Saturday, October 31, 2015

Rushing a surprise!!

This is q quick post, just to let you know I'm rushing a little present for all of you for this halloween - just going to arrive very late or even tomorrow.

Halloween it's a foreign hollyday where I'm from and I wasn't even aware it was coming! But I recon the importance, it's a cool and fun day known worlwide, so I'm russhing my present - just wait, and sorry if I didn't make it before the halloween day ends

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

As requested, Part II of III

Welcome back my friends!
As I told you a couple of posts ago, this year I'm way, way behind my personal captions quota, so I'm aiming to fix that, and just like in this post, I wanted to give you what you wanted to see, since you've been asking so nice and being so supportive.

So go ahead, enjoy!

Perfect 10 body, anyone can provide a name?

Damn... Please, tell me someone knows who this beasts is!

See you in a couple of days, tell me what you think of these captions!

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

VipCaptions + Immortaltom Special

Long time no see! I was supposed to return last week but I missed my flight, so now I'm finally back and I have something special for you!

You probably know Immortaltom and his great artwork.

You probably saw this post where he made an image for me and I render it as a gift.

Well guess what? We came to an agreement! I made the story, he puts his amazing pencils to make the image

So, I proudly and happily present to you:

(Or Immortaltom + VipCaptions, whatever suits you the most)

The best thing about this agreement is that I can finally work on extreme changes without using my photoshop skills like I did in This Post and This Post. I could never manipulate an image to look as good a he can draw them (and I cannot draw shit, barely a stickman - an they're not sexy... For the most of us, I mean)

So go ahead and enjoy the first ones we made!

I love his cowgirls, he makes them look so full

I know, this one ended up a bit to full with words. Duly noted.

We will make some more, but be aware that we are both busy guys. Don't expect a weekly release.

Just one more thing... I'm working on yet another agreement with another artist... Let's see what happens

Enjoy! Tell us what you think about this, thanks for the feedback!

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