Saturday, March 12, 2016


Yes, it's time! A new comic is released!
Remember some time ago when I promised to release the comics I cancelled or abandoned?
Well since during January and February I could barely render a couple of images because of the energy crisis my country is sufferin, I thought this could be a great moment to release this one since all the hard work was mostly pre-made.
Plus, it always bothered me to have comics and renders sitting in their folders simply being useless.

Blackmailed was due to be released 2 years ago, and it is the most complete of all the cancelled comics, and the action happens in a way I haven't used before. It was originally going to be released in 3 separate parts, and you will notice the action happens in 3 acts. I also added 20 quick renders to it.

Sadly, other comics like Master PC#2 and The Blossoming took his place and Blackmailed was, until today, on a permanent hold.
But don't get me wrong, this is not me saying "take this and stop asking for new comics for a while", Blackmailed is a 117 pages long comic, Bonus Shit included!
And the general idea it's, in my humble opinion... Fun as hell... Mix Blackmail with payback, and ask yourself how far would you go to keep the thruth uncovered?

Get Blackmailed HERE:

Mediafire (Mirror)

Why it was cancelled?
Well, I got lost somewhere, and started to work on other comics I liked more than this one (Master PC 2), and had more potential and more solid ideas and better script. Plus I disliked how the artwork and lights were looking.

But you're the ones judging this at the end, not me, so I hope you can tell me what you think of it and mostly just enjoy it!!!

And any feedback or ideas are highly appreciated! See you soon!

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

The last :OSeries post

Ahhh it's Aaturday, beautiful, lovely and lazy Saturday!
The entire day ahead to do whatever I want and the etnire night to do whatever I can! Sunday will gladly pay the Saturday's bill as usual.

Now it's for real, the ":OSeries" is over (for now) and it had a little larger life than other mini series.
It was real fun to do it, after all, what can be more degrading than being forcing to get on your knees, and somethimes even making the victim wish for it while he starts to hate himself?

Maybe I should do a separate post of every mini series ever released soon? I'm gonna think about it.

Here are the last 5 captions of the series, from the longest to the shorterst, enjoy!

I hope you liked them, and thanks for the great feedback given during the entire series, even from those who didn't liked it but stayed possitive all the same!

P.S.: Maybe next week, something you like will be uploaded...

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