Monday, February 13, 2012

Today: short captions!

Hello my friends! How was that first month of this year went for you? Mine was great, by the way

Scientist say, that women speak less in certain part of the year: in February! (oh I'm sooo funny!!)

Speaking about February, it is a short month, and to honor a short month, I'm posting today good-old style short captions!
Why? Because I know not everyone like to read a lot, and many read the first and final paragraph. I do it often, I admit it.

Also it reminded me back when I started in 2003-2004, using a monitor with 800x600 px resolution, with internet porn pics being smaller and not leaving much room like today when unnecessary giant images are common. Also, big images consumed large amount of bandwith and downloading / uploading them 1 by 1 could take hours.

Life really sucked bad back then.

So, I won't bother you anymore, if you read until here, go ahead and enjoy the caps!

I love this classic theme caption... Can't make enough of them!

You like them? You have a request? 
Ideas and comments are welcome as usual!

see you soon!

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