Saturday, August 5, 2017

Corruption of the Champion - Part 15!!

Oh, the wait, the waaait! It's over! This time took way, way longer than expected, right? Well considering I was:
- 1 month on vacation, 
- a total of 5 weeks out of town working and
- I also decided to change the script and re-render almost half of this chapter,
I think it took a decent amouint of time.

But you think I'm just going to leave you a 20 pages long comic? Nooo... you're mistaken... I always try to give you something in return for the amazing patience and support (and funny comments, too), so this time you won't get a 25 pages comic...

You're getting an 87 pages long comic!

And the craziest part is that it is only half of the original script for this chapter. I guess I got carried away.

But... was it worth the wait? Is it a case of quantity vs quality? I can only say, if you've seen Spiderman:Comecoming, that... Patiente sometimes pays off.

And  a quick reminder... where did we left the comic? How was our hero the last time we check on him?

Oh, that's right.
Seems our Champion has its will broken. It is a crucial time for him... Will he abandon his quest? Will he get back stronger than ever?
Sadly, this question will be answered on the next chapter, but in this one... Wow, he's in for a ride.

But enough! I'm boring, the comic is way more fun, and you'll get it here:


Now the text wall is over, so as usual, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for the support! (specially this time)
Just give me some feedback if you're kind enough!

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Quick post: if you've seen Spiderman: Homecoming you'll understand this image.

Just finishing the last pages, and about to upload.

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