Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Arriving late, but with a lot of good wishes

Hi everybody... Again, it's been a while!
But... what's that? It's almost New Year? Xmas has passed already?
I can't believe I miss the xmas post! I left it sitting inside his folder inside my HDD.
perhaps writing so much about bimbos is starting to affect my mind?
I know, posting a photo of xmas now seems like so dull and old-fashioned right?
I just hope you have a good hollyday like the one I had this year!
So Maybe my xmas present is late, and even though Santa, again, instead of giving me EE cups gave me a crappy piece of clothing, I'll leave here 8 captions as a present fo you.

Let's begin with that precious moment when you open your gifts, wishing so hard that they were...

And don't forget that it's not good top spend the hollydays alone.

And now I shut up and stop spoiling the captions!

The reason why I've been so busy is simple: my new poser coming is coming out... It's 99% done! Just the covers, a second reading to correct some mistakes and minor stuff is left. So I guess in a couple of days it'll be posted here.
If not, bad luck - I'm going on vacation next week (beach, bikinis, the usual unfulfilled hope of topless girls...), so dont expect much at least until January 15.

Have a great, great new year mates. Thank you for accompanying me this year ans other ones.
I sincerely only wish the best for you in 2011 in this fucked up world.


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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Home... Finally, home! Time for the "classics+fetishes"

I'm back from what must have been the worst month on my life... so much travelling... So little time or energies left for captions...
But, now I'm back, and I'm putting you up to date like you deserve.

Let's see what we got here...
Tonight I feel like classic captions. So let's get on with a nice, naive body swap...

Yes, I know... You've seen a lot like this one probably, and a lot of miswishes too...
but at least from my captions, you haven't seen anything like THIS... I believed it's called futanari, right?

I know, it's not for everybody to like it, not really my thing, just adding spice to the fetish mix around here!

So, If that's not your kind of caption, I'm sure this one will best suit 90% of the readers here...

Time to go to bed. I'm out of energies for real!

BTW, thanks for the comments... a lot!

Someone mentioned nurses and maids on the comments? Boy, there's a lot to be done in that area. I have a giant to-do caption list already with the great ideas you gave me before!

See you soon,


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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Udating math: when 60 = 129!

First of all, I wanted to thank you for your feedback on my little campaign of "No Fetish Left Behind" and the ideas you gave me. I'll try to made the most of them for you.

Now, let's get to business...

Yes! I made it! I rushed a few ones, but after almost 6 months without any updates... The September Update is here, and it has 129 caps waiting for you!

Find all the girls you love (or love to be turned into) and other fetishes invovled, as usual, HERE, in my Yahoo! Group.
All you need is a Yahoo! mail account to join the group - so don't be lazy, the group is spam-free now, and you can also see the captions online without downloading them on the Photo Gallery.
If you have something agains Yahoo!, you can also download them as a .RAR file on my 4shared folder, where I also store my comics.

Big boobs, bimbos, sissies, sluts, forced feminization, magical changes, misswishes, curses, potions, preggos, milky tits, somination, lesbians, furry girls, interracial... And much more is waiting for you.

Sorry for making you wait so long for an update. 129 captions is my way of saying "ups, *giggle*, I'm, like, soooo sorry guys".

Now, don't expect much more from ne for at least a month. The reason I made so much caps and some of them very fast is because I have to travel to Sao Paulo, Montevideo and Buenos Aires for business and I won't be making much captions with my old notebook, and when I come back, I'll try to spend some hours on my next comic (I was making one, but I didn't like the way it was coming, so...)

So, do you like them? Tell me! Comment! Suggest!


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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A bit more won't hurt...

Ok, back on track, back on captions!
20 comments? I really should stick with such mixed fetishes! It's an official record on the Blog!

Thanks for the feedback, really. What you wrote is wonderfull. Really cheers me up. I answered some of your questions on the last post. Check my comment.

Please understand, that I can't make a caption about every single fetish: not only I need an image that goes with the story and the fetish, also I like to use good, big images, images that shoot ideas in my head, and they're hard to find. This round, images are not that good, but I think they deliver the idea nevertheless...

So what's on? Let's see...

Let's start with a remix... (the remote is back! Yes, I know, Nintendo stole my remote design for their Wii)

But seeing that girl make me feel cold. She should have some fur to be more warm!

