Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Updating! I'm back in town!

Last week I was getting up to date with my wor, and I realized something was wrong. And that must be corrected ASAP!

Life is a bitch you know. Free time has become a rare thing as years passed. That also makes me be less creative I think, since I usually get to my computer tired. Sorry for the periods of absence!
And how do I usually say I'm sorry...?
Yes! with big updates! After nearly two months, the time has come to release the new 109 captions for you to download and enjoy!

How to get them:
1) As usual, download the .rar file from the Yahoo! Group or watch them online there (NOT WORKING RIGHT NOW, I dunno why!)
2) New! get them in a .rar in my 4shared folder HERE

There's 109 captions (this round, just a few preggos, and a lot of bimbos and mad wifes, be aware!). what are you waiting for? Get them! now! NOW I COMMAND YOU!

So, after playing around and giving the blog a new and fresh look wich I hope you like, I noticed my last post was very old. Most of you could have already forgotten me!

You might noticed the new Blog's look, there has been some improvements I believe, it does not look so "retro" any more, and I added buttons on the top. I believe I don't need to explain where they go to, if you still don't understand, maybe you started to become the very reason you download the captions... A dumb bimbo!

Also, I needed a change, and my logo has changed! I was very unsure about leaving my usual black color behind... Let's see how it works!

And, as usual... Everything for free! I hate that free things are more and more hard to find...

So, just like in every single post, I ask...

You liked the caps?
You liked the new look? And the new logo?
What you think about all this?

Just leave a fucking comment!


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