Monday, January 30, 2012

In the mood for some black sugar?

Hello and welcome back!
For the first time since I returned from vacations, I have some minutes to sit down and write stuff you won't read on my blog!
This is very refreshing. That's the word: refreshing. From time to time I must bring to you something fresh to enjoy, and following some requests I ventured a bit into a terrain that I rarely went to: ebony girls!
Why I don't do enough ebony caps? Mainly because some years ago on te Y! group, I made a cap about ebony transformation and got a very angry email from an user who felt offended by it.
Believe me, I mean no disrispect/racism as I also try not to have any political or religious flags.

The captions, per se, are not that great or original I must admit - Usually the first ones I made after a vacation are mainly good for warming up my brain for the next ones to come (and I do have quite a few) but I believe you'll like them anyway.

So, let's move on to the captions!

 Yes, there's a lot of bigass here.

You like them? You hate them?  Any suggestions? leave a comment!

Also, I'll be releasing another meme I made like the last one soon. I don't know why I love so much those things!
Remember the embedded code on the last meme is broken, you must go HERE to take it.

And that's all for January. See you sson!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

In the mood for a meme?

Hi all!
After a couple of weeks doing absolutelly nothing except from drooling at all the insanely hot girls in the beach, sadly my vacations are over so... back to the boring life!

Some time ago I found a site that contained a lot of TG-oriented memes and decided to do mine. some time ago, I started to make one and... I completely forgotten about it!

So today, no caps, no comics, instead something new: a Tg meme! Just complete the fields, and enjoy!

EDIT: the embedded meme don't work. Follow this link instead:

Tg VipCaptions Meme by vipcaptions2
Your name
Your age
And you are a...
It all started inOctober 12, 2017
You werewatching TV
and you feltthe need to pee
You noticed that your body has changed
Your eyes turnEvil Red
And your hair color isShiny Blonde
And it shapes...All curly and long
Your new skin color isBrownish Latin
And your height isregular, around 1.6 meters
And your body...feels light, as you became thin skinny as a skeleton
your breastshave barely swollen into an A cup
while your nipplesbecame big fat and long
Your lower torsoShrinked more and more, thin as a hourglass figure
And your hipsGrow... and grow... and grow... Dear God, it looks like a flying balloon got attached to your ass!
Your Penis...shrinked and shrinked until it became a clitoris and your balls became vaginal lips.
Your mind...Is the same as before, only that you can't control your body! it acts by itself like a sissy nynpho  forcing you to watch and feel!
Bonus Change (optional):You're pregnant!
Probability of changing back:
But only if you:Manage to avoid cumming after masturbating for 14 hours.

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