Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas! As always, my gift for you: all the 2016 captions in one pack!

Ho Ho Ho!!! 
Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas for each and every one of you, whoever you are, wherever you are!
Or... Happy Holidays if you feel somehow offended by the holiday name

What a lovely, amazing holliday isnt't it? Eating, drinking, friends, family, drunk family, that creepy uncle, or that weird new aunt's boyfriend, or even that hot relative you're not supposed to drool at *wink*?

But let's not lie to ourselves, we know the true spirit arrives when you rush down to open your so eagerly anticipated presents!!

Tell me, did you get those amazing... pair of socks?
Or that... Tie, you wanted so badly?
Or that brand new... Shitty backpack, for the always merry 'back to school' day?

Well, don't be mad! Because at least from me, you'll be getting exactly what I promised like the last 4 previous christmas: All the Captions I made during the year, and I never posted!

So even if this year was absolutely comic-focused, I still manages to make some Captions, a total of

 66  64 (sorry, 2 are juts images I just checked)

So, want to see what's in the Captions pack? Check some of them now!
Here's a small mini-comic/image sequence I made to begin with (I do make so few of those!):

And here are some more

Like what youve seen so far?
Get them HERE:


I don't know if I'll be posting anything until first or second week of 2017. The CoC comic fucked up my rustic schedule, and I still want to make the new year mini-series as usual (Asylum, Shhh, Mad Witch Wifes...) but time is on short supply. plus, VipComics #6 is already delayed!
so many plans... so little time...

Wich one you liked the most? Any suggestions? Something to say?
Remember to leave a comment!
 It's that ime of the year when you're supposed to be kind!

Happy Holydays!

Thanks for this amazing year. You've been great. Without you, I would already have quit. Have an amazing rest of 2016!

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Captions Rush, part 3: Miswishes and curses!

Last post before Christmas Update! We've seem the preggos, we've seen the tech-related captions, so it's only natural that today we're going for... Magic related captions!

Magic includes a lot: curses, cursed objects, booby traps, spells, spells that backfire, swaps, and maybe by far the most popular, miswishes, amongst other things!

So there they are, enjoy! Let's start by an all-time favorite: the dumb genie that fucks your wishes up (come on... we all now deep down, he didn't fuck them up that bad after all!)

Try to run with those... I'll pay to see that
Little spoiler: Next year's special mini-series might be about Milf's TG

I'll try to make more ass-related captions next year.

And of course, the Bonus Caption: the dumb BIMBO!

So, this is it! Tomorrow I'll upload all the captions in a folder for you to download and enjoy.

Merry Christmas!
  Enjoy your presents and family/friends! Eat, drink, and do your best to have a peaceful night. Do something good today, even one single thing.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Captions Rush part 2: Technology

Hi again! I see you liked the pregnant captions from yesterday, great! I wanted to post some of those for a long time.

Let's keep this quick and simple since I'm heading off to bed right now... And enjoy the captions for the second day of "Captions Rush"!

Tonight I'm bringing you tech-related captions. That doesn't mean they consist about machines changing you, it means there are some kind of technology related to the story, even if it's a simple use of social media.

So enjoy!

Oh! Almost forgot the Bonus Caption, another subject highly requested: Asian Interracial!!!

I hope you like them, see you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holy deers! It's almost Christmas! Let's hurry and post Captions every day until then! Captions rush part 1

Oh shit, this year I was so, so busy re-learning how to render with the new render engine, and the result of that, Corruption of the Champion, has taken not only months of practice and modeling before its release, but it is also now getting so much longer and slower than I expected!

The result? This year, Captions have been lacking. I made only a bunch, and posted even less!!

Now, you know every year I upload all the captions (the ones I post on the blog and the ones you've never seen) as a Christmas gift, but this year I posted so little few, than I'm gonna try to make a post each day with some captions until Christmas.

SO, what theme should we start with? Oh, I know, an absolute favorite and a very requested theme...

Pregnant Captions!

The look of the blonde girl... priceless!

Yes I know, there are quite a few typing errors. No time to check them all!

Aaaaaand... Bonus Caption!

I think it's the perfect opportunity to give you something because CoC part 12 will be released on new year (or a week later)

You liked then? Wich one you liked the most? See you tomorrow!

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Corruption of the Champion, Part 11 !!!

Oh, I know, I know... It's been a while! And to think that I had predicted to finish this comic by January... it's been 4 months of CoC and you know where are we? At the middle!! Damn, this universe is large, and this rendering method is slow!

But you should focus on the good part of the story... And, since support has been, way way more than amazing, tonight you got a DOUBLE CHAPTER!

Yes, I was about to upload the first half of what you're getting tonight, but I felt it was a bit too little, so, hey, I did it again, I got greedy and made a 66 pages long chapter! The longest so far.

