Sunday, December 9, 2018

PATREON: It's finally happenning! Now you can help and be involved more than ever


Ok, now that that's out of the way, you probably know what's Patreon, right?
Simply put, it's where you donate to artists/developers/crazy people to fund, sponsor, thank or help them by simply donating to their cause and helping them not go bankrupt.

Some artists release content for Patreon backers earlier, in better quality or only for patreon backers. I WILL NEVER DO THAT.
I have no problem with people doing that - I understand them. I think it's necessary if you are an artist. TG fiction is time consuming and for most it's a job... But for me, it's more of a hobby or a "side job".

But every year life gets more expensive... And hardware does too! I need to dedicate a special part of me and my time and your help is, as always, more than welcome and appreciated.

So yes, it has happened, finally I opened my Patreon account.
So go check it out! Just click the cutre orange button:
Become a Patron!

...Or follow this link:

Let's see if I can get some Christmas present, right?
So what's coming in the next few weeks?

Next weekend: Christmas Surprise!!!
Before New Year: CoC Part 21... HUGE SIZE! 

As always guys, thanks so so very much. Any feedback is appreciated. Can you guess what would be the surprise?

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Corruption of the Champion - part 20!

Hello everyone! How's that weekend going?
Can you believe it? 2018 is almost gone! And I have big plans for December, in fact, I think it's likely that this month will fall short if everything goes right.

Now, the last CoC chapter was in August. Wow, feels like a long time ago. We had some things in the meantime, but still, I think I'm not the only one who wanted to see a bit more of our new "blondie" champion adventures, am I right?

Just a heads up: This is a short chapter. Why? I'll explain at the bottom of this post.

So, do I need to remember how we left the Champion the lat time we see him? Ok, let's have a quick reminder

So, as usual, you can download it from any of this links here:


Now, why is this chapter so short?
Welll, actually it was like 90 pages long. 90!!! So I've decided to split it in 3 parts. And you know what that means?
Yes, that Part 21 will be released... Before 2019!
So this will be, unofficially, "CoC Part 20 1/3"

Also, considering the feedback about the colors of the champion's dialogue boxes, I've changed them. Please tell me if they work better for you this way.

So that's it. Did you liked it? Did you hated it?
 Share your thoughts, give me some feedback!
And THANKS again for your amazing support!!!! Enjoy!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Bimbos, Preggos, Milfs or Lactation? Hell, let's have them All!

Hello everyone everywhere! How are we doing today? I hope you're great, because today I am in a great mood... Two days without working because the office is moving, it's a mini vacation! Let's put that time to good use.

So did you enjoyed VipComics#7? Because I really enjoyed making it. It had a little bit of everything, I know it might fall short on some stories but you can't just have it all, right?

But as I mentioned in several posts before, every year I seem to get more focused on comics as they get more time consuming, and less focused on captions. Damn, this year has ben terrible regarding the amount of caption made (well, if we don't count the 2 quizzes with 50 mini captions combined). and how long it been since I made a captions mini-series? I think the last one was The Hair Battle, and that was two years ago!

So I've decided to dedicate the next few weeks into posting captions, or maybe a new mini-series? Of course that doesn't mean I'll stop making CoC. I'll just try to make captions during the render time, wich is idle time for me, and I aways have some captions saved for the usual Christmas present.

So back to captions, I've been asked a lot. but there's always something that comes to the top of the mind: Bimbos. Preggos. Milfs. Teens. Breast expansion.

I can't make a post with 20 captions, so I'll take the most wanted fetishes and gie you a bit of everything again. Enjoy!

Maybe a good idea for a comic?

Also, a good idea for a comic or a story - I needed more space in this caption to write too!

Well, that is all. Soon you'll get a new CoC. Or maybe a new captions mini-series before/after it. Who knows? 
Oh, I have an idea! Tell me what you think about it! 
Have a great weekend!!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Happy Halloween!!! How about a special VipComics edition to celebrate?

Happy Halloween everyone!! 
Just in time, right? 

Are you ready to go out in costume?
Are you ready to stuff yourself with candy or to play a nasty trick on someone?
Are you ready to attend a party were no one cares about halloween and just use it as an excuse to put on a sexy costume?
Or do you have a more simpler plan, and you are ready for a new comic?

I told you this year I had something ready for you, didn't I?
Yes, I made a brand new VipComics! You know, those series were I like to mess around and do weird stuff from time to time? Only this time, saldy there's no "Doc's Prescription" issue: instead, we'll get to see a familiar face again!

So, go ahead, download it from any of this links!

Donwload from MEGA


Download from MediaFire

For those expecting "The Costume" Part 3, sorry. No luck. It was impossible to make it in time.
It has so many characters, and so much more about to happen, that I had no time with the last travel and the new home moving.
But, since I have a little attention disorder,  tend to start many comics and leave them halfway done, so from time to time I'm able to put them together into something else.

This is my treat for all of you! Thanks a lot for all the support and patiente, you're amazing!
Oh, and please do tell me what you think about this VipComics Issue, please!

Happy Halloween again, see you soon!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

A quick one before Halloween!

Hey everyone! How you've been these past few days? I could barely pay attention to the Blog, dear God how painful it was to deal with contractors and service providers. What a bunch of useless monkeys with no respect for agreements.
But now, all of that is behind me! Oh finally everything is in order! So I'll stop raging and being mad and boring you.

I'm gonna make this quick, beause I'm running with the Halloween comic. Or... Comics?

So Halloween is almost here, right? Well, let's share a little caption I made the other day, based on some request for this specific girl and a story that was also being asked for in the past few posts. Enjoy!

