Thursday, July 28, 2011

They're a bunch of SLUTS!

First of all, I want to thank you for the feedback of Trial of the Warrior comic. I'm glad, very glad you liked it!

Second, today`s topic is about something that most of you reaaly love... A hole lot of guys turning into sluts!!

Dirty, cheap, unwilingly, you name it... Just look at them and enjoy!

Enjoy. I uploaded more than usual since I gotta long trip away from my home and from my TG-Lab.

See you soon... Cheers!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another long wait... But also another new comic!

Crazy days lately... Crazy months...
Why haven't I updated in more than a month? Well, definitely studying a second career is doing serious damage to my free time, not to mention the constant travelling that my job requires.
I know, I'm bitching.
I haven't done much captions, but instead, i stopped focussing in making 5 poser comics at the same time (I have a concentration issues) and focussed in finishing one comic... in 3 days!

So, hereby I present you... Trial of the Warrior

Trial of the warrior was made in 3 days, not so much time to re-read it so you might find some grammar mistakes and some graphical issues, nevertheless, it's a shorter, simpler, with no so many dialogs than the previous ones I made.

You can get it HERE, in my 4shared folder with my other comics

I hope to regain my life soon and update the new caption pack wich is 90% done. Here's a couple for you.Some things are a lot funnier to play with, dude!

Thirtsty, anyone?

So, you liked the new comic? Or the captions? any thought?

Tell me, comment, give me some feedback and let me improve for next time!


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