Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Master PC's Remote: Shit just got REAL!

This is a post I've been wanting to do for almost a month. In fact, I started it a month ago and write a bit every week... today I erased 80% of it because it didn't make any sense.
As you surely noticed, it has to do with the Remote from my latest comic Master PC# 2. And it also has a caption at the end, wow!

The reason for this post is because Putte got inspired by Master PC #2 and asked for my help, but to my surprise, this time it was not about 3D models or Captions...
No, it turns out that Putte is a real artist who works with wood, plastic and clay and he wanted to make a real life Remote !!!
Also, Putte is a blacksmith. That's right, a friggin' blacksmith! He can make armor, swords... Now I would never, mess with a guy who has armor, sword and a remote!

To my surprise, not only he did finish the real-life remote it in a short time, but also it looks great!

Now it's over, but take a look a the process:

First I sent him some renders with measurements (Of course my measurements were all wrong), and then magic happened....


Amazing, isn't it? It great to have those skills (I always wanted to draw, but never could do much more than stick men)
He told me in his last e-mail that he was about go around testing it on his neighborhood.I have an idea how that might ended up...

I haven't heard from him since. I can only think it got stolen from him and Putte is suffering the consequences. There's no other possible explanation!
Please, tell us if it worked and send us the pics! And if it did work... Take all my money!

Also, Putte is a part of IMVU, where he also makes 3D models and if you want, he can turn you into something else... transform males/boys to sub shemales/girls/females...

With IMVU he made this render of the main character of Master PC #2.

If you want to contact him, register in IMVU (it's FREE):

Look for his profile: JennaPoussin

Mhmh.. JennaPoussin... That can only be after one of my all-time favorite girls: Jenny Poussin.
No one who idols this woman can be in the wrong path! Check her out...


Also, There's a new Caption maker!
Please visit and give your support to Legendary Caps! (they are really good!)


Oh, I almost forgot!
Here's the Caption I made!

One of the things I love and fuels me like a nitro blast is when one of you gets inspired to do things after seeing something here, and decides to release and share its inner demons fore us to enjoy. Even though the majority of people who asked for my advice abandoned its tg-works (maybe I'm a terrible adviser?), I love it when that happens and its an honor when someone tells you its because of you and asks for your help. After all... We're like a community... Sometimes a fucked up community, but a community at last, and I love being a part of it!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Fun at the office I

Aaaaahh weekend!! It's so good to be back! I missed you!
It's been a while since I post something, but the break is over.
Well... It wasn't much of "break" actually, for the last few weeks I've been traveling a lot and consumed by work schedules, I really wanted to post something so I figured to get the most out of it, and came up with an idea for a post: Office captions!

A bitchy boss, a bimbo secretary, a hot coworker, a party turning wild... You name it! Workplaces leave as lot of room to see hot babes and develop hot situations - or incredibly awkward and uncomfortable ones.

So shall we begin? let's go!
I speak so much about work lately I fear I might become a Workaholic

I might end up saying things I didn't meant to say!

To people that might take it way too personal
Before you ask, the model's name is Candy Charms
 And end up doing something I'll regret!

And for you my friends, the best advice I can give you...

I also wanted to Thank you for the support towards my last Comic! I'm glad it was mostly liked by you!
If You want to know about Comics, I think it'll be VipComics #4 and I'ts 75% done. It might contain 4 comics instead of 3, I can't promise.
If you're gonna ask about Jinkxed 2... It's barely at the script stage. It's kind of a mess, I'm finding problems to get it to work and I'm stuck on the general idea. Plus, I want to finish something for Christmas first

As always, thank you for passing by my Blog, your opinion is highly appreciated! If you want to ask, suggest or even criticize, just be kind and leave a comment!

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