Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Dear captions lovers,

Finally a lousy 2009 has come to and end, with 2010 just hours away bringing hope to all those who lost their jobs in 2009 or suffer the consequences of this unfair world.

(I am one of those who lost their jobs and I'm stuck in a crappy new job for now, but, just like Tom does in this special caption made for new year I'm posting today, I look forward to a new year wich, after all, can hardly be worst.)

So honestly: I wish you a great 2010, may all your wishes come true (or at least, your TG wishes right?) may all your enterprises go well, let hope be the last thing you'll loose, party twice as hard if you go out or enjoy your company like never before, I'll have a toast for you all across the globe, I salute you and thank you once again for reading this blog, giving me feedback and downloading my captions even when they have the usual typing error or grammar error, I'm just doing my best for you to enjoy.

I can't stress more how thankfull I am towards you. We have a good thing going here.

Remember: the best is yet to come.



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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Somehow late, but... UPDATED!

Internet came back some hours ago, so I've just finished updating the Yahoo! Gorup with the new 61 captions!

With 61 caps, you get a lot... small breasted, big breasted, hips & ass stuff, big preggos, swaps... so next time it'll be a poser comic I suppose

As usual... find them HERE in the PHOTOS section and enjoy if you have been a good person - but if you have been naughty, you'll enjoy them even more.

Sorry for the unwanted delay, this is my late Christmas present... Enjoy! (and leave comments if you liked it).

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Update delayed... damn it

It seems computers hate me. My Internet access at home is dead. When it comes back, I'll update.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

*** Update in 24 Hs.!!!!

Ok, I know, I've been more than a month absent, but I bring good news!

After loosing my new captions when my PC died, I wanted to quit, but after the support you guy gave me, I decided to create new ones (or re-create the lost ones) and I've done almost... 60! new captions, that will be uploaded the 23rd or 24th of this month into the Yahoo! Group, so be aware, I'll post in this blog when the update is done...

the only downside is that I could not find time to make my poser christmas comic...

As a treat, I'm attaching to this post a couple of them, just be a little bit more patient and you'll have plenty to enjoy.

The first one is a classic! guys asking for help, but magically forgetting his native language and speaking badly... yes, girls who speak badly your language are sometimes kind of a turn on!

The second one is a swap. And yes, this is one of the few girls with small breasts you'll see, don't worry... Just read it, I really enjoyed doing it so I'm not spoiling the story!

So remember: in 24 hours more than 60 captions will be updated in the Yahoo! Group

One more thing! I've been using Y! groups for quite some time but people seems to hate them, so, if you know a similar free site to upload files with gallery previews, please post a link as a response to this post and I'll check it out... THANKS!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Come here Darling, I won't bite you...

When I loose my data, I also lost 2 comics that were 90% complete, but I managed save the images from one, altough the story was lost and I had to re-write it in ComicLife, wich makes me very angry because the story is considerably weaker than the original.

So, I give you my 4th comic: "BITES chapter 1", wich you can download from HERE in my 4shared folder.

No need to explain what this comic is about since the title kinda explain the story itself...

I had in mind a story like this before, it's easy to make than the others, so soon I'll be making a new one and after that, I'll make the sequel of one of my previous comics.

Just follow the download link, open it with WinRAR (it's free, if it asks for registration just click "close" and it won't bother you again), and just enjoy!

Another thing, WonderLlama2008 has made a GIF animation based on my "Omega Planet" comic... I really like Gif images, I miss them, so I'm adding it to this post, thanks for the image WonderLlama!

I just think you should add a "loop" at the end of it.

CORRECTION: blogger is not showing the animation. Just download it from WonderLlama's 4shared folder HERE

So... you like it? then leave a comment!

See you soon!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

If you missed the preggo caps...

... this post is for you!
I've been working lately on the captions I loose when my PC died, sadly most of the images I used are impossible to find andI'm forced to work back from zero here.
I read some comments asking about why I was mkaing less pregnant captions and I had 12 pregnant captions made for this update, wich are all lost, but the good news is that I find again some of the original images and I'm working on them.
Here, I leave a caption I had to re-made (too bad the original story was better, but I can't remember exactly what I wrote before) using a picture from this pregnant goddess called dominno.

I hope you enjoy it, there are more to come soon along a new comic!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Mayor Stepback

It's been more than one month since I upload anything, respond to comments or even manage the yahoo! groups... Why?


Yes, he died
one morning, he left me, he didn't even left a note or call back. Thankfully I use to backup regulary so most of the captions I was makind were saved, but a lot of captions got lost... among with a new comic I was working on that was 75% complete. Now, its lost forever since my DAZ studio is back to zero...

Since I had stuff from work in my PC too, focussing on not losing my work was my choice, but now I'm back and I
leave he 3 captions for you to enjoy... My way of saying "I missed you guys, sorry for being absent"

You liked them? comment them!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

You shouldn't be downloading spam...

Well I fulfill my promise: I made my 3rd poser comic based on the "Master PC" story by Ed Miller and the caption made by me.
I did it on a hurry because I'm very busy with work and traveling lately, so the plot may not be so consistent and it might be not so good on the graphical aspect since i rushed it. I'm not particularly proud of it, but at least it was good practice!

