Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Hair Battle IS ON!

Batman Vs. Superman? 
Iron Man Vs. Captain America?
Pffff... PLeaaaase... That's small time business... The real clash of titans is happening right here, as the girls come out to face each other with their weapons loaded and there will be only one winner!

Will it be the hot Blondes? Or maybe the sensual, always sexual looking Brunettes? Not if the lusty, playfull and insatiable Redheads have something to say!

Last week the Blondes came out to stand their ground as hot stereotype champions, but both the Brunettes and the Redheads are contesting the ultimate prize for being the hottest around! And there's no shortage of willing victims in my captions to be turned into Brunettes or Redheads and see how will win this battle and be crowned the hottest!

Who will be the winner?
And who will came out to the field to prove their worth in the next post?

You choose!

Right now, Redheads are holding a good lead of 9 to 5
Cast your vote! 
 And don't forget to tell me what you'd like to see in the captions of this hair battle!

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hair battle, round 1: Time for the Blonde girls!

You know them. It's a classic, a cliche, a common ending, it's kind of the zenith of feminine "pretty" stereotype and the ultimate goal of any dumb material girl - To look like a blonde, and for some reason, the blonder, the sluttier and dumber they look.
Many people saw themselves turned into blondes, the brighter the color, the hotter and hornier they get.
But not everyone favor blondes - what they aim to become, it's kind of limited by their own stereotype... and they do got serious competition on the hot girls department.

So are really blondes the hotter? In my opinion, no, but they are a must, and but for the majority of people they are.

So let's see about that: I've decided to start a little battle of hair color: Blondes Vs Brunettes Vs Redheads!
(and NO: bald, albino and purple/green/violet dyes girls can't get into this competition, we stick to the classics)

And today, we start with the Blondes. Let's see what fetish weapons they bring to the battle!
And is there a best way to start, that with a classic, overly plastic bloated bimo? Hell NO!

So... Who will enter the contestant next week? Redheads or Brunettes? And what weapons should they bring to the battle? You are the ones who choose, just leave a comment!

I hope you like them! If so, tell me wich one you liked the most! See you next week!

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Feeling heay up top?

How are you doing, welcome back!
It's been a few weeks ince I had the time to post something
I'm very glad that "Blackmailed" got so many good reviews, and so many comments providing feedback. Thanks a lot! January and February were though months with the stupid energy crisis, so it's good that I have the cancelled comics ready to pop out in this situations while I keep working on VipComics #5 on my free time.

But now, it is time to get up to date. And in order to do so, I think it's time to post some of the captions I've been working on. Enjoy!

These makes me... thirsty
Bolted on tits in all their splendor
I'm not sure in wich end of this deal I'd like to be.
Sometimes, the victim is no victim at all - sometimes he's willing and happy to b the "victim"

You liked them? If so, wich one you liked the most? Have any suggestions or request? Just leave a comment! See you back in a week or so

P.S.: A big Thanks to e-hentai user Eddie76 who yet again was so kind to upload "Blackmailed" into

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