Friday, November 29, 2013

Something different for a change

This was a busy week in real life, so tonight I'm posting a couple of short caps and a couple of images that ain't exactly captions, yet they involve TG and they were lots of fun to make.

I'll see if I can come up with something during the week. Also, I have some information regarding comics that I want to share with you and ask for your opinion, but now it's not the time for that.

In the previous post someone suggested a mini-series of captions, in his words, "about different ways to offend a wife and different punishment for each one"

Well my friend that was a terrific idea! I'm aiming to make a couple to see if you like them. thanks a lot for the feedback, it produces good things like this!

Anyway, let's see what we have here. Have fun!

Where do I sign?

Thanks a lot for the feedback so far! Have a nice weekend!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

'Control? You don't need to know what it means. you'll have none from now on...'

That's right, mark those words, because today's post is about control being completely taken away from you, and in several ways.

There's three main types of  TG-Captions: when the subject greets the change and wants to change, when the subject deals or remain itself in a different body, and then there's my favorite, when the subject is turned into a helpless sissy, slave to his body urges, spell triggers and the will of another person.

Today I'm posting this captions for you to enjoy, a total of 6 (I've been very generous lately... I'm using a lot of captions and not leaving enough for the December Update... Don't get greedy), but one of them is the same picture with different story and a bit of unreal curves.

So since my intention is not to bother you further, let's go ahead end enjoy the Captions!

Let's start with my favorite...

Short Captions... I must make more of those.

It's been a while since I posted a TG Remote caption + Photoshop
I've been thinking about stories for a couple of the photos you asked me to Caption. Maybe you'll see something soon. This week I plan to dedicate it to the 3D comics and probably I'll ask for your opinion in the next post.

And, as always, thanks a lot for the feedback and the comments! they are the fuel I need during the week to work on this little hobby of mine!

I'm happy tonight, so tell me which one's your favorite, tell me what you want to see next!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Mixing it up

The last couple of weeks I've been posting about specific subjects.
It's fun, but also leaves some Captions I want to share sitting in my PC waiting for their chance.

Well my friends, tonight I'm gonna change that. You've been great and provide me amazing feedback, so I'll try to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your comments by giving you what you wanted!

We've got here 6 captions, quite a number to enjoy almost all week long! Probably I'll go back to four captions per post, just to keep you wanting a bit more and coming back more often.
Yes, I know, I'm an evil genius.

I haven't done in a while an Asian / racial change... with a few "forgotten language" added!

And i'll never stop doing vengeful, angry mad wifes / girfriends!

The evil smile of the brunette says it all. She's enjoying so much the moment...
Damn what great pair of boobs!!!

There's also the good old swap

something I've been wanting to work more on: Petgirls!

And someone asked for captions involving Uneven growth?

And, since I usually use very few photos involving sexof any kind because I like a lot more to leave room for the imagination to fly, this one will change that a bit in order to break monotomy.

Enjoy my friends, and if you like them, hate them or don't give a crap about it, leave a comment and let me know!

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Friday, November 8, 2013


Another Friday, another post. Wow! I've never been so constant in my life!
A big part of that is the wonderful support and feedback - Thanks a lot!

There's many captions made, and surfing them trying to choose a specific theme is complicated. Last post was easy - there's so many busty blondes - but tonight I chose to deal with consequences.

Pretty much like this post, but adding a bit more fun, since I focused more on unwanted consequences instead of poor choices.
what do I mean with that? Simple.

I mean, consequences of being the victim of a logistic screw-up...

Consequences of a drug addiction... mixed with the Asylum, it's a sure bet!

 Consequences of a bad judgment call

Or maybe consequences of a noob magician?

But, at the end, the worst are the consequences of being ourselves... Or our new selves...

Maybe you can help me with my next post.
I'm thinking about Busty Brunettes, Slaves, or mixed fetish...

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Busty blondes friday? Hell, anyday's good for busty blondes!

Friday, yes, friday! Finally the week is over! And what makes a friday even better? Blonde, busty and dumb bimbos!
Mainly because I felt weird all week after the lack of big boobs in the last post, today you're getting a big sized  post. 6 captions (almost one for each day of the week until next friday, take your time!) for you to enjoy about victims turning into hot blonde girls, because of several different reasons.

This set of captions has a bit of everything - Yet one thing is sure: They'll grow long, cute blonde hair, and they'll grow breast. Bigger, suckable, heavy breasts.
I ordered them, according to my taste, from the least favorite to the most favorite of mine.

Causes of the TG may vary from...

Putting on a magical object...

An annoying curse...

A mad girlfriend
These are two of the most outstanding pair of breasts and one of the most stupid and happy empty-minded smiles I've ever seen. I felt hypnotized!
A spell working the opposite way...

Or a simple and always effective potion, mixed with total domination and though choices.
I think I could hold it up a couple more nights... Barely... I Don't know you...

This one is a special caption I made for someone that have asked Penny Lynn a couple of times. I hope you like it! 

And before ending this post, I can only 
Thank you a lot for the feedback so far!

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