Following a request on the comments, another remix... this is the best I have for now with objects+lactation

Oh No! how could we forgotten about those big, heart shaped asses!?

That's seems to be all for now.
There's about 80 captions for the next update, I'll try to make it next week.
I'm spending time working on a new comic at the same time, but it's only 40.9999% done.

What fetish did I forgot? What can we mix, what do you suggest? help me, this is fun, leave a comment!


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No Fetish Left Behind...

Wow, last post was very succesful, 16 comments must be a record on this blog.
I'm so glad to see so many people following my captions! It motivates me to do even more

I guess the comments had something to do with the fetish subject, so I made some more captions about other fetishes (of course, I can't make a caption about each fetish, but, the most common will have one).

So, in the next days I'll be probably changing the design of the Blog (it's starting to look "Retro"), clean up the links and add new ones, while i keep on producing my captions, alongside with other lots and lots of unfinished captions / comics / story / etc. wich I never ended, yes, because I'm a bit lazy.

So, about the captions and the fetishes, I noticed Asian Girl is a very common one...

Speaking about interracial changes, how about some ebony fun?

And if we add latin sissy + some milky breasts?

Or, if you're like me, probably your first fetish was multiple breasts (Oh, I remember JMorph, transformationcircle, Access and so many others digital pioneers who's work I lost track of...), you'll like this one, just excuse my mediocre photoshop...

Enjoy your freedom and comment! Is not like you are a helpless inanimate object for amusement of your master, right?

I hope to post more captions again soon if time allows me.
Perhaps you could help me by leabing a comment abou what fetishes I forgot?


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Monday, July 19, 2010

Back from South Africa, miss you! Now: attending fetishes!

The 2010 World Cup is over (congratulations to any spanish readers, by the way!) and it's old news. I cannot describe what is like to attend to the World Cup, there's noting like it, I managed to see almost 3/4 of the matches, and that much travelling was woth it. Ah, there's nothing like Football.

Going away for 3 weeks really left me behind a pile of work when I came back, but now my life is back to normal, and you know what that means?

Yes, it means CAPTIONS!!!

In just 3 days I produced over 30 captions, wich added to the ones I made before my trip leaves a total of... Oh, I'm not telling you that. More than 60 for sure.

Now, let's go straight to the captions:

Anyone up for some big round preggo belly with tits about to burst?

Or you're up for some more firm flesh, perhaps with tight skin around hard hot muscles?

Let's not forget that the sweet chubby girl in undersized clothes cap's are back!

And, if you're still reading this, be a pal, and next time bring a friend to share your experience!

I hope you like them, I really do... Perhaps enough to comment on them?

I'll try to upload the rest on the next few days.


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Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm not dead... I'm in SOUTH AFRICA!

As usual, I've been absent, but as you might notice, I went to see the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa with my friends - it was a sudden decission, I almost put my job on jeopardy, but what the hell, this is amazing! Yesterday I went to the opening ceremony (boring as usual) and now I'm posting some work I had forgot to upload (by the way, Wi-fi is not the greatest thing here).

I just can't describe what is like to be in a World Cup. Dream come true.

... But I like you so much, that even here I took time for you to repay my absence: 3 captions!

The first one I made it because if you're reading this, there's a bimbo inside you, a sissy crying like such, waiting for the right time to get out and take control over you until you're the one trapped inside her: If you don't think so, just take a look, and tell me how sure you are that this could not happen to you...

The second one, I won't spoil by telling you what's about.

And the third one, featuring a personal favourite, Iga Wyrwal, Is a story I made for a user back in the Vip Submissions Goup (the group is closed, but you can check out the stuff I made some years ago for the users here)

Last thing, for those of you who are members of the Y! Group, I already cleaned the spam and removed the member, I'm terribly sorry for the hugue amount of crap he's been sending.

I retire to bed now - tomorrow I must be on the stadium cheering for my team.

I'll try to upload more soon, hope you like this ones after so much time

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Back in black!

No, it's not the great AC/DC song, it's just me saying "Hi everybody, since it's been a while, I'm uploading some stuff"

Yes, today we have captions with black background - I know what you're thinking: "Wow! great! you're so original, this changes the whole concept of captions for me!" -.

Now, speaking (a very tiny bit more) seriously, I have 2 captions for you:
The first one involves a fitness girl - yes, I also like amazons and muscuar woman, so probably I'll make a muscular TG series soon - wich is not muscular as hulk, yet I find it so damn sexy! Take a look...

