Monday, April 29, 2013

Old Captions: the forgotten TG VIP Submissions Group

Oops, almost forgot about this one!
Back in the Y! Groups days, my groups grew fast and free storage in the Internet was not as abundant as it is nowadays.
Luckily my groups grew fast, and after the great feedback I was receiving I was so happy that I decided to let my readers inspire me: I set up a group where you can send me what would you like to happen to you if you were the protagonist in one of my captions, and the victims of your own fetish... and a bit more sometimes.
I made a few (almost 50) before closing the group: uncontrollable spam killed it fast.

Some of them even were for talented artists that I like a lot: Apokol and Neko-Chan, and another one I might forgot because my brain is almost fried by now.

Some of them are mixed in the regular "Old Captions" folders, some are not, so you may see a couple of repeated caps.

Preggos were in high demand...

... And some asked very weird things

Get them HERE!

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Old Captions: W - Z

Oh my God, Finally the last ones!
there's just 45 of them, and some great ones! You don't believe me?
Judge for yourselves... Look at this ones:

I'm almost sure that this was my first "bimbo progression" caption

The link to them is THIS ONE

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Old Captions: T - V

This pack has not as many captions as the previous ones (88 Captions inside) But it certainly has great ones!
Here are 7 of them I loved doing:
I wanted to do a full series of magazines... Never did. I wonder if it was a good idea?

I know, many of you enter this post just to see this caption... You naughty...


You want them? Click HERE

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Old Captions: R - S

Another one, 145 captions inside. Check out his 6!

Download them HERE

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Old Captions: N - Q

131 captions wait for yo inside. Here are some of them!

There's another version of this cap in the file uploaded. Judge for yourself which one is better

If you want them, click HERE

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Old captions: I - M

"I" to "M" captions had quite a lot of good captions.
Judge for youselves! There's plenty (159 captions) to satisfy lots of tastes.

Here's a quick selection of them

There was a time were I did short aptions, straight to the point. I messed up somewhere...

To get them, just click HERE

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Old Captions: E - H

More old Captions!
This time, 116 captions for you to enjoy. Here's a sample of what you'll find in this upload:

I was once proud of this... now it's Photoshop work made my eyes bleed

I used a lot of Faith pictures in my first days
Get them clicking HERE

Thanks for the comments!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Old Captions: B - D

I'm Posting in a hurry... To prove that I don't always leave things halfway done, today I'm posting a link to my old captions starting from the letter B to the D included: a total of 189 captions!
You want to see a sample of what's inside?
Look no further, here you go!

I always loved this one

I remember this one having great success between the readers

You can get them as always clicking HERE

I hope you enjoy them and thanks for the comments on the previous post!

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