And let me tell you... It's loaded with action... Both fighting and potion induced!

But first let's remember, where were we?

And since I'm in a good mood, and someone asked for it, here you got a little bonus: the full sized image of the Champion (open in a new tab for full size) that someone requested

(click image with the mouse wheel button, or right click - > open in a new tab)

Ah, so, wanna see what's going to happen? Go on! enjoy, get it here!


(Enjoy the little Cliffhanger, he he he... You know who it is?)

Now for the bad part and sad news...
You might have to wait 2, 3, or even 4 weeks for part 12. It has started again, the energy shortages, the hollydays and its travels and family / friends reunions... I foresee a mayor lack of free time. Mainly because of the DAMN ENERGY CUTS!!!!!
I think I'll make a couple of pre-made post with captions (this year I made soooo few!) just in case.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this part, we've been doing fine on schedules so far, so lets cross our fingers, and as usual, THANKS FOR THE AMAZING; NEVERENDING SUPPORT SO FAR!

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Corruption of the Champion, part 10

Ohhh the big roman number "X"... Means 10 chapters of CoC already!
Can you believe it? It's becoming the longest ongoing series I ever made- and much to our Champion disgrace, we're barely halfway done!

Perfect opportunity to thank you all. Support, ideas, feedback, critics, everything has been awesome (damn, now I have that damn evil Lego Movie theme song stuck in my head) . thanks a lot! Really feels like we're doing it together

This is the perfect opportunity also to answer some of the most asked questions:
- Yes, Cerpah will return.
- Yes, Next time we see Urta she'll have her endowments fixed
- Yes, we're about to venture into the mountain and it secrets. Maybe the Champion will discover a secret in the plot?
- Yes, there are still lots of characters waiting to be introduced
- No, there won't be Harpys, Owca Town, or Gargoyles. The models I made were just horrible and I can't keep adding stuff.
- No, I won't make the desert Coven. Tough choice, but for the same reasons explained before.
- No, the ending is still undecided. Probably a bad ending (though I believe some bad endings are actually good endings) or probably one I think about myself, that could be close to a happy ending.
- No, this is far from the Champions final form. So if you like it enjoy it or hate it, who knows what could grow or shrink?

So let's bring the good stuff! Let's see where we left off...

Still seems like his idea of final form is... Uhm... a "work in progress"

What would happen? Is our Champion dead? Am I such an asshole that I decided to kill him and bring a new Champion into play... Or Martin has turned into a new creature?
Check it out! Get it from here:


And again, thanks a lot for the feedback. I'll do my best to bring a new chapter next weekend, it's looking tight, and next chaper is maybe a little longer than usual.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Corruption of the Champion, part IX


Sunday, oh sunday... I don't know you, but for me, sunday afternoons are kinda sad. Means monday morning is lurking around the corner and there's not much left to do on the weekend.

But hold on there! I might have something to brighten the afternoon... Yes, it's the part IX!
I had to make a tough decision, because this part was very long. Upload the entire part now, and then make you wait another 2 weeks or cut it in half and upload the next week?

I decided to cut it in half, so you don't have to wait another 2 weeks

So where are we on the story?

Oh, right, our Champion is full with confidence, feeling more comfortable in his body,  but, sadly he's in rut, meaning that he has tunnel vision right now, only caring about sex until the rut passes.... and he's almost out of gems.
Will he get more corrupted? What adventures will he come across? New characters will make an appearance?
Check it out!


So far support has been great. Makes me so happy! Thank you very much for all the feedback.!!!
I'm trying to adapt my script to many of the ideas and request you make. Keep it coming, we're having fun I believe!

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Corruption of the Champion, part VIII

Welcome back!!
Halloween has passed, I'm glad you liked the little comic I made for you, but now it's time to get back with the agenda. And, man, it's getting tight!

Did you thought I was going to leave you another full week without knowing what's going on with our Champion? No way!
Last time we saw him, the poor fellow was drunk after suckling all the beer Niamh's breasts had, and after Edryn rejected him, he was left alone with the stiffest hard-on of his life... But Urta came in to play at the end...

This part / chapter was very hard to put together.
For starters, it's one of (if not the) longer chapter.
It has a fair share of action, so I hope you enjoy it. All I can say, is that our Champion is about to have a very busy night... And drink a new potion...

What's gonna happen? You dare to guess? Find out now!


P.S.: I know Urta is one of the readers/gamers favorite characters, and I've been getting feedback about the model. To be more specific, I've seen a lot of "Urta has a horse cock! You got it wrong!".

I will try to fix it without breaking the story, iIt will be fixed in a couple of chapters.
Why? because the next 2 chapters are already rendered. So for now... enjoy her with what she has, that's still more than enough, you'll see.

Tell me if you liked this chapter! want to see something in particular? Ask a question? Just leave a comment!

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