Then, a short one, for those who like girls a little chubby and extra busty...

The bad news is that the MMOTG series is severely delayed in production... I never imagines that it'll be so hard! But I'm determines to make 15-30 captions about it, so just wait up some little more.

No more news today... see you soon!

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to roots + New series!

After much caption making, I decided to travel back to my roots, oh, so long ago, when I used Paint Shop Pro 5 and modify the girl's curves, making her lips huge so they can't even speak, and, of course, a mad wife behind the changes...
So I choose a pic I had stored waiting to be captiones for a long time with Carmella Bing, a babe with very big round breasts and wide hips (a bit fat in her latest pic, though) and did what God never did with humanity: I gave the girl what should be every women body standard proportions!

I just imagined... What if you where changed, dressed, and it doesn't end there, just go on, until you became unreal... Seeing your flat male chest develop A cups, going B, C, D cups... until you can't even hold them with your hand? Your hips growing so wide, forcing you to stick your butt out to mantain balance, like if you were begging for penetration, and your lips swell, more and more, poutier, glossier to the extreme and even more, until you can barely say something than sounds like a word?
Well you just got it!

And, of course, a little bonus one!

The other big news is that I finally decided to make the MMOTG (MMO: massively multiplayer online) captions series, almost 2 years later. I hope you like this one! I leave you the first one.

You want even more? I started a new comic, but this time, I intend to make it different. Probably, the transformation proccess will be slower, and It'll be based on a movie, wich was a lame movie, so my comic can't be much worse.

I'll be back soon. For more frequent updates, follow me on twitter

See you soon!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Now on Twitter!

I'm finally established on my new home. Now that life came back to normal after one hell of a month, I must speed up the creation of new captions!

Even though I'm not a big fan, I set up a twitter account, so you just can see what's on here.

Thisis a short post - so you go can go straight to the caption. I'll be back soon with more!

P.S.: the girl's name is Milena Velba, and yes, I use her a lot in my caps, she has incredible photo sets wich are easy to write a caption about.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Little time! No time! So busy this days!

I've been very busy this last months, I haven't updated a thing, and I must say I haven't worked that much on the captions or the comic, but that is close to an end.
The reason I'm busy is because I just moved to a new house -a bigger one, with better view, more inspiring- and I have a little issue with the internet connection, not to mention the very little free time I have this days...

But I managed to do some captions, and I'm uploading a couple here here

The first one, is dedicated to Frontios (If you don't know who he is check his deviantart profile and artwork), who was right by saying that I forgot about preggos in the last update (Sorry my fellow preggo lovers!), so here you go, enjoy this one, I believe the size of this lady covers for the ones missing!

The second one is for all you fast car lovers, what better than a Ford Mustang and a hot slut to join the ride? Well, as long as you're not the slut, right?

So this is all for now. I'll try to do some more next week, currently, I only have 17 captions done and I want to dedicate some time to the forgotten MMOTG series.

See you soon, and if you like it, leave a comment!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

It's here... March UPDATE, 106 caps!!!!!

Yes, it has arrived at last, as you can see, I had much free time on my vacations, and shortly after delivering you "Quest for Glory" (wich, by the way, has been by far the most commented post and the downloads are rising every day from 4shared) I deliver you... March Update!!

What you get this time?
Well, a lot really: 106 captions!

- 80 regular captions, with the usual stuff, varied lenght, dumb blondes, you name it.
- 26 special captions: the "...Shhh..." series is finished! For all those who love mouthless girls but can't find enough on the web, I made this special series just for you, and it was a nice challenge I must admit. Give it a try, you might be surprised...

So, as usual, log into the Yahoo! group with this link (come on guys... you just need a yahoo email to be a member! don't be lazy!) and check them out, they are waiting for you!
I tried other image sources like picassa or flick, but I don't like them. They resize badly the images and the multi-image-loading system is not fast. Suggestions are welcome!

But this is not the end. I have several proyects going on:
- Another comic (actually, i have 3)
- I'm finally doing the MMOTG series! It was very delayed, I must admit.
- My first written story, an interactive story: you will choose your path and suffer (or enjoy) the transformations after your own decisions!
- A MOVIE. Yes, a movie, using poser. But I can't make any promises, I need to acquire more knowledge on how to make the movie, look for sounds, different character voices, and it just take too long and my PC is not powerfull enough.

