Saturday, February 16, 2019

WoTW: Day 5

Saturday!!! Best day of the week!!! How are you guys doing today?

However you are, I'm sure youre mooch better than your counterpart is doing with his girlfriend, especially after such a busy and full 4th day... Or was it the other way around? I'll let you be the judge of that.

So, the finals days of the WoTW are starting.
And, since I let you vote what fetish should I work on, I know this was going to be requested. It's something I rarely work on, and out of my comfort zone, so I hope my lack of practice in the matter won't ruin the caption. Also required quite a lot of time to photoshop, guess I'm just not used to it...

So, you want to see what your girl have in mind today? Check yourself out!

I must admit, it was quite uncomfortable looking for pictures to make the morph... I've seen some disturbing shit!
But, in variety is the taste, and you should try new things from time to time. Guess now I'll go back to checking out hot babes and bimbos, I need someone with a special feature, because the next WoTW it's gonna be about...

Ha! No spoilers. I like to make you guess!

Last but not least, thanks for the comments and support! This is being lots of fun, and I think I can keep up the regular uploads. See you on day 6!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

WoTW: Day 4

Hi everyone!
How was your weekend? Did you have, like, fun and, like, totally enjoyed the caption *giggle*?
I really hope you did! Because so far, WoTW has been all giggles and fun, but today, we're going to be getting a bit deeper into what the female life has to offer.

Little to no mistery at this point, right?
So, since you're not the dumb bimbo you were last time, I think you'll get to spend the next day... Busy.

Take a look at yourself today!

Not being a bimbo does not mean you can think straight and foused again.

Did you liked it? I had ots of fun making it and adding the milk stains to the shirt. Oh, and check out the girl I used. She's a natural milk dispenser!

See you in a couple of days! Next day... Something special out of my captions comfort zone! Let's see if I can make it work!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

WoTW: Day 3

Ohhhh the weekend has begun at last!!!!
Sunday, the second best day of the week after it's brother Saturday, and I'm expeting a great day relaxing on the pool with friends, foods and drink.
But I did not forget about you! Of course I'm posting a new day on the WoTH series.
And it's a special day, because today I'm adressing the winner fetish. You already know and expected it coming, right?
So, after the last day, a very special caption for me since I rarely work on small breasts and petite girls, what could possibly be the most shocking transformation?



Yeh. Little to no mistery at this point.


So... Do you dare take a look, at what you've turned into today?

I hope you liked it and it was as close as possible to what you were expecting! Can you guess what TF will come next?

See you in a couple of days! I guess I'll try to keep this 2/3 days between updates of this mini series, and after that... CoC #22!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

WoTW: Day 2

Another day has begun!
What an experience, right? Did you enjoyed the last day? Just a single day has passed, and your body and mind had been through more than enough for  a lifetime. Experiencing one of the most ommon fetish on your flesh, for good and for bad... But after such a radical change, what could your GF possibly had in mind for you today?

Let's not waste ore time and check it out!

Take a look at yourself today:

I'll try to keep posting the captions ever 2-3 days if I can.
Of course, I can do that, or wait and make a long post with 2/3/4 captions of the "days" in it.
What would you prefer? And thanks for the feedback on the last post! You guys are great!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

New mini-series: Week of the Witch!

Oh, so long since I made a mini-series of captions! And this one being so special since the transformation were completely decided by you!

So, if you don't remember what's about... Check this link or see this caption again:

So, what happened after that...On the very first day?
Before we get to know what's on the GF mind, I think she's up for some foreplay... And training for you!

 she played this card on you:

Are you ready and willing? Because it's a new day!

So... what could she possibly want to experiment today?

... ?

... ???

Enjoy your curse!
 Here's the card she used on you:

 See you soon with another 2 days of WoTW! What fetish she'll be making you experience?

I hope you liked both the captions and the new mini-series! Please leave a comment telling me if you did, and any ideas or thoughts are mroe than welcome!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Real life problems solved!

Hi guys! Just letting you know that I had an emergency work trip and just returned home. Hopefully, this weekend we'll start the WotW series!
See you soon!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Christmas Quiz: All the mini captions (and some silly stats too)

Hey everyone! How are you doing this week? January has turned out to be quite a busy month, right?

Just like before, I wanted to post all the mini captions and some stats I've found funny regarding the Christmas Quiz. I really hope you enjoyed your present! But,  if you wonder what else you might get, here are all the results!

Which one you've gotten and which one was your favorite?

The quiz was taken 69.000 times and completed 59.000 times... Mhmm... that's a lot less than the 100.000+ that took the "New-U" Quizzes, I wonder if this wasn't good enough or if it has something to be with the hollidays and summer vacations in the southern hemisphere?

Anyway, you want to know the top 3 results? check them out:

quite balanced. Lips, tits, body, ass.
Also, some answers I find funny.
Like, how most people call Christmas... Christmas. And how many are not celebrating anything!

Also, it was nice to see most of us looking forward to enjoy the company and the food over other things.

But I was really surprised at how many people unwrap their present carefully! For me, tearing the wrapping in hundreds of pieces is as fun as it is relaxing.

Sadly, this time I can't provide a walkthrough regarding how to get each one. It wasn't done by me the last two times, and I do not have the time to do it. But since the results are there... Who cares about the walkthrough, right?

There are 2 new Quiz projects. in the making.
One, is the final New-U... The other one is Bimbo related. I must choose which one to make...

Maybe you can hep me decide? Let me know! and thanks for reading and for all the support!