Sunday, December 28, 2008

NEW GROUP: .....TGVipCaptions 5!!!!!!.....

Good news! As I promised today the 5th Yahoo! group is online with the remaining 72 captions from the xmas update.

Of course, you are welcome to join !!

Also, all images have better quality than Blogger in Yahoo!
Hope you enjoy it...


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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yahoo! Group finally UPDATED!!! (with some minor problems)

For all of u who joined the Y! groups and want all the captions, know that I've updated the Yahoo! Group!

All files are under the FILES section in the "UPDATE 24-12-08" folder

I swear, it was my intention to upload almost 100 captions for Xmas, but there was a slight problem: the Yahoo Groups disk space is full. Shit.

Since I'm leaving in a few hours to a small trip to the beach until sunday, I'll be creating the 5th group as soon as I get back (I'm really eager to have some feedback)

Nothing more to say... Enjoy if you like them, and happy Xmas!!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

1,2,3... Sold!!

Ok this one is the last caption of the pre-xmas series, I must apologize I'm still working on the MMOTG series, but I think they'll be updated on the Y! group before january!

I'm taking a short break to the beach this week, so I'll leave you this cap to you to help you think about something deep... damm, I can't fool my self. I just like th idea behind this cap and I really really love this picture!

Happy hollidays people... Hope Santa gives me my TG medallion this year...

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Girls have it easier... right?

Some time passed since last update... I'm preparing the full update for the Y! Group in Christmas, so be patient
please (or just don't care, like most normally do!)

I have no idea were this picture came from but as soon as I saw it I thought of the idea for the caption: contains AR, AP, TG, Swap... Still wondering why I left out the BE. Just a little advance: he wasn't a countrygirl. I'd like to make it a comic but I don't have the rest of the pics, sorry!

As usual, thanks for those who took 1 minute and shared their links. All were added to the list. Those who didn't and just keep on litching without feedback, well, they're the ones who make us captioners stop doing stuff.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Bimbo Heritage + Comic Lover

We caption lovers know there a little thing worst than making your couple mad. Well, this guys just made a girl mad, and both with different perspectives. I found really inspiring imaginig myself, completely TG'ed, standing in front a an older bimbo knowing deep inside that she is my sad future me and... well, read jus the cap!

image from:

I admit when i was a teen I loved comics. CatWoman, Jane, She-Hulk, Rogue, Spidey's girlfriends... and all the heroes were cool, two. I just hope that my past don¡t come back to haunt me... but if has something to do with Bianca Beauchamp, the Latex Queen... oh my...

Image from:

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Notice: lousy image quality

I don't know why, but blogger is reducing dramatically the quality of the images along with its size.
Never the less, Yahoo! respects the original images so once they're uploaded in the group you'll se them in full quality (wich is far, faaaaaar better) Thanks!

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The Bully and the Employee

Yes, I've been away... again... but I manage to find some time for doing a couple of new caps! As usual, I'll post just one.

Who doesn't know that old saying "The one who knows, just know how; and the one who doesn't know how, gets to be the boss"? (sorry I don't know the exact translation in english, its a saying in spanish)

I was checking some pics and I found this awesome one, with such a lusty curveous petite girl confronting a big dumb-looking guy... but who's the boss in that situation?

A lot of us would want to TG our boss and put it on a double shift in a cheap cabaret...

Let's do something else, then!

thanks for the few, very little few ones who shared some links.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Link Hunting Season!

I received some comments about the links section. I really posted my little database there for you to share and get to know different artists.


Captions and Comics / Manga are highly wanted. Stories, wanted to. Or perhaps some furry pics, like cowwomen?

Please left your links as a comment so I can put them on the web. It'll took you less than a minute, and it will help as all (you, included)


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The TG Remote and the Caring Friend!

In a TG universe, life is just good when you have an almighty
Imagine how many bar fights, wars, and lonely night you could
avoid by just pressing a button.

That's what the firt cap is about: that remote wich you could
sell your soul to get

images from:

And then, there's always your best friend, your buddy, who
will strive to help you and shares tons of stories. The guy who just
won't let you sleep out in the cold.

And this cap is about that: just a friend, trying to get friendlier
with an angered buddy in misfortune.

images from:

Thanks for those who left comments and left the origins of the
SRU shop for us to track.
Also, thank your for voting, and thank your for visiting this blog!

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Watch out for that Full Moon!

Some time ago I made a poll on the Y! group about what kind of captions
you'll like to see more.

Werewoman and sci-fi themes captions were highly asked.

So, without more saying, I pushed my modest photoshop skills to the
limit and created this caption using my all-time favourite girl: Brittany Bod.

More to come...


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Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Series Premiere!!

I found this great BE & lactating site with poser graphics called 3rd-art.

I dunno you, but ther'e something about poser graphics that just draw my attention, like Infinitysign's comics (wich, if u are reading, they're great, keep the good work coming!)

They inspired me into doing a new limited series of caps like "the asylum":
The MMOTG Series.

Image from:

I leave the cover of the series for you to see. The full serie will be uploaded into the Y! group whenever I finished them.

I leave you anoter single cap, just for fun.

Image from:

Sooo... what do you think of the new series?

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

SRU's Shop

Who hasn't read astory, or saw a cap involving the famous Spells Are Us shop? and wich captiones or story writer hasn't made a cap or a story with it?

Well, I'm no excuse...

I just wonder, who invented it?

And why, why it doesnt exists!

Images from:

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another comic attemp

I don't know why, but this model (Daphne Rosen) is one of my top 5 favourites. Perhaps she is in the thin ine beetween hourglass plastic figure and TG stereotype, with such a big mouth, ass, boobs...

Well, here's another 3-page experiment I made with Comic Life: The Rommie!


And here's the cap:


Enjoy! (please leave comments!)

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

2 Page Comic: The Doom Finger

I made this using the popular Comic Life software.

The story is simple because it was a test on the program to see how it works and if I like it. I think I might give it a deeper try later, but I dislike the fact that there are many artists that already use this program and that'll make our captions look all the same.


Images from: Twistys

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Some numbers...

I just finished tuning up the Blog when I made a recount of my work...


I've been captioning for 4 years, I used Paint, then Corel Draw, and now Photoshop and Comic Life...
I made 1 special series of caps... and I have 2 more coming
I made 5 Yahoo! Groups... 4 of captions, 1 of submissions

I change my computer 2 times... one of them fried out

And last, my logo history:

1st. *VIP* 2nd. 3rd. 4th.

Special series #1.

Thanks, thanks to all!!

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Openin' the blog!

Well, after lot of time doing nothing, and after DeviantArt deleted the images from my folder and the Yahoo! groups getting overflown by spam, I decided to retire from captioning and staying as a "consultant" for other artists (Consultant = pretty way to say "leecher").

But while I was looking for some pictures to download, I ran across a lot of TG artists who decided to create blogs to upload work... So why I didn't thought that before?
I mean they are great artists, and the blogs, are just a simple way to make some kind of website for free... So i decided to do it!!

Still the Y! Groups are the main place to download my captions if you like them, I have NO plans of uploading 400 captions into a blog, so I will be using it to upload previews of my next updates on the Y! groups... every 3 or 4 caps I made, 1 goes to this blog.

Finally, enjoy and please leave comment, it's free and fast and it helps me a lot (i am in serious need of hugs... :P), vote on the polls if you want, and well..
thanks to everyone who visit or download the caps for making my work possible!


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