Saturday, March 15, 2014

Things not going the way you wanted?

There's a thing in common when you think about miswishes, progressive mental changes, and Mad Witch Wifes with their twisted revenge against men...

The lost of control, both of your body, of what's happening to you and your fate, and your mind... Yes, that hidden bimbo slowly releasing inside you and taking more and more control over your mind and body.
that's this post main idea, shown with different approaches... Take your pick!

Version 1
Version II

 Now, for those of you who missed the Witch Wifes Stories series...
"Stuffing the pig"
Goood Girl!

That's all for today, 5 captions for you to enjoy.My personal favourite of this batch is the last one... I'm kinda growing fond on petgirls lately.

Please tell me... Wich one you liked the most? What are your thoughts, what do you miss? Just leave a comment (please)!

I plan for the next post to work on something I haven't been doing much of: preggos and unreal curves.

And, of course, my comics.

See you in a couple of weeks!

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Sharing the fun

Well it's been a month since I upload something. I guess Tseudo is right when he says that time does fly! (*wink wink* Tseudo, how's the comic going?)

First of all I wanted to thanks you all for the great feedback on "Omega Plante HD", after all, it was an important anniversary for me!

But let's get real, you're not here to read my words or suffer my typos and grammar mistakes, you're here because you want to see some captions and, after so long, I think you'll love this ones, I'm very satisfied.


Sorry - no Mad Witch wifes this time. Do you want to see more of them?

About my abscense, I can't promise that next weeks will change that since I'm currently very busy.

In the meantime, tell me wich one was your favourite? Do you want something specific? You have any ideas to share?
Please leave a comment!

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