Just think... If a PC program could change your body... what would you do?
Or even more important... does it run on Vista? (Linux users, you know of course it doesn't run on that platform!)

So download it from
HERE and leave a comment!

Maybe for the next update I'll make the sequel to one of the previous comics, like Lynx, or I'll made a new original one since I have a lot of ideas stored in my head.
Right now, I'll try to go and work on some captions.

See you soon!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I told her she should buy a MAC...

Ok, first of all, I'm not recommending a MAC, I use a standard PC, and even when Vista really sucks to the point I downgraded to XP, it suit my needs at home and work. (so are we okay, Microsoft Lawyers?)

That said, Let's see what I'm bringing today! You have a short caption and my regular long one.

The long one, called
"MasterPC", based on the well known "Blue Screen of Death", that damn blue screen windows shows from time to time to screw your unsaved work. It happened to me while I was doing a caption last week! It is also inspired in a story wrote by Ed Miller (I think) wich I really enjoyed reading.
But what if... you forgot to save your work?
Well, I'm spoiling it, so just read about it. I really liked that caption and I think I'll make a poser comic soon about it.

The short one is inspired in all that religious/church/cults or whatever they want
to call themselves tham seem to be rising, like scientology, and many many more that seems so eager to help you level your bank account and brainwash you - Ok, I must shut up now. I don't want to get involved in a religious discussion, or hurt anybody feelings. Don't take my words seriously.

P.S.: I tought more people liked werewomen captions, the poll really surprised me.

Enjoy them! (and leave a comment)

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to see the Images in their Original Size...

On the previous update I explained how to see the images on the Yahoo! group full size.
post them again so everyone can read them.

Some time ago, when you upload photos in the Photos section in the Y! Group, they were automatically resized to a crappy tiny size.
They still resize the images but there is an option to see them in the original (and way bigger) size.

How to?

1) Log into the Y! Group, and go to the Photos section

2) Choose any image. You'll se something like this:

3) If you look over the image there are 3 view size options: Medium, Large and Original.

4) Just click on "Original" size

5) You're done. Enjoy!

I hope you find this high-tech, tri-dimensional rendered, hi-def home made tutorial usefull.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The UPDATE is here!

Took me a bit longer, but here is after all the July´s Update!

This one has 56 pics... But what you get?

You get a lot to choose from!
We have long captions, short captions, captions with 2 versions, big boobs, small boobs, soldiers, POV's, Forced and
Humilliation, as well as the usual treats: BE, Miswishes, Bimbos, Sissies...

So go now and see them! I leave you a couple here, the rest, you can check and download them from THIS LINK to the Yahoo! Group.

Also I started a new poll on the BLOG for the next update, so please vote.

I hope you enjoy them!

See you soon, leave a comment!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A small step for men... a great step for Transgendering

I borrowed Neil Armstrong famous words when he arrived at the moon and changed them a little bit to fit the news...

Yes indeed, I finished the epilogue of "the LYNX Proyect!" (I know actually the word is proJect... too late for changing that now), my second poser-made comic.

My previous comic, Omega Planet, was 40 pages long, most of them telling the story. This one is 34 pages but 22 of them are the transformation process! So, if you like seeing the whole process, this shall suit you well.

LYNX will be, if I'm up to it, a three-chapter comic about an astronaut adbudcted by aliens, who's mission will be... let's not ruin the plot yet.

Anyway, grab it HERE at my 4shared folder.

Someone could help me because I have serious doubts if the introduction of a story is named "epilogue" or "prologue"? I'm sure I put "prologue" and I'm sure I was wrong.

I still have a lot to learn and a new PC to buy if I want to make more quality images. Just enjoy this one.

I'll go now and write some caps. Leave a comment please!

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Almost there...

Well it's been a while since I uploaded something... But that doesn't mean I haven't been like lazy bimbo doing nothing! I have more than 40 pictures for the next upload, I'll do some more and I'll be putting them soon on the Y! group.

I'll be posting here 2 things:
1) anoher preview - caption. Yes, it's shorter, but i liked the idea and, to be honest, those 2 girls with that dumb mad bimbo look are fucking hot!

2) What you see below is a Poser made image. Yes, I've also retaken the comics in Poser, I know most of you don't like it and there are suddenly a lot of people doing this stories since it became so popular, but I wanted to try a bit more, and i really focused in captions, believe me. I have another 10 ideas for Poser comics, but I lack the skills, the time and my machine is running like an old 486 when I load Poser. But I won't be buying a new one yet.

I want to make a series out of this story, so this wont be a 40 pages comics like Omega Planet, it'll be short and straight to the action.

You like it? you hate it? Any ideas?

See you soon! .

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2 new caps for you to enjoy!

Ok, where to start...

Today, we go for a classic: Mad Wifes punishing their husbands!
At least for me, that idea just never gets old enough!

They've been bad, evil, rude... you name it, it doesn't matter! this guys will suffer their TG fate as they deserved.

