Friday, November 6, 2015

The Costume: Bonus shit!

So, I see that so far "The Costume" is turning into a big hit, even though it was made in a rush and it's basically two cancelled projects put together, made just to give you something, nothing I expected to fly high... But so far it did! And for that I'm so fucking glad! 

It was a risk to use a muscle girl, but no one has comlained so far, and I'm specially glad because of all the attention my Cowgirl is having - I've been trying to use that model for a long time, and to put two of my favorite things in a comic (musclegirls andowgirls) was a risk.

I'm starting to consider a project about the cowgirl alone - just starting to.

But, part of rushing something because of a deadline means I can get distracted, and Oh my dear God, I forgot to add the usual "Bonus shit"!

So, here you go, enjoy this little Bonus Shit... (Warning: This post might be a bit heavy to load)

Ah... an extra pair... Just too complex to manage in DAZ3D. Also, no hoofs and brown hair? what was I thinking?

Even htough her breasts look more heavier, resting over the lower ones, they do not look so damn full

The one thing I liked most, is that with 4 pairs it felt like she was dragging over the ground the lower pair as she walked

Well... I was experimenting...

Oh.... And this are just a special thingies I never made before, so enjoy!

 Wait a minute... there's something wrong with this ^^ Sonya...

Oh, of course!
She's wearing too much armor, that's it!

I hope you liked this mini Bonus Shit.

See you soon! Thanks for the great support!!

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween! I have no candy, so have a Comic instead

I know, It was yesterday.
You see, Halloween it's a well-known holyday... Just not a holyday celebrated in all countries! I was aware it was sometime soon, I know what's it about, but I had no idea exactly when since for me, it's a foreign custom... Still, I got something to share!

I wasn't planning on releasing a comic right now, I have nothing ready, but since friday I was all day sick at home, I got something for you, and made in record time
This story was originally a cancelled story, scraped and recycled, and regarding Halloween TF stories is far from being original, and it may have some holes, not be entirely 100% halloween-precise-themed, or be weird, but it'll do just fine.

I was supposed to finish it earlier but I got carried on, added more stuff and there's lots of shit going on by the end! I like it! I just wish I could explore more... No, I'm not spoiling it, find it out yourselfes!

So go ahead, enjoy! Grab it here:



Tell me if you like it! 
Happy (late) Halloween !

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