Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to see the Images in their Original Size...

On the previous update I explained how to see the images on the Yahoo! group full size.
post them again so everyone can read them.

Some time ago, when you upload photos in the Photos section in the Y! Group, they were automatically resized to a crappy tiny size.
They still resize the images but there is an option to see them in the original (and way bigger) size.

How to?

1) Log into the Y! Group, and go to the Photos section

2) Choose any image. You'll se something like this:

3) If you look over the image there are 3 view size options: Medium, Large and Original.

4) Just click on "Original" size

5) You're done. Enjoy!

I hope you find this high-tech, tri-dimensional rendered, hi-def home made tutorial usefull.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The UPDATE is here!

Took me a bit longer, but here is after all the July´s Update!

This one has 56 pics... But what you get?

You get a lot to choose from!
We have long captions, short captions, captions with 2 versions, big boobs, small boobs, soldiers, POV's, Forced and
Humilliation, as well as the usual treats: BE, Miswishes, Bimbos, Sissies...

So go now and see them! I leave you a couple here, the rest, you can check and download them from THIS LINK to the Yahoo! Group.

Also I started a new poll on the BLOG for the next update, so please vote.

I hope you enjoy them!

See you soon, leave a comment!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A small step for men... a great step for Transgendering

I borrowed Neil Armstrong famous words when he arrived at the moon and changed them a little bit to fit the news...

Yes indeed, I finished the epilogue of "the LYNX Proyect!" (I know actually the word is proJect... too late for changing that now), my second poser-made comic.

My previous comic, Omega Planet, was 40 pages long, most of them telling the story. This one is 34 pages but 22 of them are the transformation process! So, if you like seeing the whole process, this shall suit you well.

LYNX will be, if I'm up to it, a three-chapter comic about an astronaut adbudcted by aliens, who's mission will be... let's not ruin the plot yet.

Anyway, grab it HERE at my 4shared folder.

Someone could help me because I have serious doubts if the introduction of a story is named "epilogue" or "prologue"? I'm sure I put "prologue" and I'm sure I was wrong.

I still have a lot to learn and a new PC to buy if I want to make more quality images. Just enjoy this one.

I'll go now and write some caps. Leave a comment please!

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Almost there...

Well it's been a while since I uploaded something... But that doesn't mean I haven't been like lazy bimbo doing nothing! I have more than 40 pictures for the next upload, I'll do some more and I'll be putting them soon on the Y! group.

I'll be posting here 2 things:
1) anoher preview - caption. Yes, it's shorter, but i liked the idea and, to be honest, those 2 girls with that dumb mad bimbo look are fucking hot!

2) What you see below is a Poser made image. Yes, I've also retaken the comics in Poser, I know most of you don't like it and there are suddenly a lot of people doing this stories since it became so popular, but I wanted to try a bit more, and i really focused in captions, believe me. I have another 10 ideas for Poser comics, but I lack the skills, the time and my machine is running like an old 486 when I load Poser. But I won't be buying a new one yet.

I want to make a series out of this story, so this wont be a 40 pages comics like Omega Planet, it'll be short and straight to the action.

You like it? you hate it? Any ideas?

See you soon! .

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