Monday, January 11, 2010

Something new

To celebrate the new year, I've been working on something new.
Recently I received a mail with a suggestion for a series of captions wich are rarely seen around: captions where the girl has no mouth.

I'm not a big fan, and if you are not a pro with photoshop they look awkward but I liked the idea since they have potencial for a good story and there are so little of them around, that I practiced some time with photoshop and I've made a new limited series of captions - The "...Shh..." series.
I'm uploading one of them here, so if you like the idea, just ask for more.

Also I'm updating 2 captions - I've made 15 new ones so far - for you to enjoy.
One of them is about chubby / fat girls, wich are not my thing, but hell, you can't always get the body of your favourite pornstar right? That's the thing about caption victims... That the transformation is not what you expected.

The second one is for all of you who like tied girls and stuff like that. Let's just say that the caption is about a 'training excercise'...

Last but not less, I've created 2 more of my annoying polls. I'll be very gratefull if you vote.

Yet another think: new link added!

I recommend you visit it. It has very good captions and very good image quality too. If you like his works support him, as he just started!

Hope you like them, see you soon! (comments appreciated)

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