Saturday, June 29, 2013

You requested, I deliver (Part II) + Egg contest winners

It's been a while, but I finally have a little spare time to spend in my hobby!
I never wanted you to wait this long, so please excuse the delay. Sadly, I'm far behind schedule with the captions and the posts, almost as much as I'm with work in the real life; I'll try to get back on track this week.

As the tittle suggests, this post is all about YOU (yes, you! I'm pointing at you, you can feel special, make a dumb smile and blush now), inspired by the feedback in this post.

And how shall this post start?
Let's begin with something that one of you has asked a lot for - Father daughter swap!

Yes another thing that caught my attention was Latex themed captions.
I think it'll blend just fine with a little "asylum" touch!

Who could be more perfect than the fabulous latex model Susan Wayland for this caption?

One thing that I love is Muscular Girls. I didn't put a lot of my mind into this fetish in the past - it's highly uncommon, but I love them as much as I love preggos.
Don't worry, I picked up a perfect mix between muscle, fitness and sexiness for all of you to enjoy!

There's something everyone loves: TG Remote.
And the're's another thing we all love maybe even more: Master PC!
Maybe it's because you, like an idiot, or maybe someone else outside your control changed you unwillingly and fade into your darkest fears (or darkest wishes)
Before you ask, the name of this sex bombshell is Bella French
And to bring this port to a finish, how about some Uneven body morph?
That's all, Folks! 

Oh, almost forgot:
Easter Egg Contest Winners!

I left an Easter egg in my latest comic, and the first ones who discovered it got a custom caption as a reward.
Kylie and Chastity, Enjoy yourselves!

Version 1: for all of you who wanted Uneven changes!

Version 2: for all of you who wanted Morphs!

Sorry Chase, I named you Liam and I realized too late.

And that's all.
Hopefully you'll see more in a couple of days and a comic in a couple of weeks!

What do you think? Feedback is highly appreciated!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

You requested, I deliver (Part I)

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to tell me what you want to see in the next captions. That post broke every record in the Blog - 100 comments!
So in order to celebrate and thank you for all the comments and reviews in Angelis & Demonus, which exceeded my expectations even knowing not everyone likes when thing go too far, I put my hands on the task. 

Some of the requests were indeed inspiring and original, some other just were not my thing, I know it's impossible to please you all, so I made as much as I could and I'm splitting them into different posts. 
One thing is for sure: bimbos are in higher demand than ever!

Let's not waste more time - hereby I present to you the first 6 captions I made following your requests.

As I said before - Bimbos are in high demand.
Sometimes, struggling against your limited new brain is, like, so much harder than accept it!

JooshSmoosh left an idea that I found impossible to ignore. My only doubt was what kind of ebony girl to choose: Thin and fit or more curvy and full?

And what can rival or beat the sexiness of an ebony girl?
Simple: being turned into a smoking hot Latina girl - and if they "speek" poorly, better!

If someone could tell me the name of this girl, I'll be forever thankful!

Preggos. Ah, preggos... They came in many ways, and because of so many things. Just mix a bonus effect, and you have an instant approval!

Another thing that I love, but almost never did many captions about is Petgirls! I must fix that. Expect more Petgirl humiliations!

And, to finish this post, I've been asked a lot for role reversal. I really find it hard, it should be easy but it beats me! I hope you like this humble attempt

One more thing: the two winners who spotted the easter egg in my latest comic, will have their caption in the next update.

That's it... I hope you liked them! Please leave a comment with your thoughts!

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