Friday, January 29, 2016

Back to the real life :(

It was about time I took off that damn Christmas banner, right?
I returned last week from an amazing vacations at the beach, and I feel refreshed and looking forward to what's planned for this year... I really missed you this days!

So as I was saying before, there are some plans for this year:
- First, as usual, there'll be a new mini-series of themed captions starting next week.
- Then there'll be the usual VipComics release (#5 already?)
- More captions, and I'll start releasing the cancelled projects as I promised in this post (I had not forgotten about it)
- Then, there might be a crossover with another artist like I did with Immortaltom.
- After that, I'm working on some "copyright" permissions for a longer comic, if everything goes smoothly I'll make it. If not, there's plenty of severasl projects on the way - and shorter than the first option
- More captions in the meantime, and maybe a couple more of shorter comics
- Maybe -MAYBE - another Halloween Comic.
- Aaaand if everything goes up to speed, I'd like to release yet another VipComics during 2016

Of course that's only the "ideal" plan, so changes of schedule, delays and cancellations are to be expected. I just wanted to share my ideas for this year.

I would also love of you tell me what you want to see, or share any ideas you have. Remember, you're a part of this!

So, without boring you much more, enjoy the first 2016 Captions!

Happy to be back!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas! As always, my gift for you: all the 2015 captions in one pack!

-- Ho ho ho! Ha Ha Ha! --

Merry Christmas for each and every one of you, whoever you are, wherever you are!
Or... Happy Holidays if you feel somehow offended by the holiday name

A time for sharing, a time for laughing, a time for reunion, a time for loving and rediscovering old bonds with your loved ones, to give presents, to eat like a pig...

Oh, fuck that. We just want more presents. And speaking of presents... It's also time for the yearly Captions upload!!!!!
And even though this has been a slow year when it comes to captions, with 87 captions done (usually I make more than 100 a year), it's because this year had been focused on Poser Comics, with "The Blossoming" taking the spot... And also I had a lot of work, damn I hate how much time it takes, more year after year.

Also you'll be happy to know there are more preggos than in previous years, and there's also some Asylum and Petgirls caps

So, be a good boy, or else, you might find yourself a surprise under the three, and be rewarded punished like this guy...

Well this is my present for you. It's the best I can come up with for now. I hope it pleases you!
Here - take a look at some of the captions you'll fin inside:

I don't know if it's that good, But I laugh a lot with the idea of this caption



you like what you've seen so far?
Get them here!

Mediafire (mirror)

You might be asking yourself, why did I uploaded so much captions on this post?
Simple; in a couple of days I'll start my vacations, so this is the last post of 2015 and until late January it's very likely I won't be posting. Just enjoying the beach.
So, there's a lot of Captions here for you to spend your time until I return.

I'll miss you... I really will do. I love this little hobby/escape of mine.

Anyway, enjoy this holidays!

Wich one you liked the most? Any suggestions? Something to say?
Remember to leave a comment!
 It's that ime of the year when you're supposed to be kind!

Happy Holydays! See you when I return

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Almos Xmas... Almost updating...

Gooood Saturday everyone!!!!
Yes it's coming. The usual big Captions pack I upload as a gift every year. And the last few day it has gotten a bit bigger.
But let's talk about today's post.

Today I'm facing a little dilemma. I just can't make my mind and decide what I should be posting today!

So, on one hand, I've uploaded some preggos on the last post, yet there was little lactation as advertised in the post image and not a real big full preggo. Still, preggos are not for everyone.

On the other hand, I've wanted to make a Big Boobs post. And big boobs go along lactation; yet I don't want to be repetitive with the posts...

So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna post 6 captions today, 3 with pregnancy/lactation and 3 with busty girls. On then next post you'll have a miced variety anyway!

Let's start with the lactation and preggo ones!

There is another Caption with another photo of this set, soemone asked it in the last post.

You won't be able stand up or close your legs again for a while


And now, for the lovely Busty Girls!

Mindfuck maybe?

Bad, baaaaad timing!

... And just because I'm in a good mood (I really am), here's a Bonus one!

You can't complain, 7 captions! You sure got a lot to entertain yourself these few days considering that in less than a week, around 90 more!
I hope you like them and enjoyed them, I did love the ones I uploaded today I couldn't decide wich ones to upload so I uploaded them all.

