks off - I needed a break from CoC mostly, and focus a little more on work.
So before you ask, news about CoC are after the captions.

Anyway, sorry for the silent last weeks. Is is strange that I feel guilty?
On the latest post involving captions I've seen a lot of request for Milfs, Preggos and Ass captions... And none of that you'll find in this post. Weird, huh?

Now, seriously, I'll have some of the subjects you requested in the next couple of captions posts, but today I picked this 3 captions because... I don't do much captions like these.

After all... What the heck is more humilliating and brutally womanizing that being forced to be on all fours, bending your ass ready to take a pounding, unable to do nothing about it and completely dominated?

Here you go, enjoy!

This caption is kind of  a mess with the text...

Now, about CoC:
Next week I'll be releasing... A new, short comic.

Yes, it's no joke. And after you learned the reasons, you'll probably sympathize with me:
It's been a full pregnancy cycle (9 months!) since I started it and I needed a break from it.
The latest chapter was a mess, I was really unsatisfied with the way it was going, I find myself out of focus and since it involves quite a few things happening, I deleted most of it, and I'm reworking it.

So I grabbed one of my cancelled comics and decided to adapt it into a short comic. Just to see something different being rendered, you know. You'll see it next week.

Hope you liked the captions! and thanks for the patience and support, as always!!!!

Oh... Ok, this time you can have some spoilers, just stop it with the sad puppy eyes! 

Now THAT is a treat, or at least a tease right?

Friday, June 2, 2017

Vacations over - Let's talk about WORK over some captions

Oh, darn... Vacations are over, and real life and routine just started all over again a couple of days ago. But you know what? Fuck, I missed my hobby and you guys too
I had an amazing vacation and I hope I can make the most of my renewed energies.

By the way... Holy shit! thanks a lot for all the comments and support while I was away!!!!! I was expecting something like 3 comments, and 2 of them asking for CoC part 15 release date. It was a very nice surprise, and I'll try to answer as many as I can now.

So as I was saying, the time to work has resumed. Perfect oportunity to post some Office/work related captions!

So let's talk about office problems...
How much you hate your work sometimes...
And how bad you need your time to have fun, play games, see friends... even when it goes wrong

Now, because some will ask about it:
YES, I'm working on CoC part 15,
NO, I don't have a release date. Maybe 3 weeks,
YES, I might tease you with some images of it while I work on it,
YES, it's quite a large chapter and features TF

And that's all. I hope you liked them!! 
Thanks a lot, A LOOOT for being there supporting me while I was away!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Corruption of Champions sketches, extra renders and development

Hi again my friends! Whats up?
I'm just hours from getting back home - that's depressing - but for the last auto programmed post I saved something that many have requested: a bit more insight on the making of the CoC Comic!

Turns out that each chapter it's so damn demanding to make that I realize... No chapter has any "bonus shit" at the end!

So tonight I want to share some thing like ideas, the evolution of some characters until the final version, some characters that MIGHT not be in the comic but I still have made the models, and some random shit.

So let's start at the begining... as I made my mind and prepared the drafted and script...
(Oh, and of course you can click the images to see them full size)
I think this fine, refined and modern style of artwork would not be appreciated by most of you. You brutes!
The funny thing is that my very very first idea was to make a comics "inspired" by CoC and not in the CoC universe, about two charatcers that start as enemies but eventually have to work together: a strong, pure, natural leader Paladin that undergoes a more classic bimbo TG and a masculine, chauvinist Barbarian brute that went through more TG/TF changes, but considerably less than what I already did to the Champion of CoC.

"For, like, justice or something, right? Ohmagawd, my sword is so, like, shinny!"

Speaking abou the champion, it went through some tests too.For example, hair style and colors

Not all hairs can have the same color applied to them, which makes it extra difficult to use
Or for example, when I gave her the first serious BE, I had problem choosing the shape: round, starting closer from the neck, or more natural and perky shaped?
 Or, sometimes, I just spend time messing around with the shapes and transformations...

But what really gets on my nerves are the clothes. Not only trying to decide wich clothes I like the most - sometimes they just won't work, with parts of the body poking through it, or sometimes I just want so bad to use some of them but just don't serve the story...

This was an idea to make a "living" bra, that consist of two demonic hands grabbing and squeezing the breasts, that randomly starts to squeeze or massage the Champion's breasts and play with the nipples, and he was unable to take it off

Anyway... He just looks better naked, right?

So, as I say, some models go a long way. I do not have all the renders (I generally prefer to preview in the 3D software rather than actually render the model), but here are some of the early models

Akbal looked quite different, also he was more bulky - I prefer him less bulky so he can have equal speed and strenght

The Blacksmith Dog Girl... ugh! freaks me out.

Ceraph went through several bodies, several skins and quita a different "equipment". Also, the piercing were a last minute addition

Isabella's first model was skinnier and less busty. Also her weapon was smaller and her hair different
Isabella's 2nd test model had an even differnet hair with a side ponytail, a different face and was a bit bulkier.
The SlimeGirl was tested with 5 differnet colors and also a chubbier version was made. This are the renders I have left

a VERY early Edryn model madel

... And some of the hairstyles I tried, alongside the clothes I intended her to wear at first

Ro'Gar the Ork... No, I don't like how it looks
Mhm... Is it a demon morph, a succubi...? Guess!

Well that's it... I hope you find this interesting!

Thanks for checking out the blog. Eager to bring some new content soon!