Sunday, March 15, 2015

Last Petgirls-only post

Welcome back, welcome Back! I took a couple of weeks to rest since the last post -I think they were totally deserved- and I want to thank you for the amazing feedback on VC#4! I really learned a lot from it.

Today I'm posting the last petgirls-only post. Does that tmeans no more petgirl? No, dear god no! Do not even think about that! Blasphemy!
It means I'll be back to post more regular, mixed captions (I miss some preggos) and from time to time Petgirls will be there. I really love this subject. They're so adorable.

So, looking at the batch of Petgirls captions I have done, I realized I was having a hard time choosing. I selected this five, considering there's a couple that involves something different from the regular 'silly dog' petgirl. I mean, people have cats, rabbits, parrots, even alligators as pets; so I should expand the Petgirls universe a bit.

So here, take a look... Let's start with a cuddly, fluffy, lovely bunny...

And every little girl's dream... Look mom, a Pony!

Now, for those who like mental changes...


And this one, I almost considered making it a comic:

That's all for this week my friends, enjoy one from monday to friday, and tell me which one was your favorite, or what you want to see next!


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