Friday, January 29, 2016

Back to the real life :(

It was about time I took off that damn Christmas banner, right?
I returned last week from an amazing vacations at the beach, and I feel refreshed and looking forward to what's planned for this year... I really missed you this days!

So as I was saying before, there are some plans for this year:
- First, as usual, there'll be a new mini-series of themed captions starting next week.
- Then there'll be the usual VipComics release (#5 already?)
- More captions, and I'll start releasing the cancelled projects as I promised in this post (I had not forgotten about it)
- Then, there might be a crossover with another artist like I did with Immortaltom.
- After that, I'm working on some "copyright" permissions for a longer comic, if everything goes smoothly I'll make it. If not, there's plenty of severasl projects on the way - and shorter than the first option
- More captions in the meantime, and maybe a couple more of shorter comics
- Maybe -MAYBE - another Halloween Comic.
- Aaaand if everything goes up to speed, I'd like to release yet another VipComics during 2016

Of course that's only the "ideal" plan, so changes of schedule, delays and cancellations are to be expected. I just wanted to share my ideas for this year.

I would also love of you tell me what you want to see, or share any ideas you have. Remember, you're a part of this!

So, without boring you much more, enjoy the first 2016 Captions!

Happy to be back!

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