This is my way of saying "thank you" for the feedback on my previous work. You make this possible.

If you have any suggestion, it is always welcome, after all, it was a suggestion what gave me the idea for the "...Shh..." series.

Comments? Ctitics? Suggestions? Leave your comment!


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Friday, March 5, 2010

My new comic: The Quest for Glory, a comic with much more than just TG fiction!

When I made my last post on moday I told you I've been quiet because I was working on something huge.
That huge think has arrived at last!

It took me more than 40 days to complete it, it was an ambitious project, but it is finally done!
I present to you: "Quest For Glory", my 5th poser comic!

And what you get by downloding it? I tell you that now: this one is not like my previous 4 comics: it contains 8 chapters where the characters will be facing situations wich involves:
- TG
- Male and female TF
- BE
- Sissies
- Pregnancy & lactation
- Muscular
- Furry
- Bondadge

"Quest for Glory" is a medieval themed comic, the images are big sized, it's easy to read and with many images per page, containing 4 main characters instead of just one like poser comics usually have. I think i made great improvements in poser such as trying new kind of morphs on the characters and using multiple light sources.
As a plus, every chapter has at least one transformation sequence if you are one of those who skips the entire comic until they reach the sequence.

The comic is inside a WinRAR file containing 8 folders inside , one for each chapter for easy reading. And don't worry, the chapters are not 40 pages long this time!

But I know you are not very much interested in keep reading this post, so go ahead and download it from HERE in my 4shared folder

So, you liked it? You enjoyed it? You have any suggestions or criticism?
- PLEAE Leave a comment!! I need feedback on this one!

See you around,

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Coming soon... very soon...

A few hours ago someone left a comment asking me why I've been so absent lately.
It's true, last time I posted something was on February 5th!

But there is a reason for my absence... It's because not only I've made a bunch of new captions, I've also been working on something HUGE...
I Can't tell you much, I don't wanna spoil the surprise, but it will suit a large variety of fantasies I believe!

So stay tunned... By the end of this week or the first days of the next one it will be finished!

Here a some caps so you won't forget about me


See you soon!

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Still working

I just realized... I haven't posted anything in almost a month!

Just for you to know, I've been working on some captions, I've been working on the "...Shh..." series, and I have reinstalled Poser and started a new comic wich will suit most fetishes: TG, TF, Preggos, muscular... just wait and see. Perhaps I'll release a teaser if I have more free time (sorry "MasterPC" fans, I know you want chapter 2 but this new proyect is something more ambitious. You'll have to wait...).

So here are a couple of captions for you to enjoy, the first one is done after an image from mastasia (yeah i know they are ridiculosly huge and awfully fake... but i like them anyway!), and well, as many of you know, if you use an image from mastasia, there is a very high posibility it will involve pregnancy, lactation,. nipples, lesbians...

And a new one from the "...Shh..." series! I'm finding really, really hard to erase mouths but I'm doing my best and I think you'll be pleased of the results. This image was originally a caption about a magical necklage, but now, the neckleage has nothing to do with the story (exept being in a place were I would love to be someday)...

Well I'll be logging off now, I hope you enjoy the caps, I hope I have more free time in february so I can finish a new big update soon!

And as usual... just tell me what you think, request for something, ask questions, just simply leave a comment!

See ya!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Something new

To celebrate the new year, I've been working on something new.
Recently I received a mail with a suggestion for a series of captions wich are rarely seen around: captions where the girl has no mouth.

I'm not a big fan, and if you are not a pro with photoshop they look awkward but I liked the idea since they have potencial for a good story and there are so little of them around, that I practiced some time with photoshop and I've made a new limited series of captions - The "...Shh..." series.
I'm uploading one of them here, so if you like the idea, just ask for more.

Also I'm updating 2 captions - I've made 15 new ones so far - for you to enjoy.
One of them is about chubby / fat girls, wich are not my thing, but hell, you can't always get the body of your favourite pornstar right? That's the thing about caption victims... That the transformation is not what you expected.

The second one is for all of you who like tied girls and stuff like that. Let's just say that the caption is about a 'training excercise'...

Last but not less, I've created 2 more of my annoying polls. I'll be very gratefull if you vote.

Yet another think: new link added!

I recommend you visit it. It has very good captions and very good image quality too. If you like his works support him, as he just started!

Hope you like them, see you soon! (comments appreciated)

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