Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My response to the aggresive comments

Lots of angry comments.
You are very little sad people. You keep coming back to comment? yeah: you're my little bitches. I will update whenever I feel like, because I owe you nothing, and you can't do nothing about it, but helplessly keep coming back wishing for something new from me. Yeah... dumb, sad bitches. I even took the time to make an image and post because I want to and I can. Suck it.

For the another 99% supportive comments, thank you! I'm feeling better today, you really keep me going so...


Friday, July 24, 2015


In case you were planning to wait my usual late uploads... the title says it all... I've had a busy week and I couldn't spend much time working on the comic, and tonight I'm very, very tired. I can't spend hours staring at the monitor.

I'll try to finish it for tomorrow, but no promises. Thanks for your understanding.

Here, enjoy this small teaser, good night!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Blossoming: Day 5

Yes, I know, a little delayed, but it was beyond my power!
In fact, I was about to call it a night and update it tomorrow, but the constant support and attention toward the comic gave me that extra fuel I needed to get it done.

Damn, we're already at day 5! It's been more than a month since we saw Tyler get cursed, loose weight, get a vaginal exam, change his name, get caught naked on the shower by Brian, fight the constant state of arousal, avoiding Brian... Oh, Brian, you're gonna become more important from now on... how will Victoria cope with the situation? what horrid dreams await Tyler when he falls asleep?

One thing is certain: the girls are starting to become very different in personality...

Don't let me spoil the entire chapter, get it now from here:


MediaFire (mirror)

I'm off to sleep. I'm burned. I wanted to give it to you today no matter what. You've been great (except a douchebag  from Brazil I think - he's more a little bitch than a troll)

As always, thanks for the amazing support and understanding! I hope you love this new chapter, tell me what think of it!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I'm Back my friends!

It's been a long, complex days for me, but damn I missed you!
I returned yesterday and I'm working on the comic right now. And I'm in a real bad mood tonight.

I wanted to THANK ALL OF YOU for the amazing support and understanding. I think we're all enjoying this. I'll do my best to post tomorrow.

And for the couple of angry people with severe intellectual disabilities who ranted like angry kids demanding things from me, calling me disrespectful, and can't get the difference between:

real life responsibilities-hobby
social life-blog obsession

Remember haters that I owe you NOTHING still I always took the time to answer to you.
So I want to dedicate this cute friendly image to you.

Apart from that, let's all be friends, I'm still going to answer all your questions and keep you updated as I can, even tonight while I cool down my temper!

Thanks again!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Little delay

I'm terribly sorry my friends, but this weekend there won't be any updates of "the Blossoming".
As you may have noticed by my lack of responses to the comments in the previous post, I'm out of the country on a work related emergency. I will return next Wednesday if everything goes as expected. Real life is so boring!!
As you can imagine, my work computer is not loaded with anything related to what I do here, and I can't finish or upload the Day 5 chapter from here.

Again, sorry.
I'll try to seem if I can make day 5 + day 6 for the next week update.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Blossoming: Day 4

How are we doing tonight? Ready to join poor tyler in a new day of "The Blossoming"?

4 out of 7 days have passed, we're more than halfway there, and Tyler is already a fully functional girl... And again, he has 3 more days ahead of him to suffer more changes until he truly blossoms...

Last time we checked, Tyler not only had to give himself a girly name and wear the cute girly clothes his loving sister lend him, but also tried to fix his problems through science instead of magic and ended up in the most awkward visit to the doctor ever, with his dear old friend Kevin performing a vaginal exam on him... his FIRST vaginal exam ever!

Today, a fully-female Tyler -or maybe we should call him Tiffany from now on?-  will try to remain calm and in control, fighting his demons and trying to pass the day without many troubles, hoping for a nice, calm dream after the day... That, of course, if Tiffany let's him and don't play tricks with his mind!


MediaFire (Mirror)

Sorry for the little delay. There was a hole part missing renders and I had to make them; plus the dialogues made no sense in some pages. I hope you like it!  I'm completely burned right now. have a nice Sunday!

Thanks for the amazing support so far, please tell me what you think!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Blossoming: Day 3

Something is wrong, very very wrong.... Again, right on schedule, I'm releasing a new chapter / a new day of  "The Blossoming"!

So are you ready to see what this day has waiting for Tyler? What weird dream and traumatizing experience has the gipsy manifestation in his subcouncious ready for him as soon as he falls asleep?

After last night, we cannot say that there's much left of his original body... thank god he still has it's mind intact... Still...

I know, releasing it weekly really helps building up suspense and getting readers hooked... It might feel like I'm teasing you...


MediaFire (mirror)

If you do not speak english, check this post. It'll help you extract all the text from the comics so you can translate it easily and fast.
Thanks for the tip anonymous commenter!

See you in a week, and thanks a lot for all the support so far! I'm really happy you're enjoying it!

Moderator Mode OFF: comment are back as usual!

Good news! Comments are back to being free of moderation!

That poor idiot who was trying to flood with endless spam every entry spent almost 2 hours leaving more than 100 spam messages - wich I deleted in a minute.

Actually I feel sad for that poor imbecile, he did it post by post, checked captcha after captcha...

Uploading The Blossoming: Day 3 any moment now!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Tip: extracting text from comics

You don't speak english? You find youself copying maually the text from the comic into a translator?
That was a real pain in the ass!!
Surely there's something we must do to help you...

But of course there is! It's online, and it's FREE!! (I love free stuff!)

Do the following:
1) Download and /or open the comic and extract it in a folder of your choosing

2) Go to http://www.onlineocr.net/ or do a google search for any other online free OCR converter
3) Upload the JPG files (comic pages)

A big big Thank You to the "Anonymous" user who left a comment in the last post providing this solution for those of you who don't speak english

Sorry: comments will be moderated

I'm terribly sorry but until that fucking piece of shit waste of life retarded idiot stops wasting his life and what's more important, my time, leaving long spam messages in every single post (and there are a LOT of posts in this Blog), I have enabled the moderator function.

You can still leave comments (By all means, please do!!!) but before they appear on the post, I have to approve them.

I hoped Blogger will do a better job fighting spammers, and I love the idea of feedback and sharing ideas without me having to "moderate" them.

I hope he gives up and we can get back to the way it always were, with fluid communication between us.

A new day of "The Blossoming" will be uploaded tonight very late or tomorrow very early

PS: yes, I love Dredd, since I was a child it was my favorite comic ... hero? And there's a cancelled comic featuring judges