Saturday, January 25, 2014

VipComic #3 has arrived: this time it's an XL edition!

It was about time, wasn't it? After 2 or 3 weeks of delay, the new comic it's finally done!
This time, you're getting the 3rd issue of my short stories VipComics!

But... This is no regular 15 pages short stories issue, no no no... This is an XL Edition!

You do remember VipComics #1 and VipComics#2, right?
As usual, it consist on 3 short comics holding 3 different TG/TF subjects I made in a shorter time than usual

But, Why did I choose to release VipComics #3?
-  This time, the stories are longer, transformations more detailed and with a little more complete stories, because they feature 3 of the many comics I started and cancelled, wich I adapted, re-rendered and finished to put them together in this release.

- All Images are 1600 x 900 px resolution, fitting in full-screen almost any monitor perfectly

- I'm working on a scheduled, bigger mid-February release for a new comic

- I like to try new things, new  fetish, expand fantasies, and the shorter stories in VipComics are the perfect playground. There's something you'll like for sure!

Download link:
Mediafire Mirror

Remember to use WinRar or 7-zip to open the files, and I recommend ACDSee to view the images (free, fast, full-screen default with comfortable interface)

Now it's your turn to leave a comment and tell me what you think about VipComics #3! Remember any feedback (as long as it's polite), suggestions or reviews helps me a lot and fuels me!

See you next week with some more Witch Wifes Stories!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Witchy Friday

Phew! This was a busy week! But at least it's Friday, and guess what? Time for more Witch Wife's Stories!

After seeing it was well received, I made more, so tonight i'm uploading the ones I liked the best.

Remember, it's all about teaching a lesson through a punishment... And maybe a little plus?

For example:

Most girl don't want a threesome. Don't push too hard.

If you feel like buying crap... Don't pay with a method that can be tracked you idiot!

Also, remember: She expects to be your love, your other half and your best friend, no matter what.

And of course, the #1 cause of discussion in every single couple around the world...

So, that's it for today.
Did you like them? Leave a comment! Let me know what's on your mind!

P.S.: have you checked out Tseudo Nimm's TAG Chapter 3?

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Friday, January 10, 2014

New Mini series: Witch Wifes Stories

My little vacations at the beach ended this morning, and as I sadly return to my everyday vices and routine, to the infernal heat of the city, checking the blog I noticed it's been while since I posted something new.

A couple of months ago, in this post someone suggested a mini-series of captions, in his own words, "about different ways to offend a wife and different punishment for each one". 

What a great idea! That's what I love about comments and feedback! They are the backbone of all the captions and comics I can make.

So, that day Witch wifes Stories was born. What's the idea behind this mini-series?
Simple, guys who offended, lied, cheated, or act in a way that they deserve (or their crazy bitch witch wifes believes they do) punishment...

But it's not the "I used magic turn you into a girl" lesson... Almost every punishment, comes with a plus! Maybe a progressive mental change, a quest, an extra feature...

I think the first caption will be more clear than any words I can write. Enjoy!


Do you want to see more? which was your favorite? Leave a comment! Tell me your thoughts!

I'll go resume work on the comic I left two weeks ago now. Have a nice weekend!

* Edited: First image link is fixed!

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