Friday, September 30, 2016

Corruption of the Champion, part V

Oh, damn, it's good to be back!
I was eager to get back to rendering and put an end to all the travelling for work! I've missed you, and the constant support and comments flow has been great! Thanks a lot, again!

So... It's been 2 weeks, right?
Let's have a little reminder where we left of...

Ah, I remember now. Poor fellow! He's not even halfway there!

So, after two wees, I figure you have absolutey no interest in reading my words in this post, so if you want the comic get it here:


Be warned! This is the shortest chapter of the comic. Part IV was more action-packed due to I knew I was going t be away a couple of weeks.
But I have a feeling next week's chapter will be very... fulfilling, or should I say, "full-filling"?

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Corruption of the Champion, Part IV

As promised, here it is: Part 4 of the Corruption of the Champion comic!
And you, my friends, have been amazing yet again providing feedback! Thanks a lot!

It is now when things start to get interesting... We're barely half way crossing the desert, and look all what happened - and imagine what's about to happen next, too!

A quick reminder... What is our Champion looking right now?

Oh, right: long sandy blonde hair, goblin ears, height and teeth, small succubi horns, nice breasts and ass, a tiiiiny prick and a pussy that just can't stop getting wet. and on top of that: a magical piercing that turned him into a fetish exhibicionist.

Seems good to me!

But... how long will he be able to mantain what little dignity he has left? See for yourselves!
Get the part IV from this links:




Next week there will not be an update. I'm out of town.
So we'll see each other again in 2 weeks! Have a nice week, and thanks for all the amazing feedback!

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Corruption of the Champion, Part III

Hello everyone!
First of all: THANKS for the amazing feedback! 95 comments in a week, must be some kind of record. I'm gad you're liking it

Now, let's get to business... Time to release part III!
So, where we we in the story? Oh, right:

So our Champion is kinda getting corrupted fast. Poor guy! He thought he was going to be a holy crusader, but so far he's turning into a corrupted mix of horny demon/goblin... And he can barely takes it!

If only he knew, that today he's facing a new threat, a new kind of evil... That will corrupt him from the inside out first... Who could it be?

But hey! No spoilers! We already know he's venturing into the desert, so for those who played the game... That can only mean one thing: he's also going to ru acrros a san... Nah! No spoilers I said!

One More little thing!
I was a bit eager to release the comic last week, so I forgot to add something that you'll see from now on at the end of each part: the Bestiary!

It looks like this:

So go ahead! Get the part III from here:


P.S: I'm making some adjustments to the character design from the upcoming parts (yes, the comic is halfway done so I can release the future parts as I make the final ones) as was suggested by the creators

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

New comic: Corruption of the Champion, Part 1 & 2

It's time, in this slow year, for a New Comic!!!!
Following the last year's tradition, it's this year's big comic: Corruption of the Champion. And since, as I said it's a slow year, I decided to release Part II as a bonus tonight.

If you understood the hints I left previously, it's about the amazing Fenoxo's game Corruption of Champions!

Of course, he gave me permission to do it, since I'm using his ideas and making them graphic, so a big thank you and a lot of credits go to Fenoxo.

Now, why in the CoC universe? Many reasons.
- First, I wanted to make something with the new render method as I explained in the last post, and this provided a great oportunity. It took so much time and learning! I don't know if I'll keep using this method from now on. Seems not for now.
- Second, I'm a big fan of the game and the other game, T.I.T.S., both free games that I played many times since they have great repay value and such a vast universe and transformations! Good work, Fenoxo.
- Third... It's a game where you start as a guy (or a girl) and everything CHANGES you... changes you covering almost EVER fetish, and you encounter EVERY fetish you have in lots of scenarios and characters.

If you know the game, you know what to expect, you know the huuuuge number of characters and endless choices for transformations its world provides. In this comic, I'll be adapting how one of my adventures played out.

So, go ahead, get it from here:


I hope you like it! Please be kind to provide feedback, this one was hard to pull out and took a lot of time to make (still making the later chapters, just figure)

See you next week with Part III!

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Tic-Tac, Tic-tac...

I think tomorrow will be uploaded...

Can't give you a bigger spoiler than the post image...

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