Saturday, September 27, 2008

SRU's Shop

Who hasn't read astory, or saw a cap involving the famous Spells Are Us shop? and wich captiones or story writer hasn't made a cap or a story with it?

Well, I'm no excuse...

I just wonder, who invented it?

And why, why it doesnt exists!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another comic attemp

I don't know why, but this model (Daphne Rosen) is one of my top 5 favourites. Perhaps she is in the thin ine beetween hourglass plastic figure and TG stereotype, with such a big mouth, ass, boobs...

Well, here's another 3-page experiment I made with Comic Life: The Rommie!


And here's the cap:


Enjoy! (please leave comments!)

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

2 Page Comic: The Doom Finger

I made this using the popular Comic Life software.

The story is simple because it was a test on the program to see how it works and if I like it. I think I might give it a deeper try later, but I dislike the fact that there are many artists that already use this program and that'll make our captions look all the same.


Images from: Twistys

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Some numbers...

I just finished tuning up the Blog when I made a recount of my work...


I've been captioning for 4 years, I used Paint, then Corel Draw, and now Photoshop and Comic Life...
I made 1 special series of caps... and I have 2 more coming
I made 5 Yahoo! Groups... 4 of captions, 1 of submissions

I change my computer 2 times... one of them fried out

And last, my logo history:

1st. *VIP* 2nd. 3rd. 4th.

Special series #1.

Thanks, thanks to all!!

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Openin' the blog!

Well, after lot of time doing nothing, and after DeviantArt deleted the images from my folder and the Yahoo! groups getting overflown by spam, I decided to retire from captioning and staying as a "consultant" for other artists (Consultant = pretty way to say "leecher").

But while I was looking for some pictures to download, I ran across a lot of TG artists who decided to create blogs to upload work... So why I didn't thought that before?
I mean they are great artists, and the blogs, are just a simple way to make some kind of website for free... So i decided to do it!!

Still the Y! Groups are the main place to download my captions if you like them, I have NO plans of uploading 400 captions into a blog, so I will be using it to upload previews of my next updates on the Y! groups... every 3 or 4 caps I made, 1 goes to this blog.

Finally, enjoy and please leave comment, it's free and fast and it helps me a lot (i am in serious need of hugs... :P), vote on the polls if you want, and well..
thanks to everyone who visit or download the caps for making my work possible!


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