Friday, June 30, 2017

Down on all fours (And yes, I'm back!)

Welcome back my friends!
Yes, I've taken a couple extra weeks off - I needed a break from CoC mostly, and focus a little more on work.
So before you ask, news about CoC are after the captions.

Anyway, sorry for the silent last weeks. Is is strange that I feel guilty?
On the latest post involving captions I've seen a lot of request for Milfs, Preggos and Ass captions... And none of that you'll find in this post. Weird, huh?

Now, seriously, I'll have some of the subjects you requested in the next couple of captions posts, but today I picked this 3 captions because... I don't do much captions like these.

After all... What the heck is more humilliating and brutally womanizing that being forced to be on all fours, bending your ass ready to take a pounding, unable to do nothing about it and completely dominated?

Here you go, enjoy!

This caption is kind of  a mess with the text...

Now, about CoC:
Next week I'll be releasing... A new, short comic.

Yes, it's no joke. And after you learned the reasons, you'll probably sympathize with me:
It's been a full pregnancy cycle (9 months!) since I started it and I needed a break from it.
The latest chapter was a mess, I was really unsatisfied with the way it was going, I find myself out of focus and since it involves quite a few things happening, I deleted most of it, and I'm reworking it.

So I grabbed one of my cancelled comics and decided to adapt it into a short comic. Just to see something different being rendered, you know. You'll see it next week.

Hope you liked the captions! and thanks for the patience and support, as always!!!!

Oh... Ok, this time you can have some spoilers, just stop it with the sad puppy eyes! 

Now THAT is a treat, or at least a tease right?

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Vacations over - Let's talk about WORK over some captions

Oh, darn... Vacations are over, and real life and routine just started all over again a couple of days ago. But you know what? Fuck, I missed my hobby and you guys too
I had an amazing vacation and I hope I can make the most of my renewed energies.

By the way... Holy shit! thanks a lot for all the comments and support while I was away!!!!! I was expecting something like 3 comments, and 2 of them asking for CoC part 15 release date. It was a very nice surprise, and I'll try to answer as many as I can now.

So as I was saying, the time to work has resumed. Perfect oportunity to post some Office/work related captions!

So let's talk about office problems...
How much you hate your work sometimes...
And how bad you need your time to have fun, play games, see friends... even when it goes wrong

Now, because some will ask about it:
YES, I'm working on CoC part 15,
NO, I don't have a release date. Maybe 3 weeks,
YES, I might tease you with some images of it while I work on it,
YES, it's quite a large chapter and features TF

And that's all. I hope you liked them!! 
Thanks a lot, A LOOOT for being there supporting me while I was away!

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