Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm not dead... I'm in SOUTH AFRICA!

As usual, I've been absent, but as you might notice, I went to see the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa with my friends - it was a sudden decission, I almost put my job on jeopardy, but what the hell, this is amazing! Yesterday I went to the opening ceremony (boring as usual) and now I'm posting some work I had forgot to upload (by the way, Wi-fi is not the greatest thing here).

I just can't describe what is like to be in a World Cup. Dream come true.

... But I like you so much, that even here I took time for you to repay my absence: 3 captions!

The first one I made it because if you're reading this, there's a bimbo inside you, a sissy crying like such, waiting for the right time to get out and take control over you until you're the one trapped inside her: If you don't think so, just take a look, and tell me how sure you are that this could not happen to you...

The second one, I won't spoil by telling you what's about.

And the third one, featuring a personal favourite, Iga Wyrwal, Is a story I made for a user back in the Vip Submissions Goup (the group is closed, but you can check out the stuff I made some years ago for the users here)

Last thing, for those of you who are members of the Y! Group, I already cleaned the spam and removed the member, I'm terribly sorry for the hugue amount of crap he's been sending.

I retire to bed now - tomorrow I must be on the stadium cheering for my team.

I'll try to upload more soon, hope you like this ones after so much time

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