Friday, February 5, 2010

Still working

I just realized... I haven't posted anything in almost a month!

Just for you to know, I've been working on some captions, I've been working on the "...Shh..." series, and I have reinstalled Poser and started a new comic wich will suit most fetishes: TG, TF, Preggos, muscular... just wait and see. Perhaps I'll release a teaser if I have more free time (sorry "MasterPC" fans, I know you want chapter 2 but this new proyect is something more ambitious. You'll have to wait...).

So here are a couple of captions for you to enjoy, the first one is done after an image from mastasia (yeah i know they are ridiculosly huge and awfully fake... but i like them anyway!), and well, as many of you know, if you use an image from mastasia, there is a very high posibility it will involve pregnancy, lactation,. nipples, lesbians...

And a new one from the "...Shh..." series! I'm finding really, really hard to erase mouths but I'm doing my best and I think you'll be pleased of the results. This image was originally a caption about a magical necklage, but now, the neckleage has nothing to do with the story (exept being in a place were I would love to be someday)...

Well I'll be logging off now, I hope you enjoy the caps, I hope I have more free time in february so I can finish a new big update soon!

And as usual... just tell me what you think, request for something, ask questions, just simply leave a comment!

See ya!

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