Yes, from time to time, I like to please all those who ask. Can't do it always, but I try. You have anything in mind? Try your luck!

Thanks for all the support this past few days! Sorry I couldn't answer all the feedback. See you before Halloween!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Domination time!

Hey everyone! How are you tonight? Having a good October so far? Oh, what a mess this last days have been for me! Just moved to a new place, of course some things got broken, and on top of that, the Internet installation guys failed to arrive to set my network up! So I'm out of Internet service for at least a week!  You maniacs!!! Damn you all to hell!
So sorry for the late responses to your feedback. It's messy right now and I'm using my phone as a modem, and it's usable but not that fast or comfortable and burns my monthly free data.

Maybe that's why I've been working on some captions that are a bit mean. Not too much, just funny mean. We all like fun, right? And yes, we all like to be mean sometimes! (And how many like to be victim of someone mean from time to time, right?)

So step in, enjoy, today it's all about guys realizing things in not the most proper of ways, and how little or nothing they can't do about it!

This should be a story or a comic, not a caption.

This pic was begging for a caption

Now, don't go... I have a personal request for all of you
Can someone tell me who is this girl, what movie is it, is it a picture series or what the fuck is this and just leave a link??

I'm hooked (and also maybe inspired?) with this random picture I've foundand even though she's a bit too thick for my taste, I need more!! Please help me!

About other stuff... There will be a Halloween Comic, confirmed!
But I don't know if I can finish "The Costume 3" in time. There is a backup comic ready of course! Or maybe I can make a special VipComics edition? You opinion is more than welcome!

Thanks for reading, thanks for leaving a comment, have a great week and I'll see you in a week!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

CoC 2nd Anniversary!

Oh Yeah! September was also a special month because...


Let's make this post short, because I'm short on time. Actually, the anniversary was acouple of weeks ago but, who cares at this point about that?

So yeah, that little "6 months project" has become a 2 year quest...

The original image - but the candles fire rendered badly.

Thanks you for all the support over this past 2 years!!!!!! I'm still having a blast as we reach the final act of the comic!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

10 Years of VipCaptions Blog!

YESS I'M BACK from my litte european work/vacation trip, and Wow, do I have to get up to date here!
September was always a very special month... Because amongst other things, yes, I can't fucking believe it, but...

OH boy... here it comes...

I't the 10th anniversary of the Blog!

Holy shit, really? 10 years of this? I still can't believe it. And, If we consider that before this Blog I was making captions for ye olde "Yahoo! Groups" that's like... No, I'm not doing the math. That would make me look and feel old!

Sooo much has happened since... My PC died once, loosing all my work... MY HDD fried, loosing almost everything... I got fired TWICE... I got an amazing job... My first apartment got flooded... I got my accounts hacked, TWICE... Years of energy being cut off... Now I'm moving again...

It all started a boring night, I felt the need for a creative escape, a sudden torrent of ideas, an impulse, something that has popped out in my mind many times before... But that night, I decided not to fight it. What for? Fuck it, I'm going forward with this - I got nothing to lose!
At that point I've read lots of stories, captions, found whatever comic I could (back then it was so hard!) until I reached that point were I wanted to do what I like, how I like, when I like, and not search for it hoping to find a needle in a haystack that could fit my likings and moods...

So I started, and the first outcome was... this!

And that horribly edited simple caption with that overly simple logo and the extremely short story (wow, how things change right?) was the beggining of this.
It never stopped. It just grew more and more and more! Soon special captions series started to become something regular. Anime captions, mini stories with pictures, captions by request, polls, art trades...

It was in 2009 when I made the gigantic step forward... Captions wasn't enough, I wanted more stories, more details, more morphs... So it was time to start making Comics!

And after that day... It became my main activity in the TG Fiction field. I just love trying new things like I do in VipComics, and then it came the quizzes... One day I'll make a movie, I tell you!

Eventually, I learned a thing or two. I started adding morphs to some captions, I learned a couple of things in Photoshop... The overly simple logo started to change...


Until we arrive to the brand new, shinny 80's style logo, more clear, more stylish, more dynamic, yet keeping the succubi's tail as a link to the past:

Fun fact: The original name was "Viper Captions", but back then, I wrote "*VIP*" without knowing that it meant "Very important person"... But it was already too late to change. 

Oh, yeah, but speaking of wings and succubis... It was a great accomplishment for me to finally give form to my avatar girl, and she looked like this:
Her first update was a big improvement...

But, since it's been 10 years, maybe it's time to refresh that model, to update it a bit, right?
So Say hello to the new avatar...Andlet'sunveilherslowly!


Ta-daaa! You like the new me? Funny. I just noticed every evolution involves more clothes. Am I heading to a Succubi dressed as a Nun next?

Oh, and If you're hungry for more really old captions, here are a few!

And that's it. And I know it's cheesy to say this, but this is a bit more than a hobby or an escape for me, and the only thing that kept me going all this time, and cheered me in so many bad moments was the feedback.
I know almost nobody leaves comments in blogs, that's almost a retro thing to do, but you are amazing. I got so many comments and feedback, so many laughs and smiles... You've cheered me up in so many occasions, you even inspired me to keep doing stuff.
Those bad days when you're tired and grumpy, you're heading straight to bed and suddenly read and comment put a smile you a smile? Pure fuel. I feel like I know you and you know me even though we'll probably never meet. Good vibes. I know some artists that came asking for help to start out and now they can kick my ass all day long (Sitri being the most notable) and it's great to be in touch!

Yes, cheesy, but also true. Shit, now I'm feeling emotional like a sissy. So, to round it up...

Like, a lot! *giggle*.

Let's see how many years we can keep it up, cheers, and see you again in a few days!