Saturday, September 12, 2015

As requested: racial TG Captions

Wow, so long since I've done any captions!
This year I've been so busy with comics I'm seriously behind the usual quota of captions.

Funny, I'm a bit rusty. I struggled a bit during the making. At least I managed to make a good number of them, so as usual here's my pick of the latest batch of captions following what you've asked for in the comments of the last entry: racial TG!

Asian, latin, ebony... It's kinda hard to make those without repeating yourself too much, but I've done my best to be original.

Here you go:

What? Children of all colors under a rainbow, you can't get any more forward thinking than that... Is it not what you wanted?

Oh... My bad.

Enjoy this instead!

Fun fact: over the years I got a lot of white man turned into black girl request, but not even once the other way...

And let's not forget about the latin babe!

I tried to get Sofia Vergara, who I really love, to pose for this caption, but no luck. Esperanza Gomez will serve my pusposes (You'll come back to me begging, Sofia...)  

I hope you enjoy them! It's nice to be back with this little challenge.

Oh, and I almost forget... I have some news!

You might see a little surprise in the next posts. All I can say is that an agreement has been reached and I'm really excited to see the outcome...

See you next week! Tell me what you think of these and Request what you want, I'm happy and generous this days!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Best gift ever! (And my response)

If you wandered enough on DevianArt, chances are you've seen the great art from this guy: Immortaltom.

If you don't, check it out! His DA page is HERE.

Immortaltom has amazing morphs of ALL kinds, he always suprises you, I love his clean black and white style, how much volume his art transmit and the expressions on his drawings. He's been one of my favorites from a long time now.
I particularly love his cowgirls and the way he draws assboobs (or whatever they're called).

Now, why am I telling you this? No, I don't owe him any money. I wanted to share with you an amazing gift he made for me!
Thanks a lot! I love it!
Of course, I cannot simply say "thank you" in words, so I decided to use a little DAZ Studio to bring his amazing gift into 3D.

If you still don't believe me that he's a great artist... Here are some of my faves from Immortaltom!

I love this one! I want to play with them too!

There's a lot more of morph and transformaations on his DA gallery. Check him out!

I'll see you next week with some fresh captions - I made very little few this year, I must fix that.
If you have any request for the captions, let me now, we'll see if I can make something out that pleases the most.

Have a nice weekend!

The Blossoming Complete

This is the final Post regarding "The Blossoming", all the links are here from day 0 to 7 including alternative endings.

Day 0-1
Day 2
Day 3
 Day 4
 Day 5
 Day 6
 Day 7
 Alternative Endings

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Blossoming: Alternative ending (s)


Yes, you read it well: 2 alternative endings! You got a little reward for your support as I added an entire new one

Maybe the original ending was too "happy" for you? Not my style? There'san alternative here.

It's been a long road... This comic has proven to be more complicated than I expected, amazingly time consuming, but here we are, finally closing this comic, and saying Goodbyue to Tyler, Vicky, Brian... and Tiffany.
After so much work invested on them, I'll miss them. I'm kinda sad it's over.

Anyway, here are the links!

Mediafire (mirror)

It took me a bit more to get back home than I expected, but this is the first thing I've done since I arrived.
Thanks for all the support and the fun we shared together! That really, REALLY helped me a lot.

Let's see what project will be next...Right now, I need a break from the 3D software and long nights of rendering

Enjoy, and please tell me what you thing about it!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Alternative ending + surprise tomorrow

Quick post, I'm not at home tonight, I'll return tomorrow

See ya!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Blossoming: Day 7 - The End!

Oh, oh, oh, the day it's finally here. It took a bit more than expected, but it's done!
And let me tell you: It does include the thing many of you asked for in the comments...

It took a bit longer, there were long part needing rendering, but it's more than 100 pages long...

So, this is it! The end of the rope, the final day of Tyler's curse. This is it, the day where the curse will become permanent, or it will be removed, giving Tyler back his old male body? Or... Something else could happen?
After all this time I almost feel like I'm gonna miss Tyler / Tiffany, Vicky and Brian,

But you waited long enough, so goahead, use the download links and enjoy the ending!


MediaFire (mirror)

I'm Sorry: I wasn't able to finish the alternative ending. I really like it, and I really dislike releasing it apart from the original ending, it looses memento, but this has been delayed for too long, you deserve it for your great support and patience.
The bright side? more fun stuff about this comic coming next week, so stay tunned!

I hope you love the ending!
Thanks for the many comments, amazing support, and sharing the fun together


Yep... just a tiny bit more, Internet is going slow right now...

I'm burned, update tomorrow

Sorry guys, don't stay up waiting, it's only a few pages away and a looong upload time + making the post,   and I can't stay awake anymore.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Yes, it's coming

Yes, yes, the final day it's coming tonight, but be warned! I'm trying to finish the aternative ending and I'm very tired, so I'm going to take a much needed nap before uploading it.

I don't know if I have enough strenght in me to finish the alternative ending today, I'll see after the nap, but nevertheless, you'll get the original ending anyway... ant it's around 100 f**king pages long!

Ooops!... Spoiler?

Going to sleep a couple of hours now... I hope the gipsy won't visit me in my dreams

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Want comics? Check out this new artist: Eris Noche!

Hi everyone! I know why you are here, your hunger for TG fiction comics, so let me introduce you to a great artist that just started working on 3D comics: Eris Noche!

Eris is on of those rare cases where from the very beggining, he starts off with a winning idea and good artwork.
I won't spoil it - just look at his cover, and take a wild guess about what could happen!

Ok, ok, just a little spoiler...

You can check his work in his deviantart page.
As a side note, he seems to like having variety, and not always the same subject, something I like doing myself, so you'll find something you like for sure.

So if you like him to continue his original work (I sure do), he has a Patreon account where you can support him by patroning his work. click on the image to check it out

And now... the sad part of the post...
About "The Blossoming day 7"
I'm adding an alternate ending, so hold on just another week! I know, it's a pain in the ass, but you'll get a bit more for free!