Saturday, September 22, 2012

OH my! Is that... A new poser comic?

Even though the great, simpler, clean-looking and awesome new look of Blogger SUCKS A LOT, so much that I tried for 3 days to post something (and God forbid me if I have the courage to even add an image to the post), and constantly got blank pages, errors in the interface, until I've managed to finally post the good news...

One of the poser comics is done!

Ladies, gentlemen and Bimbos around the world, I present to you:

"HOLY ***"

"Holy ***" is my 10th comic, and it was kinda of a special one: I went to explore some of my favourite fetish.
Before you ask let me tell you, No, it is not 357892 pages long and has no chapters.
It is also not a 25 page quickie... At first it was supposed to be short and to come inside the soon to be released "VipComics 2", but it kinda grew and grew out of my control, consuming a lot of hours, and it has earned it's own comic.

So, what can you expect to find in "Holy***"?

I used the same formula that I used in "A Second Chance", but with even fewer dialogues, lots of self-explanatory images, it's more like a huge images sequence put togheter as a comic with some dialogues, and maybe mistakes in typing wich I'm to lazy to correct them all.

It also comes to a weak and abrupt ending, but since the story is not so sophisticated and more fap-oriented, it will do. Anyway, at least 95% of you probaly just forward the pages until the ones with the morphs!

So, enough with the writting, I'm sure you want to know how to get it.

Easy! just click HERE, and get it from my 4shared folder!

I sincerely hope you enjoy it, and if you do, don't forget to leave a comment with your thoughts.

See you soon!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New blog design, thank you for waiting. You've been very good sissies, here's your reward!

I'm glad to Inform you that I'm done playing with the Blog design...
A lot of things were left halfway done or poorly implemented, but I busted my brains long enough and I can't get any more of it..
Maybe all those years of turning guys into Bimbos left some bad Karma on me?

...But, it's time to move on!

And since you've been waiting as I asked you without complaining, Here's the first part of your reward: captions about good sissies! (who also behave good... most of the times, at least)

In case you didn't noticed, Jenny Poussin is one of my top 3 favourite girls...

Petgirls... I love petgirls.
But I lack sources of good images to make more!

I think sissy slavegirls are paired head to headwith bimbos, after all ,there's just a thin line between those transformations: One has lost control over his mind/body, one has been deprived of all control or will...
Yet, both end up humilliating themselves, only that sissied suffer as much as they love that and bimbos... They're just Bimbos.

Preggos are a must. Sissy preggos are... just hot!

The remote has become a quick classic lately

Katie Cox: perfect dumb-bimbo-siliconed-looking babe

So, do you like the new look?
Wich caption is your favourite?
Any thought/ideas to share?

Leave a comment! (please)

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Almost there... Just some minor issues to be fixed...

Good news!
I'm almost done tuning up this blog, sonn it'll be filled with new caps, comics, and the usual stuff you like.

But still, It may take a couple more of days...
I find myself stuck due to my own ignorance when dealing with designing webpages, XML, CSS, and all that stuff. Some parts of the blog are a real mess (e.g.: the comments are all displayed like smashed toghether, the duplicated image from the post... and other tuff from blog management and entry posting that just broke).

I spent my few avaible hours in this redesign, and when I think I'm done, it just turns out worst than before or even less... nothing changes!

I fell so like the girl in this post... I feel like a dumb bimbo doing this!

If you managed to read until here, I thank you, and leave this caption for you just to make the wait a bit more sweeter.

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