Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Hair Battle IS ON!

Batman Vs. Superman? 
Iron Man Vs. Captain America?
Pffff... PLeaaaase... That's small time business... The real clash of titans is happening right here, as the girls come out to face each other with their weapons loaded and there will be only one winner!

Will it be the hot Blondes? Or maybe the sensual, always sexual looking Brunettes? Not if the lusty, playfull and insatiable Redheads have something to say!

Last week the Blondes came out to stand their ground as hot stereotype champions, but both the Brunettes and the Redheads are contesting the ultimate prize for being the hottest around! And there's no shortage of willing victims in my captions to be turned into Brunettes or Redheads and see how will win this battle and be crowned the hottest!

Who will be the winner?
And who will came out to the field to prove their worth in the next post?

You choose!

Right now, Redheads are holding a good lead of 9 to 5
Cast your vote! 
 And don't forget to tell me what you'd like to see in the captions of this hair battle!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hair battle, round 1: Time for the Blonde girls!

You know them. It's a classic, a cliche, a common ending, it's kind of the zenith of feminine "pretty" stereotype and the ultimate goal of any dumb material girl - To look like a blonde, and for some reason, the blonder, the sluttier and dumber they look.
Many people saw themselves turned into blondes, the brighter the color, the hotter and hornier they get.
But not everyone favor blondes - what they aim to become, it's kind of limited by their own stereotype... and they do got serious competition on the hot girls department.

So are really blondes the hotter? In my opinion, no, but they are a must, and but for the majority of people they are.

So let's see about that: I've decided to start a little battle of hair color: Blondes Vs Brunettes Vs Redheads!
(and NO: bald, albino and purple/green/violet dyes girls can't get into this competition, we stick to the classics)

And today, we start with the Blondes. Let's see what fetish weapons they bring to the battle!
And is there a best way to start, that with a classic, overly plastic bloated bimo? Hell NO!

So... Who will enter the contestant next week? Redheads or Brunettes? And what weapons should they bring to the battle? You are the ones who choose, just leave a comment!

I hope you like them! If so, tell me wich one you liked the most! See you next week!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Feeling heay up top?

How are you doing, welcome back!
It's been a few weeks ince I had the time to post something
I'm very glad that "Blackmailed" got so many good reviews, and so many comments providing feedback. Thanks a lot! January and February were though months with the stupid energy crisis, so it's good that I have the cancelled comics ready to pop out in this situations while I keep working on VipComics #5 on my free time.

But now, it is time to get up to date. And in order to do so, I think it's time to post some of the captions I've been working on. Enjoy!

These makes me... thirsty
Bolted on tits in all their splendor
I'm not sure in wich end of this deal I'd like to be.
Sometimes, the victim is no victim at all - sometimes he's willing and happy to b the "victim"

You liked them? If so, wich one you liked the most? Have any suggestions or request? Just leave a comment! See you back in a week or so

P.S.: A big Thanks to e-hentai user Eddie76 who yet again was so kind to upload "Blackmailed" into

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Yes, it's time! A new comic is released!
Remember some time ago when I promised to release the comics I cancelled or abandoned?
Well since during January and February I could barely render a couple of images because of the energy crisis my country is sufferin, I thought this could be a great moment to release this one since all the hard work was mostly pre-made.
Plus, it always bothered me to have comics and renders sitting in their folders simply being useless.

Blackmailed was due to be released 2 years ago, and it is the most complete of all the cancelled comics, and the action happens in a way I haven't used before. It was originally going to be released in 3 separate parts, and you will notice the action happens in 3 acts. I also added 20 quick renders to it.

Sadly, other comics like Master PC#2 and The Blossoming took his place and Blackmailed was, until today, on a permanent hold.
But don't get me wrong, this is not me saying "take this and stop asking for new comics for a while", Blackmailed is a 117 pages long comic, Bonus Shit included!
And the general idea it's, in my humble opinion... Fun as hell... Mix Blackmail with payback, and ask yourself how far would you go to keep the thruth uncovered?

Get Blackmailed HERE:

Mediafire (Mirror)

Why it was cancelled?
Well, I got lost somewhere, and started to work on other comics I liked more than this one (Master PC 2), and had more potential and more solid ideas and better script. Plus I disliked how the artwork and lights were looking.

But you're the ones judging this at the end, not me, so I hope you can tell me what you think of it and mostly just enjoy it!!!

And any feedback or ideas are highly appreciated! See you soon!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The last :OSeries post

Ahhh it's Aaturday, beautiful, lovely and lazy Saturday!
The entire day ahead to do whatever I want and the etnire night to do whatever I can! Sunday will gladly pay the Saturday's bill as usual.

Now it's for real, the ":OSeries" is over (for now) and it had a little larger life than other mini series.
It was real fun to do it, after all, what can be more degrading than being forcing to get on your knees, and somethimes even making the victim wish for it while he starts to hate himself?

Maybe I should do a separate post of every mini series ever released soon? I'm gonna think about it.

Here are the last 5 captions of the series, from the longest to the shorterst, enjoy!

I hope you liked them, and thanks for the great feedback given during the entire series, even from those who didn't liked it but stayed possitive all the same!

P.S.: Maybe next week, something you like will be uploaded...

