Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Comic release: Master PC 2 !

I've just returned a couple of days ago from the Football World Cup (amazing, no words to describe it), and I had a marathon with only one objective: to finish one of my comics. It's been way too long since the last release.

A sequel to Master PC was a constant request I got, and also a huge part of you love the "remote" captions so... Here you go!

First I wanted to thank the support and patience on your side
You've been amazing! I also learned that you prefered a looooong comic and not a splitted one... Well here you go:  
209 pages!

Better late than never, right?
For a long time I refused to make a sequel to Master PC sequel: I had like 4 different story possibilities, and an almost endless amount of transformations avaible!
I was not sure about the story, about the transformations, about the leght, about the relationship between characters... But as I sid, it was highly requested.

My original Idea was to make a short story, but there's so much to tease about! What I expected to be a 40-pages long comig grew... and grew... and grew!
As I was doing it, I wonder... And what about if all happens in public? Or the remote got stloen? Or two friends fight over what changes to do? As I said, a lot of things, so choosing the setting and transformations were hard and the process was slow.
I'm not entirely satisfied, but I cannot make it any more complex

It took a long time and a lot of hard choices, I cancelled it and the continued it... But somehow, Master PC 2 managed to get a full comic with a lot of things going on inside it!

Anyway, here's the important part: the downloand links!


Mediafire mirror

I hope you like it! There's a long one going to be released, a VipComics issue, a sequel to another comic and a lot more coming in the near future

And please, leave a comment with your thoughts, tell me if you like it or hate it, help me improve or share your thoughts and ideas!

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