Friday, September 27, 2013

Jinkxed Round 10: The final round! Head to head, the clash of Bimbos!

Indeed it's here! Can you believe it? It started on July 19, more than 2 months ago! It's been a monumental effort and a real joyride, but it's time to announce that...

It's the last round of Jinkxed!

The girls start the round having both equal scores, but only one can win!
3 million at stake and his original I.Q. back for the winner, and for the looser... Nothing! A life exactly the way he is by the time the show ends!

Will it be Boobsie, the smart guy with bad attitutde?
Will it be the Tiny, the Jock who's a Bully?

There's only one way to know...

(if link doesn't work:

Well, I'm in kind of a hurry, but I wanted to get this ready for the weekend and avoid delays.

As I upload the 10th round, writing this post, I realize I'm blocked. I truly have no words to describe this feeling... How the past two months have been... All I can think of is a huge THANK YOU, and it still falls short.

Eagerly awaiting your comments! Gotta go now, cheers!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jinkxed Round 9: The road test!

Its' here!!!! After a couple of delays, It's finally done! Yay!

145 pages + Bonus Shit #3 awaits for you to enjoy!

What are the girls about to suffer? Scores are Boobsie 20 - Tiny 17, it's the 9th round, only one more round to go, and thing are surely gonna get more complicated for the girls!

This time the girls will be in a rampant race to win and secure the winning prize! They'll... Nah, check it out!

- Download links:

(If link isn't working: )

There's been some debate over Boobsie's development.
Things will be cleared in the "Bonus Shit". But I stand with my choice, I love big made-to-suck lips, and the point of the game is ultimate humiliation. Imagine your life with that mouth? Imagine having to spent the prize in surgeries just to look like yourself again?
Also, I'm not a stubborn brick-head  I admit that the lips made the "happy face" disapear and I might rushed them a round.

Last but not least, Thanks for the wonderful, amazing support! It really cheers my week to have this strong feedback, and I'm having a great time too!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jinkxed Round 9: Tiny teaser!

Round 9 it's scheduled for Saturday, so far everything is going as planned... It's almost the end, and the crowd is starting to be more important than ever!

This round is special, it's packing some surprises and a slight change of scenery. The girls are gonna have to give their very best, team up and... You'll see.

Yes, Boobsie, believe it, THAT happened!

Who will get the worst Randomizer card and suffer even more at the B.I.M.B.O. Machine?
Boobsie leads the scores 20-17 so far, the crowd is slightly in favor of Tiny, but in the Blog comments, there's not a clear winner...

PS: I can't stress enough how helpful you've been, I'm learning a lot. Even though I knew that Boobsie's development were a risk to unsettle people, but so far it's pretty even between haters and lovers!

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Sorry... No updates this week

Sorry guys, Jinkxed: Round 9 won't be released until next Friday or Saturday. This week was extremely demanding and I'm gonna enjoy a cold beer and then I'm off to bed.

I'll post a mini-teaser and more info in the next few days. Good night and thanks!

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