Friday, February 26, 2016

The :O Series: one more to go after this

Today was supposed to be the last day of the :OSeries, buuuuut... Since the Series did very well, and you have been more than amazing by giving so much feedback and sharing so many ideas, I've decided to give it one more post of life, so there will still be another post left as a bonus next week!

Right now I'm still suffering energy shortages, so I'll try be quick. Enjoy them!

And if you still need to ask, yes, after the :O series I'll upload a comic, a cancelled one, because I'm finding almost impossible to work in the current pathetic energetic conditions the country I'm living right now was left by the previous government, and I'm quite angry right now.

See you in a week! 
And, as always, any suggestions, requests or feedback is more than welcome!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Your throat itches? Here, I know how you can scratch it.

I'm glad, very glad that the ":O Series" was, mostly, well received! Specially since many told me in the comments that even though it's not their thing, they enjoyed this captions anyway. Great!
I wanted to post on friday as usual, but I was unable to - I'll explain at the bottom of the post why.

So, with only one post left of the ":O Series" before we can move into other things, let's just focus on enjoying the captions I brought you today, and I sincerely hope you like them!

Thanks to the anonymous who left this image as a comment o te last post!

In case in the previous Caption you felt there was something missing or out of scale
It's the same caption, but I couldn't make my mind about what image to use, so... "bonus" pic!

I'm having some issues with electric power... I will tell you more, probably in the next post, but for the last weeks I've been seriously handicapped being unable to turn on the PC, or simply loosing progress because of a sudden blackout.

See you in a couple of days! As always, any suggestions, requests or feedback is more than welcome!

Friday, February 12, 2016

New 2016 mini series: the :O Series!

Welcome back my friends!
We've seen the "Asylum Series", The "Shhh" Series, The "Petgirls" Series, the "Witch Wifes Stories" Series, "Bimbos and Thrones" Series and even the failed "MMO-TG" Series.

So, as usual, let's start the year with something special: the new mini-series, the ":O Series"!
As I stated in the previous post, I have big plans for this year, and I was not sure if I should make this series or a different one (that, for now, shall remain a secret); but since this year I plan to go big on several things, I've chosen the :O series so we can start on a high, aggresive note this year

So, what's exactly the :O series? What's the theme, what are they about?
Well there's not much science or big mistery to it... better let the captions explain it!

Do you like the new mini Series? Do you miss an old mini-series? Wich one you liked the most? 
Tell me what you think! Let's work together like we always do!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Back to the real life :(

It was about time I took off that damn Christmas banner, right?
I returned last week from an amazing vacations at the beach, and I feel refreshed and looking forward to what's planned for this year... I really missed you this days!

So as I was saying before, there are some plans for this year:
- First, as usual, there'll be a new mini-series of themed captions starting next week.
- Then there'll be the usual VipComics release (#5 already?)
- More captions, and I'll start releasing the cancelled projects as I promised in this post (I had not forgotten about it)
- Then, there might be a crossover with another artist like I did with Immortaltom.
- After that, I'm working on some "copyright" permissions for a longer comic, if everything goes smoothly I'll make it. If not, there's plenty of severasl projects on the way - and shorter than the first option
- More captions in the meantime, and maybe a couple more of shorter comics
- Maybe -MAYBE - another Halloween Comic.
- Aaaand if everything goes up to speed, I'd like to release yet another VipComics during 2016

Of course that's only the "ideal" plan, so changes of schedule, delays and cancellations are to be expected. I just wanted to share my ideas for this year.

I would also love of you tell me what you want to see, or share any ideas you have. Remember, you're a part of this!

So, without boring you much more, enjoy the first 2016 Captions!

Happy to be back!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas! As always, my gift for you: all the 2015 captions in one pack!

-- Ho ho ho! Ha Ha Ha! --

Merry Christmas for each and every one of you, whoever you are, wherever you are!
Or... Happy Holidays if you feel somehow offended by the holiday name

A time for sharing, a time for laughing, a time for reunion, a time for loving and rediscovering old bonds with your loved ones, to give presents, to eat like a pig...

Oh, fuck that. We just want more presents. And speaking of presents... It's also time for the yearly Captions upload!!!!!
And even though this has been a slow year when it comes to captions, with 87 captions done (usually I make more than 100 a year), it's because this year had been focused on Poser Comics, with "The Blossoming" taking the spot... And also I had a lot of work, damn I hate how much time it takes, more year after year.

Also you'll be happy to know there are more preggos than in previous years, and there's also some Asylum and Petgirls caps

So, be a good boy, or else, you might find yourself a surprise under the three, and be rewarded punished like this guy...

Well this is my present for you. It's the best I can come up with for now. I hope it pleases you!
Here - take a look at some of the captions you'll fin inside:

I don't know if it's that good, But I laugh a lot with the idea of this caption



you like what you've seen so far?
Get them here!

Mediafire (mirror)

You might be asking yourself, why did I uploaded so much captions on this post?
Simple; in a couple of days I'll start my vacations, so this is the last post of 2015 and until late January it's very likely I won't be posting. Just enjoying the beach.
So, there's a lot of Captions here for you to spend your time until I return.

I'll miss you... I really will do. I love this little hobby/escape of mine.

Anyway, enjoy this holidays!

Wich one you liked the most? Any suggestions? Something to say?
Remember to leave a comment!
 It's that ime of the year when you're supposed to be kind!

Happy Holydays! See you when I return