Tell me what you think, what you want, what am I forgetting or lacking, anything!

See you in 6 days Ho-Ho-Ho...

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Long time no milk

Great news!
Remember in the last post, when I told you I haven't made enough Captions this year?
Well I found an old lost folder with a lot of unfinished captions! I've checked a bit, and I don't seem to find them uploaded in previous posts, so this is a perfect time to do so.

Oh, and the best part? There are some preggos in it! And I really like how this pregnant captions turned out.
So, since this year has been severely lacking in preggos and milky tits, I thought you deserve this little treat! Enjoy!

One day I'll make a POV special series, I just know it. Would you like that?

This caption made me... Thirsty...

Oh, I know... you want real big preggos too. If I can make a post for next week, I'll upload some more preggos.

I hope you liked them! did you? Tell me! share your thoughts, suggest anything!

The Xmas big Caption upload is just around the corner with all the caption you've never seen before!

Friday, December 4, 2015

The Asylum is Back - and there's vacancy

Remember this mini-series? "The Asylum" was my first mini series, long, long time ago, around 2007-2008.

The concept behind it it's very simple - someone is send in to pay for a crime, or to receive a special treatment regarding some illness, or simply get locked in by an angry girlfriend...
The rest is just for the sake of science... and a bit of fun with the mindfucks patients can get!

So go ahead... just fill the form and get admitted in...

Then receive the treatment the Doc's has chosen for you...

Have regular check-ups...

... Or even receive an "upgrade" to your current treatment...

... Until you're cleared to go back into the world as a whole new you!


Now, if you don't mind helping me with something... I'm having doubts regarding this year Christmas present.
For several years I've used that date to upload all the captions I made during the year, the ones I never posted,  and they're always more than 100 captions.
But... this year has been very complicated, and working on "The Blossoming" took a very big part of my free time.
What I mean is this that year I only made around 40-50 captions. Shall I upload them all, or wait and mix them with the next year ones?

Friday, November 6, 2015

The Costume: Bonus shit!

So, I see that so far "The Costume" is turning into a big hit, even though it was made in a rush and it's basically two cancelled projects put together, made just to give you something, nothing I expected to fly high... But so far it did! And for that I'm so fucking glad! 

It was a risk to use a muscle girl, but no one has comlained so far, and I'm specially glad because of all the attention my Cowgirl is having - I've been trying to use that model for a long time, and to put two of my favorite things in a comic (musclegirls andowgirls) was a risk.

I'm starting to consider a project about the cowgirl alone - just starting to.

But, part of rushing something because of a deadline means I can get distracted, and Oh my dear God, I forgot to add the usual "Bonus shit"!

So, here you go, enjoy this little Bonus Shit... (Warning: This post might be a bit heavy to load)

Ah... an extra pair... Just too complex to manage in DAZ3D. Also, no hoofs and brown hair? what was I thinking?

Even htough her breasts look more heavier, resting over the lower ones, they do not look so damn full

The one thing I liked most, is that with 4 pairs it felt like she was dragging over the ground the lower pair as she walked

Well... I was experimenting...

Oh.... And this are just a special thingies I never made before, so enjoy!

 Wait a minute... there's something wrong with this ^^ Sonya...

Oh, of course!
She's wearing too much armor, that's it!

I hope you liked this mini Bonus Shit.

See you soon! Thanks for the great support!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween! I have no candy, so have a Comic instead

I know, It was yesterday.
You see, Halloween it's a well-known holyday... Just not a holyday celebrated in all countries! I was aware it was sometime soon, I know what's it about, but I had no idea exactly when since for me, it's a foreign custom... Still, I got something to share!

I wasn't planning on releasing a comic right now, I have nothing ready, but since friday I was all day sick at home, I got something for you, and made in record time
This story was originally a cancelled story, scraped and recycled, and regarding Halloween TF stories is far from being original, and it may have some holes, not be entirely 100% halloween-precise-themed, or be weird, but it'll do just fine.

I was supposed to finish it earlier but I got carried on, added more stuff and there's lots of shit going on by the end! I like it! I just wish I could explore more... No, I'm not spoiling it, find it out yourselfes!

So go ahead, enjoy! Grab it here:



Tell me if you like it! 
Happy (late) Halloween !