Thursday, May 18, 2017

Corruption of Champions sketches, extra renders and development

Hi again my friends! Whats up?
I'm just hours from getting back home - that's depressing - but for the last auto programmed post I saved something that many have requested: a bit more insight on the making of the CoC Comic!

Turns out that each chapter it's so damn demanding to make that I realize... No chapter has any "bonus shit" at the end!

So tonight I want to share some thing like ideas, the evolution of some characters until the final version, some characters that MIGHT not be in the comic but I still have made the models, and some random shit.

So let's start at the begining... as I made my mind and prepared the drafted and script...
(Oh, and of course you can click the images to see them full size)
I think this fine, refined and modern style of artwork would not be appreciated by most of you. You brutes!
The funny thing is that my very very first idea was to make a comics "inspired" by CoC and not in the CoC universe, about two charatcers that start as enemies but eventually have to work together: a strong, pure, natural leader Paladin that undergoes a more classic bimbo TG and a masculine, chauvinist Barbarian brute that went through more TG/TF changes, but considerably less than what I already did to the Champion of CoC.

"For, like, justice or something, right? Ohmagawd, my sword is so, like, shinny!"

Speaking abou the champion, it went through some tests too.For example, hair style and colors

Not all hairs can have the same color applied to them, which makes it extra difficult to use
Or for example, when I gave her the first serious BE, I had problem choosing the shape: round, starting closer from the neck, or more natural and perky shaped?
 Or, sometimes, I just spend time messing around with the shapes and transformations...

But what really gets on my nerves are the clothes. Not only trying to decide wich clothes I like the most - sometimes they just won't work, with parts of the body poking through it, or sometimes I just want so bad to use some of them but just don't serve the story...

This was an idea to make a "living" bra, that consist of two demonic hands grabbing and squeezing the breasts, that randomly starts to squeeze or massage the Champion's breasts and play with the nipples, and he was unable to take it off

Anyway... He just looks better naked, right?

So, as I say, some models go a long way. I do not have all the renders (I generally prefer to preview in the 3D software rather than actually render the model), but here are some of the early models

Akbal looked quite different, also he was more bulky - I prefer him less bulky so he can have equal speed and strenght

The Blacksmith Dog Girl... ugh! freaks me out.

Ceraph went through several bodies, several skins and quita a different "equipment". Also, the piercing were a last minute addition

Isabella's first model was skinnier and less busty. Also her weapon was smaller and her hair different
Isabella's 2nd test model had an even differnet hair with a side ponytail, a different face and was a bit bulkier.
The SlimeGirl was tested with 5 differnet colors and also a chubbier version was made. This are the renders I have left

a VERY early Edryn model madel

... And some of the hairstyles I tried, alongside the clothes I intended her to wear at first

Ro'Gar the Ork... No, I don't like how it looks
Mhm... Is it a demon morph, a succubi...? Guess!

Well that's it... I hope you find this interesting!

Thanks for checking out the blog. Eager to bring some new content soon!

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Thick curves

Wow! Everything worked fine! the posts were published as sheduled... And dear god, over 100 comments on the last post? that's amazing! And the best part is that I just became rich after a short visit to the casino and I can finance my own movie!

Since I'm writting this a couple of weeks from the time it's being posted, I'm just assuming all that happened... right? I must have powers.

So last time we saw some butts, but today we'll focus on the other side of the deal: boobs and mouth!

And just a quick warning - if you are into very short captions, sorry, this time I'm posting 4 very long captions

I would love to hear her try to speak right now
Yes, I've been using Candy Charms quite a lot. And I will continue using her, I mean, damn... She's just... not the girl you'll introduce to your mother, to say the least! Too bad she got a reduction surgery :(
Mary Madison Love ( plastic Barbie milf and proud of it!

You did read them? Wow! I hope you enjoyed them! what was your favorite? 
 See you soon, I', halfway done with my vacation sadly... But still happy to be able to keep doing this little hobby of mine when I  return

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