Monday, November 9, 2009

Come here Darling, I won't bite you...

When I loose my data, I also lost 2 comics that were 90% complete, but I managed save the images from one, altough the story was lost and I had to re-write it in ComicLife, wich makes me very angry because the story is considerably weaker than the original.

So, I give you my 4th comic: "BITES chapter 1", wich you can download from HERE in my 4shared folder.

No need to explain what this comic is about since the title kinda explain the story itself...

I had in mind a story like this before, it's easy to make than the others, so soon I'll be making a new one and after that, I'll make the sequel of one of my previous comics.

Just follow the download link, open it with WinRAR (it's free, if it asks for registration just click "close" and it won't bother you again), and just enjoy!

Another thing, WonderLlama2008 has made a GIF animation based on my "Omega Planet" comic... I really like Gif images, I miss them, so I'm adding it to this post, thanks for the image WonderLlama!

I just think you should add a "loop" at the end of it.

CORRECTION: blogger is not showing the animation. Just download it from WonderLlama's 4shared folder HERE

So... you like it? then leave a comment!

See you soon!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

If you missed the preggo caps...

... this post is for you!
I've been working lately on the captions I loose when my PC died, sadly most of the images I used are impossible to find andI'm forced to work back from zero here.
I read some comments asking about why I was mkaing less pregnant captions and I had 12 pregnant captions made for this update, wich are all lost, but the good news is that I find again some of the original images and I'm working on them.
Here, I leave a caption I had to re-made (too bad the original story was better, but I can't remember exactly what I wrote before) using a picture from this pregnant goddess called dominno.

I hope you enjoy it, there are more to come soon along a new comic!

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