Friday, March 19, 2010

It's here... March UPDATE, 106 caps!!!!!

Yes, it has arrived at last, as you can see, I had much free time on my vacations, and shortly after delivering you "Quest for Glory" (wich, by the way, has been by far the most commented post and the downloads are rising every day from 4shared) I deliver you... March Update!!

What you get this time?
Well, a lot really: 106 captions!

- 80 regular captions, with the usual stuff, varied lenght, dumb blondes, you name it.
- 26 special captions: the "...Shhh..." series is finished! For all those who love mouthless girls but can't find enough on the web, I made this special series just for you, and it was a nice challenge I must admit. Give it a try, you might be surprised...

So, as usual, log into the Yahoo! group with this link (come on guys... you just need a yahoo email to be a member! don't be lazy!) and check them out, they are waiting for you!
I tried other image sources like picassa or flick, but I don't like them. They resize badly the images and the multi-image-loading system is not fast. Suggestions are welcome!

But this is not the end. I have several proyects going on:
- Another comic (actually, i have 3)
- I'm finally doing the MMOTG series! It was very delayed, I must admit.
- My first written story, an interactive story: you will choose your path and suffer (or enjoy) the transformations after your own decisions!
- A MOVIE. Yes, a movie, using poser. But I can't make any promises, I need to acquire more knowledge on how to make the movie, look for sounds, different character voices, and it just take too long and my PC is not powerfull enough.

This is my way of saying "thank you" for the feedback on my previous work. You make this possible.

If you have any suggestion, it is always welcome, after all, it was a suggestion what gave me the idea for the "...Shh..." series.

Comments? Ctitics? Suggestions? Leave your comment!


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Friday, March 5, 2010

My new comic: The Quest for Glory, a comic with much more than just TG fiction!

When I made my last post on moday I told you I've been quiet because I was working on something huge.
That huge think has arrived at last!

It took me more than 40 days to complete it, it was an ambitious project, but it is finally done!
I present to you: "Quest For Glory", my 5th poser comic!

And what you get by downloding it? I tell you that now: this one is not like my previous 4 comics: it contains 8 chapters where the characters will be facing situations wich involves:
- TG
- Male and female TF
- BE
- Sissies
- Pregnancy & lactation
- Muscular
- Furry
- Bondadge

"Quest for Glory" is a medieval themed comic, the images are big sized, it's easy to read and with many images per page, containing 4 main characters instead of just one like poser comics usually have. I think i made great improvements in poser such as trying new kind of morphs on the characters and using multiple light sources.
As a plus, every chapter has at least one transformation sequence if you are one of those who skips the entire comic until they reach the sequence.

The comic is inside a WinRAR file containing 8 folders inside , one for each chapter for easy reading. And don't worry, the chapters are not 40 pages long this time!

But I know you are not very much interested in keep reading this post, so go ahead and download it from HERE in my 4shared folder

So, you liked it? You enjoyed it? You have any suggestions or criticism?
- PLEAE Leave a comment!! I need feedback on this one!

See you around,

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Coming soon... very soon...

A few hours ago someone left a comment asking me why I've been so absent lately.
It's true, last time I posted something was on February 5th!

But there is a reason for my absence... It's because not only I've made a bunch of new captions, I've also been working on something HUGE...
I Can't tell you much, I don't wanna spoil the surprise, but it will suit a large variety of fantasies I believe!

So stay tunned... By the end of this week or the first days of the next one it will be finished!

Here a some caps so you won't forget about me


See you soon!

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