Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Arriving late, but with a lot of good wishes

Hi everybody... Again, it's been a while!
But... what's that? It's almost New Year? Xmas has passed already?
I can't believe I miss the xmas post! I left it sitting inside his folder inside my HDD.
perhaps writing so much about bimbos is starting to affect my mind?
I know, posting a photo of xmas now seems like so dull and old-fashioned right?
I just hope you have a good hollyday like the one I had this year!
So Maybe my xmas present is late, and even though Santa, again, instead of giving me EE cups gave me a crappy piece of clothing, I'll leave here 8 captions as a present fo you.

Let's begin with that precious moment when you open your gifts, wishing so hard that they were...

And don't forget that it's not good top spend the hollydays alone.

And now I shut up and stop spoiling the captions!

The reason why I've been so busy is simple: my new poser coming is coming out... It's 99% done! Just the covers, a second reading to correct some mistakes and minor stuff is left. So I guess in a couple of days it'll be posted here.
If not, bad luck - I'm going on vacation next week (beach, bikinis, the usual unfulfilled hope of topless girls...), so dont expect much at least until January 15.

Have a great, great new year mates. Thank you for accompanying me this year ans other ones.
I sincerely only wish the best for you in 2011 in this fucked up world.


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