Saturday, November 26, 2011

In the mood for some poser comics?

After reading the comments on the previous posts (biiiiig thank you for the feedback!) I realized that I've been working on 4 different poser comics, wich lead to... None of them even half finished!

There are several reasons for that: work, study, old PC with makes rendering the images agonizingly slow...

So I thought: Is it better quality or quantity?

Today I choose quantity!
For the last 4 days, using an old comic I found and making another two in a rush (wich probably mean typing mistakes, unchecked grammar, etc. You can even see some ugly things in the cover, like the "vip" sign in the boog... awful) so hereby my friends I present to you...

Vip Comics #1!

Gathered here are short stories, comics I was not entirely convinced to make, and stuff! Let my beloved succubus tell you some stories before bedtime!

As always, for free... And bear in mind that this #1 issue could be worth millions on ebay in the future!

So don't waste any more time and get it HERE, in my 4shared folder!

There  might or might not be another comic before christmas. I can't be sure. I can only tell you, it's not gonna be about a present, girls dressed as santa and all that stuff... Let's go against marketing! Viva la RevoluciĆ³n!

Hope you enjoy it, comments / suggestions / a positive critic, are always welcome!

Wich story you liked the most?

See you soon!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

More bimbos and weird stuff

Hi! How are you tonight?
I'm great. Last weeks have been a blast. A very deserved rest from work finally, and it all ended up in around 25 captions in my PC. +/-1 a day is a good production.

The thing is, when I got more free time, I usually use it to go a bit mor far away than usual.
Of course this involves pregnant ladies, but I meant something more.

Like, for example, playing with Photoshop to try to create those awesome fake unreal curves on a girl...  

You rather be like the right one or the left one? Who's better?

Still, that was not enough for me. There's a thing that some of us love: strong, tall, powerfull girls.
I made some of those before, but I always wanted to do more, sadly they're not very popular.
But some of them makes me wish if only... if only...

That's my 'little' lady avenger.

But, let's save the best (at least for me) for the end...

There is always the good old, reliable, always up to the task dominatrix, and of course, the sissy pet

If you have any issues go talk to her boss and see!

And that's all... for now!

Next post: turning into a bimbo, preggers, or mad wifes? Mixed fetish?
I haven't made my mind yet.

Hope you enjoy them, comment if you mind.


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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Turning into a bimbos is, like, Fun! (wait... did I just said "Like"?)

First of all... thanks for the comments! I was very, very pleased, they make me happy to see so much of them when I checked my mail. Every "artist" needs feedback, needs the love of the readers, even for guidance.

Now, about the post...
Yes, you read it correctly. A long, forbidden matter: guys turning into bimbos!
Sadly, This ones do not cover the long process, but I made other that do that (e.g.: guys feels weird, changes this, fights it, changes more...)
I posted this ones because I felt like doing some captions were the victims are 1/2 their way into eternal, stupid, dumb bimbification, and I love them!
Hopefully this month I'll be able to work some more. I just don't have the free time, and I have so much poser stuff half their way done than I believe I manage to get one done by December with luck.

Anyway, enjoy the captions! just a taste of what I'm doing back in my little dark corner!

You like them? You hate them?
Leave a comment

Oh, yes, almost forgot. The Y! Group issue is fixed. You can watch the captions there, under the Photos section, all with thumbnails, remember to check the "original size" button over the right side of the image.

I must go. I dunno why, but I feel like shopping and watching cute puppies *giggle*


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