Friday, June 20, 2014

Question regarding new comic release

Today I'm gonna need your help.
You know I've been very busy with real life this year, but still kept working on comics. Now, I'm getting close to the finish of a new one, but there is an important issue that I want to follow your opinion / advice.

The thing is, the next release was supposed to be a short comic (originally a part of VipComics #4), but it grew out of control going over 100 pages, and I'm about to render the final part this week.

Now putting it together, selecting the best renders, typing the dialogs and making them fit the comic box squares is a slow and painful job, the more pages the longer it takes, and also reading a 100+ pages comic at once can be a pain in the ass.

So, my question to you is simple:

Do you want to wait a bit more for a full 100+ pages long release, or shall I split them in 3-5 chapters and starte releasing them in a few days?

Bear in mind that the comic was not made to be splitted in chapters, so at some parts it might turn wierd or feel incomplete if I split it up!

Take your time and leave a comment with your answer

This is the biggest spoiler you'll get, and I know it sucks. The story does not admit too much of a spoiler.

If you're wondering why the lack of updates, it's very simple:

I'm at the Football World Cup in BRAZIL! 
I'll return home this week and who knows... Maybe I'll get back for the final stages if my team advances the group stage.

Who knows? Maybe all this overload of worldwide hot babe fans will inspire me...

I guess I'm a lucky guy, just like 4 years ago I went to South Africa (time does fly!) and you can also check the captions I left in that post

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