Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Omega Planet: 5th anniversary edition in full HD - New Renders, Another view on the story, and cancelled chapter 2 put together

Today is a special date for me. I can't believe it's been 5... 5 years! Since I made my first 3D comic.
On February 13, 2009 (*); my first poser comic ever, "Omega Planet", saw the light. I was so proud!

It was rough, unpolished, low quality, and I didn't have enough models to work it, but it was done; and even though seeing it now hurts my eyes, I am very fond of "Omega Planet" as it holds a special place in my heart.

Originally, I wanted to make 4 chapters, but never truly finished the second and the third was barely halfway done, so the series was cancelled in favor of new ideas like "Bites" and "Master PC".

So... What exactly are you getting?

- Omega Planet done from scratch, with a bit of a different approach to it to make it different without altering the story.

- Full HD resolution. Just click the image above and see for yourselves.

 - My best renders so far.

It took forever each page, I don't think I'll be rendering with this quality ever again. (plus, it looses some "personal" touch as it looks like every other Poser comic around)

- A NEW comic: Omega Planet Part 2: The search for Rook, originally cancelled, now put together!

Download Links:

Omega Planet 5th anniversary HD
MediaFire Mirror

Omega Planet 2: the search for Rook

MediaFire Mirror

Ha! Just to think that I stumbled upon DAZ Studio by accident... How different things would be today.

(*): I noticed the blog date says February 12th. In my time one it's February 13th.

I sincerely hope you enjoy them! I'm motivated this days, I'm working on more stuff so help me stay motivated and please leave a comment with your thoughts!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

... In the meantime, Witch Wifes Stories are back

I have great news for you.
First, I want to thank you all for the amazing feedback on VipComics #3. I have my doubts about it since VipComics deals with different fetish, but adapting and finishing cancelled comics worked out great. "Happy Birthday Boss" seems to be the favorite by a long shot!

About the great news... Next week a new comic will be released! For the first time ever I'm posting another poser comic in a very short period. It required some time, but I scheduled my free time correctly some time ago and i'ts almost done.

It's a bit of a special one for me, and I gave the artwork special treatment.
you'll see... I won't spoil it. you can wait just a few days more.

Now that you've read that, let's get on with the Captions!

It was not my intention to upload more Witch Wifes Stories for a couple of weeks, but following the comments, I realize you wanted more, so... Here you go! and don't worry. There are plenty more of this mini-series waiting for their time to get posted.

So let's get on with it. And remember, this captions are meant to teach all of us a lesson. for example...

Women generally are very insecure about their bodies. Jus't dont makethem believe you do not like the way they look... And even less suggest something!

Also, they expect you to help them with the house work. They're not happy feeling like slaves or maids...

Most women think that men are genetically unfaithful bastards.
Just... Don't gave her silly excuses, they're not dumb.

When your wife or girlfriend is pregnant, remmeber, even though it might scare you at first to get inside her where your child is growing, they're still women with urges and needs!

Thank you for the great support! I await for your comments, tell me wich onw's your favorite and what you want to see next!
See you in a week!

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