This two caps are a bit longer than the ones that I've been updating lately but I tried to do something fresh in the second one.
the first one was hard... such a great picture, such enormous boobs, that kinky an guilty look on Milena Velba's face... The image fits a lot of fetish fantasies, but I've chosen the most simple of them, so 90% will like it.

The second one also gave me a lot of ideas for captions. Just looking at the gorgeous Nikki Benz and the outstanding hotness of September Carrino (I think it's her, I'm not 100% sure), plus sharing an adult toy - or fighting for it - was just too much.

I've also tried to improve my typing and some of my grammar. I hope I'm not writing like a beast anymore.

See you soon with more... I'll be going to eat some cake now!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

New Link: Jim's Kinky Transformation Comics

I added a new link (Jim's Kinky Transformation Comics) to the links side menu.

You can check it out HERE or at the links menu.

It's a Y! Group, easy to join and with lots of storage and simple options.

Jim/Amazeroth owns it and I must say I really like the style of his artworks!
I dunno if he makes the images with the good old Microsoft Paint or if he just emulates that style with some more advanced software, but it looks great, plain, clean and simple comic style images!

You really should take a look since comics are a little harder to find than captions or stories.

Keep the art coming Jim!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

You got a little pressent, buddy!

Well, not much feedback from the update, but from what I've got, seems it was good! I really hope you can see the pictures in full size as I explained it in the previous post.

I've started working on new ones and I have made no progress at all with the poser comics, sorry! They just consume a lot of time and my PC is hardly "cutting edge" technology. Don't worry, I won't be adding the PayPal button or
charging for the artwork!

Anyway, Here's a new one... It might not be the right time for the theme, but hell, let's not make a deal of it and enjoy, it's a short one. I just happen to find this picture and remembered how many times I wish that was me in the mirror, even by mistake!

I'll be seeing you soon with more!

and, of course, thanks for the comments!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finally... UPDATE!!!

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
I've been out for 2 months without notice, but hell I'm back!

Still, I find myself with very little creativity lately... so maybe this update of 83 captions won't be the best but at least they're a bunch of fresh ones (and this time, there a a lot of shorter and less wordy ones as some requested)

But the big and important news is that you no longer need to see the captions in

the Y! Group one at a time! I dunno when, Y! added in the photo section an option to resize the image in large or in its original size (as shown in my state of the art photoshop edited screenshot) !
There is the usual variety for you to choose - lesbos, preggos, bimbos, sissies, mad wifes... just surf them according to your pervertion!

So for the caps just go in HERE and go into the PHOTOS section

So, happy browsing!

Anyway, since more than 50% didn't like poser comics, I focussed more on the caps for this update, but I'll have something ready soon, I'm working on 2 ideas, just need to shape them...

I'm also thinking about trying to write a story like the ones HERE, instead of just caps or comics, you know, try to do some new stuff... but I'm not so secure about the result, so I dunno if it is worth to take a shot.

(just a preview of what you'll see in the update)

Ok, I busted my ass with 83 new captions so please tell me... what do you think of them?

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Knock Knock...

Well seems you like the last caption... That's good!
Sorry for losing my nerve with that "anonymous" comment, he was unnecessary rude.

As promised, better late than ever, I'm uploading a new one.

Exactly like in my previous post, just seeing the picture triggered the story in my head, I mean, imagine knocking a friend's door, that old friend, that regular guy who'll greet you with a hug or a smile, and completely unprepared, getting the marvelous view the guy in the picture is having...
there's a choke for sure.

Anyway, that's all at least for this week... I'm kinda low on creativity and I'm not happy with the caps I made. But still working on them, there's about 40 captions ready to upload, when I get 50 I'll upload them to the Y! Group.

I have to go... seems someone is knocking at my door...

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feeling like Rippin' some buttons today?

First of all thanks for the feedback on Omega Planet. It was a hard proyect demanding a lot of time. I'm working in something new, but I'm not completely convinced with the idea so for now, I have some captions for you!

This one is called "The no curse", and the picture is not top quelity but as soon as I saw it the story came right into my head, so here you are, and remember, if someone asks you if you like this caption... don't say NO!!

This week I'll upload another, I promise!

Anyway, that's all for now, I'll continue working on a poser comic, since in the Poll captions get more votes than comics, I'll try to deliver more of what you want, since you are not only the targt audience, also my first and most respected critics...

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Friday, February 13, 2009

My first Poser Comic!... Vacations are over...

So, vacations are over, we are back to work and we are entering a new year. I decided to make some changes.
I don't have many caps to upload, instead, i've been trying my hand at 3D design with a great free program extremely easy to use called
DAZ Studio, and the result is my first poser-like comic: Omega Planet.

You can grab it at the Y! group or in my new 4shared folder (where I encourage you to upload comics in the Contributions folder), also I uploaded a .rar file if you prefer to download it.
The plot may not be an award winner and there might be some imperfections, remembert his is my first comic of this kind, it requires many days to come up with the final result, so please be kind and just enjoy it.

Here are some previews:

So... what do you think?

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