Monday, May 25, 2015

Time to choose, scrap, abandon, retake, and finish

After so many comments asking for a comic, I thought I should give you something. You've been great with me.

First of all, YES, I'm planning to release something in the first week of June if possible, and it's a BIG one. I still haven't decided if I should release it in one chapter a week basis or one huge, gigantic file with hundreds of pages.

No, it's not Jinkxed 2, that comic may never be done as it doesn't even have a script, and I don't think I can improve the original that much.Plus, it would probably take me a full year to make.

Now, it's time for good; and not-so-good news.

First, he not-so-good news...
I know May has been a slow month around here: I took the time needed to bring order to the chaos of my comics projects. I have this little attention disorder, and I tend to start 4 things at the same time. Now where was I? Oh right, sadly that means cancelling some works in progress. Some of them were started in 2011!
It was a sad month, as I had nice ideas and expectations, but those comics did not satyisfy me for several reasons

Now, yes, The Good News!
I'm going to release them anyway as cancelled comics! I spent many hours working on them and they're not good just using space on my hard drive, so from time to time you'll see something like this:

I don't know if I'm making myself clear... Can you see the "Cancelled" sign from a kilometer away?

And you'll get something like half a comic.

Who knows, maybe I even make a post with some random images and set up apoll so you can choose wich unfinished comic should be released first.


Oh, but wait, there are even better news!
But don't worry. There are plenty comics to come... Take a look at all the comics I've started:

Yes, every folder is a comic in progress.

Oh, you still want more? Like... Spoilers about the next release? There you go!

I'll also give you a hint about the  next comic: It's not going to happen in outer space. 
Useful hint, isn't it?

If you think releasing cancelled comics it's a bad idea, please let me know.
See you soon!

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Friday, May 1, 2015

They had it coming

Lots of times, we see captions about miswishes, mecanical malfunctions, magical mistakes, unwanted side effects of experimental drugs, or simply bold careless guys having to deal with the consequences of their actions.

But if you think about it... Yeah, if you're stupid enough to do some of the abobe, you're not a victim, you simply had it coming for being an idiot!
Well... I must admit, I'd love to have the oportunity to be an idiot in some of those cases.

So why this guys had it coming?
Well, it's simple. For starters, you should know what 'experimental' means

Or, always give the best you can to the ones you trust your life with

 And don't let me started about having great ideas while yuo're drunk, and try to implement them

We were all missing some Pregnant Captions

But hey, sometimes, when you did the damage to yourself and try to fix it, you end up messing things up way beyond you can manage !

I hope you liked them! And thanks for the amazing feedback you gave me on the previous post! What do you think I should include in the next post?
If this month everything goes well, I might be publishing a comic. A large one.

Have a nice weekend!

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