Friday, April 17, 2015

Baaaaaaaaack to business! No time to spare!

It took me a month, work and travels can be a bitch, but no way I was going to stop!

The past month, in my little spare time, I've been cleaning/updating/discarding a lot of unfinished comics, selecting which ones to discard and which ones to save. Some are like 3 1/2 years old... some are recent, but I had like 12 comics and it was impossible to finish one!

So, since the "cleaning" phase has ended, I can keep an agenda again and the first thing is to bring this captions for you to enjoy! I hope this week I can check out what have been doing some of my favorite artists like Tseudo Nimm for new work, I'm terribly outdated!

So, after the Petgirls Series, what should I post? I think you'll love this batch... Long, medium, short, blondes, brunettes... Take your pick!

I know. I'm missing a preggo.
But, still, tell me what you think of them, what you want to see next!

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