Monday, May 28, 2012

Sorry for the long wait! Shall we get up to date reading a comic?

Hi everybody!
It's been some time since the last post and I'm really thankful for the comments!

Again I was traped between my slave work and my socal life, wich make poser working (wich consumes an incredible ammount of time, specially in my low-wnd PC!) and captioning was somehow halted.

But that's over! One of the three comics is done!
and is a special one. Why you might ask?

Yeah, the cover it's not that much shocking to the eye, I know

Simply because this was originally intended to be my first story, wich I keep passing away...

So, what can you expect in "A Second Chance"? (I mean, apart from the usual typing errors):

I can tell you this, it's not a 20-pages quickie. It's a full, 9 chapters of 30 pages each comic, and for once...
It has a great ending!!!!

But don't panic. every chapter has a morph or something kinky going on, and there's almost no dialogue to read. It's more like like a selection of images with simple text in the middle. You can understand perfectly what's going on because yes, I know most of the people read the first 2 pages and then skip to the TG/TF parts.

In "A Second Chance" I tried to explore some new stuff. Hope you like it!

Also I tried to render some inages in HD with lightning effects and all that stuff almost making my PC wishing she was using word in an office instead.

So, without further wordiness, here's what you've been looking for: the download link

I really put a lot of hard work and months of work on this one.
Feedback is more than ever appreciated.

See you soon,

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