Saturday, February 25, 2017

Corruption of the Champion, part 13!!!!!

Yesss!! I made it!!! It's finally done!!!!

So it took a while, I know it. I assume that from now on it will take around a month for each new part, I have used all the pre-renders I had, but hey, let's focus on the chapter being released today... the jinxed number, number 13!

But #13 can't be that bad. After all, after the long wait, it features a 61 pages long chapter, and even has an after credits scene (Ha! Marvel hero movies, you have nothing on me, suckers!)

I will try to make the chapters shorter. Sometimes they drag for too long in production and I loose focus.

So... where did we left our hero the last time?

Uhm.. not bad... but I think it's time our Champion sees some familiar faces... Who could it be??

Don't waste any more time! Get it here:


Some short news!
Starting chapter 14, I'll start adding the images posted on the CoC Art Contest.
Damn, they are good!
And remember, the contest is still open for your submission if you want to give a hand or get involved!

Thanks for all the feedback and all the art you submitted, guys! Really. Hope you enjoy this part!

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

CoC Contest!

Uff! Just came back, after a couple of weeks with almost no internet connection that works, only to realize that the entry I left programmed was somehow never posted!

Last time I told you I want you to get involved. This is your chance!
Don't get me wrong - I love the crazy amount of ideas you share chapter after chapter (and you might notices I used some), and all the times you offer to help me with grammar, but this time it's something different.

I'm starting a contest, and I would love you to participate even more in this comic!!

So let's explain with with images. (and yes, you can click them to elarge them)

That's it!
Please participate and lets keep working together towards a better final product! I'm really looking forward to this!

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