Friday, May 27, 2016

The Hair Battle: Aaaand the Winner Is...

Welcome back!
It's been a fun couple of weeks here as we did this little contest, and it was very interesting to see how you respond to it.
The idea of the "battle" was simple: just to see which classic hair color was considered the hottest. After all, even girls debate about this sometimes.

I decided that the blondes come out to play first, defending their stand as hottie stereotype queens.
Then, as a result of a heavy popular deman, the Redheads crushed the brunettes and come to play and prove to be no pushovers.
Lastly and relegated, the Brunettes had their shot, although they looked doomed by the way the voting was going.

Now you have voted, and it's time to reveal who the winner is. Are you ready? I didn't expected it...

Aaaaaaaaaand the winners are...


I really didn't expected that hell of a comeback! 
After the heavy beating they got from the readheads before Round 2, and the always desired blonde bimbos and blonde babes, I didn't think the Brunettes could hold a fighting chance, but I guess it's true what they say - not only they do it better, they also look like passionate animals.
So, look in the mirror and tell me... do you see yourself as a brunette smiling?

The final results:
Brunettes 11
Redheads 8
Blondes 7

And now... Time for the captions!
Who you voted for? Find your place in one of the following captions then!
If you voted for the blondes...

If you voted for the Redheads...

If you voted for the Brunettes...

That's all for this long post.

I want to thank you very much for participating in The Hair Battle!

See you next week... Because next week...

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Hair Battle, Round 3: The Brunettes Strike Back

Final Round of 
The Hair Battle!

We've seen what the blondes had to offer
We've seen what the Redheads brought to the table after crushing the Brunettes in the votes...

But The Brunettes won't just stay back! In this final post, the winner should be chosen.

You know what they say:
- Blondes have more fun (common saying)
- Redheads are like other women – only more so (Playboy Magazine)
- Brunettes do it better (and I agree)

So, since I'm busy finishing... You know what... So I can post it in 1 or 2 weeks, I won't be writting so much in this post.

Enjoy the Captions!

And cast your vote on the Winner for the final post!!

Let's see what the Brunettes bring to the fight!

You liked them?
Don't forget to VOTE on the Winner color of the Hair Battle!

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hair Battle, Round 2: Rise of the Redheads!

  Let's start the Round 2 of The Hair Battle!
"Redheads Rising"

It all started with the Blondes, leaving Brunettes and Redheads to fight themselves in order to see who's gonna be the contender... And the Redheads completely DESTROYED the brunettes by 32-18 votes casted by the readers!! (thanks a lot, by the way, sorry I couldn't fulfill everything that was aked in the time I had left)

So in today's post, we'll have all redhaired girls (yes, red dyed hair and ginger hair are considered the same for the purpose of this post) as they show us what they got to rise into the throne as the hottest (or the hottest way you want to be) girl around!

So, take a look at the captions, because next time, it will be the brunettes turn to show they're not pushovers and that they got some weapons of their own to hold their ground and be selected to be in the Final by popular voting...

I do not know her name but I would love to NEED TO!

A redhair post without Bianca Beauchamp? Yeah, like that's possible.
Hottest. Ginger. EVER.

That's it for this round! You liked them?

Coming up next: THE BRUNETTES!

Remember to suggest anything for the next post, give the Brunettes a hand, and THANKS for the feedback!

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