Saturday, July 8, 2017

It's a new New Comic: Beam Me Up!

Yes it is Comics Time again!
And this time we're taking quite a different direction from what I was feeding you lately - This time we're not going to a medieval fantasy realm... This time we're going to Outer Space, baby! Where no man or woman has gone before!

I think my vacations were a bit too long, right? But as I stated on the last post, I needed a break from CoC because I wasn't putting my best into it. So to recharge my mental batteries, and not leaving you waiting for more weeks with just captions, I made - or reconditioned- this little one in a short time.

"Beam me up" was one of the cancelled comics series. It's not my usual 100 pages long comic, it's actually more like my first ones.
Since the models were already done and some renders were done too, I just needed to make the story a lot shorter.

But what was so special about this one? No, it was not the fact that it was in an advanced stage when it was cancelled. It was the fact that the renders looked way better than the others!

I still have some more cancelled comics than can pop up any time... Even though they might look as ugly as the original "Omega Planet"

That's enough writing. What you want, it's here:


Well, that's all! Now I'm going back to work on CoC, and stay tunned for more captions in the next post!

You liked? Hated it? Let me know! And thanks for the neverending support you're giving me guys!

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