Friday, November 14, 2008

Bimbo Heritage + Comic Lover

We caption lovers know there a little thing worst than making your couple mad. Well, this guys just made a girl mad, and both with different perspectives. I found really inspiring imaginig myself, completely TG'ed, standing in front a an older bimbo knowing deep inside that she is my sad future me and... well, read jus the cap!

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I admit when i was a teen I loved comics. CatWoman, Jane, She-Hulk, Rogue, Spidey's girlfriends... and all the heroes were cool, two. I just hope that my past don¡t come back to haunt me... but if has something to do with Bianca Beauchamp, the Latex Queen... oh my...

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Notice: lousy image quality

I don't know why, but blogger is reducing dramatically the quality of the images along with its size.
Never the less, Yahoo! respects the original images so once they're uploaded in the group you'll se them in full quality (wich is far, faaaaaar better) Thanks!

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The Bully and the Employee

Yes, I've been away... again... but I manage to find some time for doing a couple of new caps! As usual, I'll post just one.

Who doesn't know that old saying "The one who knows, just know how; and the one who doesn't know how, gets to be the boss"? (sorry I don't know the exact translation in english, its a saying in spanish)

I was checking some pics and I found this awesome one, with such a lusty curveous petite girl confronting a big dumb-looking guy... but who's the boss in that situation?

A lot of us would want to TG our boss and put it on a double shift in a cheap cabaret...

Let's do something else, then!

thanks for the few, very little few ones who shared some links.

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