Friday, November 14, 2014

Fun at the Office II

Welcome! The weekend just begins, and it's time to let go that lousy boring week and finally enjoy whatever it is you enjoy doing.
In my case, I'm burned, falling asleep, but I love doing this too much and wanted to share something with you.
But hey, as I tried to state in my previous post, not everything related to the office is boring. Yes, in most cases it's repetitive, routine, in most cases it absorbs you, but on the other hand, it leaves place for having just a little fun.
You just need to look at the bright side of every situation with a little imagination, for example...

Fighting with the annoying customer support... Or, being customer support and having to endure with annoying angry customers

Or those important meeting when you're under lots of pressure and you just look for a way to break the ice, connect with the customers...
Suddenly, I'm so thirsty...
 Of course, it's easier when you have a nice, friendly and caring working environment and a company that covers their employees backs

If you don't have that, you can still do freelance work. Just read the fine print of your contract!

Oh, and of course... Work travels with a partner. They can be so lousy... Or so damn wild!

I hope you enjoyed this round of captions! Wich one you liked the most? Did I miss something? You want something else?

As always, your opinion is highly appreciated! If you want to ask, suggest or even criticize, just be kind and leave a comment! Thanks!

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